Wolfe, LLC Announces Opening of New Fulfillment Center for PerfectGift.com and Gift Card Granny


Wolfe, LLC, a fintech incubator and owner of reward and loyalty cards provider PerfectGift.com and gift card ecommerce site Gift Card Granny, announced today the reopening of a new fulfillment center in its Pittsburgh facilities. The new fulfillment center will give the company the ability to offer next-day delivery to both corporate customers and consumers nationwide. PerfectGift.com offers the widest variety of reward and loyalty cards including Visa®, Mastercard® and over 500 national merchant brands like The Home Depot®, Starbucks® or BestBuy®. Gift Card Granny offers a yet wider range of gift card brands to consumers at a savings.

This move puts Jason Wolfe, CEO, back in very familiar territory. As the founder and former CEO of GiftCards.com and OmniCard, which he sold to Blackhawk Network in 2016, he is all too familiar with the business model, customer needs and product offering. “We’ve done this before, and we’re going to do it again. We printed and shipped over 10 million cards out of this very building and we know we can do it again and bigger," explained Wolfe.

An in-house fulfillment center gives an edge over many competitors because it puts both companies in control of its customer experience. “Being in control of our own fulfillment allows us to enhance our service with flexible and personalized options. Especially heading into the holiday season when customers are looking for more creative options or last minute orders,” remarked Richard Corso, CRO.

“The new fulfillment center gives us the ability to print, pack and ship reward, loyalty and gift cards within 24 hours making us one of the very few providers in the industry with the ability to satisfy last minute orders," added Uriel Marcovitz, VP of Operations.

Founded in 1995, Wolfe, LLC is an innovative Pittsburgh-based investor and incubator. The holding company conceives, invests in and grows innovative financial technology (fintech) and ecommerce businesses. Wolfe’s past and current company portfolio include GiftCards.com, OmniCard, Direct Response Technologies, JamboMedia, Sentral, PerfectGift.com, MyCoupons and Gift Card Granny. The company holds a broad portfolio of patents in the gift card and card-linked offer arena. Find additional details at https://www.wolfe.com/.