The Most Resold Gift Card Brands of 2016 according to Gift Card Granny

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA DECEMBER 26, 2016, the largest discount gift card website for buying and selling gift cards, has published a list of the most resold gift card brands for 2016. The popularity of the most resold brands have been derived from web visitors who have requested a cash offer for their unwanted gift card. Topping the most resold gift card list is the internet’s largest retailer, Amazon, followed by Best Buy and iTunes.

Reselling a gift card has become more common over the years due to the rising popularity of gift card giving and the gift card industry as a whole. Gift Card Granny reports that people looking to sell via their site have increased 23% year over year (2016 vs. 2015) and over 80% when comparing 2016 to 2014. is unique in that the site or app finds the best offers for those wishing to sell their card. Visitors can compare offers in real time and earn as much as a 92% cash payout for their unused gift card balance. A $100 gift card can net a $92 cash payment depending on the popularity and demand of a particular card. Online gift card exchanges offer a higher percentage of cash payouts for more popular brands, especially those in high demand.

“It’s not a surprise that the most frequently resold gift card brands are also among the most purchased gift card brands online and in store.” said Jason Wolfe, CEO of “Every year after the holiday season, we continually see an uptick in visitors looking to sell their unwanted card mainly because the recipient would rather have cash."

The complete list of most resold gift card brands for 2016* goes as follows:

1. Amazon (8% of total sell requests) 
2. Best Buy (7%) 
3. iTunes (7%) 
4. Target (4%) 
5. Walmart (4%) 
6. Apple Store (3%) 
7. Macy's (3%) 
8. Lowe’s (2%) 
9. Home Depot (2%) 
10. Starbucks (2%)

*Based on sell gift card requests on September – November 2016