Gift Card Granny Moves into Green Tree Building

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA DECEMBER 17, 2016, the largest discount gift card website with over 12 million yearly visits, is hoping to follow in the foot steps of a former gift card tech giant that once occupied their office space, Former CEO and now Gift Card Granny CEO, Jason Wolfe, is no stranger to building and selling successful businesses, as winner of numerous local and national awards around entrepreneurialism., the most trafficked and largest online retailer of gift cards, was his latest success. Blackhawk Network acquired the dot com business on January 6 of this year for $120 million, expanding their rapidly growing ecommerce business. As a testament to the outstanding team and technology built in Pittsburgh, Blackhawk Network chose to keep in Pittsburgh expanding into Foster Plaza, leaving their old building vacant.

The old building on 495 Mansfield Avenue housed a card fulfillment center and team of over 100 employees. The building had a huge makeover post-sale.

" had such a talented team and we were focused on growing the business for the better part of 8 years," recalled Wolfe. "The sale was bitter sweet knowing that a lot of our long term employees would be moving on or transitioning over to become Blackhawk Network employees, but I am happy for them.”

Jason made the decision bring the remaining employees over to his next business, growing the Gift Card Granny operation. In addition to re-investing some of the acquisition earnings into his new business venture, he decided to invest into the building itself – completely transforming the three story office space into a sleek, ultramodern home of one of Pittsburgh's newest startup.

The new home of Gift Card Granny houses a full kitchen and cafeteria complete with free breakfast and refreshments for employees. Walls were removed during the renovation to allow for a more open work space with state-of-the-art privacy glass that fogs on command. In addition to psychically remodeling the 30 year old building, Wolfe purchased all new monitors and MacBooks for his employees. The estimated cost of the seven month renovation was said to be somewhere around half a million dollars.