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Grow Your Gift Card Sales

Let Granny's 15.3 million annual users increase your brand loyalty and revenue.

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Connect With More Customers

Since 2012, Gift Card Granny has been responsible for over $500 million in sales for brand gift cards.

Granny now partners with brands to offer customers new gift cards that can be purchased directly through the Gift Card Granny website or app. Unlike discount gift cards bought on secondary gift card websites that offer little or no guarantee, new gift cards purchased through Gift Card Granny include a 100% lifetime guarantee, giving power back to merchants from the unwieldy secondary market.

As Brand Partners, merchants control the incentives offered on their page to consumers and incentives offered to our large corporate incentive clients.

Partnering With Granny Benefits Your Brand

Customer Acquisition

Let Granny's 15.3 million annual users drive more customers to your brand, in store and online.

Rich User Engagement

Cash Back incentives and gamification engage users by rewarding them for interaction with your brand.

Targeted Marketing

Granny's push notifications, newsletters, social platforms and blog posts promote your brand.

Increased Revenue

Customers save on everyday purchases at their favorite brand... your brand. Everyone wins!

How It Works

New gift cards with 100% guarantee:

Your gift cards will be listed in inventory tables on the Gift Card Granny site and app that are exclusively for new gift cards and come with a lifetime guarantee. Pre-owned gift cards will be listed separately.

Incentivizing and rewarding consumers:

You have the option to offer your gift cards at a discounted rate or at full price, but offer our Cash Back Rewards with each purchase. Cash Back can be redeemed by Granny rewards members for free gift cards or cash back.

You control how your gift cards are offered to consumers and to our large corporate bulk clients.Become a Brand Partner

Want to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk?

Reward and engage your employees, prospects and customers with Gift Card Granny's business to business offer, Take advantage of's custom, volume-based pricing for bulk orders on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, and more! After the free sign-up and a quick account activation, you'll be able to place orders through an online portal anytime, anywhere!

Gift Card Granny Stats

Gift Card Granny has been saving shoppers money since 2009. We're proud of that and we'd like to show you how the results below can drive more customers to your brand, in-store and online.


User sessions on Gift Card Granny's site and app in 2017 - that's a 395% increase in 5 years.


Verified Granny members, email subscribers and social media followers that will be exposed to your brand.


Return vs. new visitor rate for 2017. Granny's loyal return users consistently convert 11% higher than new users.


A recent study by First Data found that shoppers overspend the original value of their gift cards by nearly $60.


Consumers claim they will spend 55% of their total gifting budget on gift cards.


Buying gift cards for self-use continues to rise. 64% of shoppers purchased a gift card for personal use in 2018 compared to 58% in 2017.

Age demographics of Granny users for 2017

Typical value of self use gift cards

Age demographics of Granny users for 2017

Age demographics of Granny users for 2017

Typical value of self use gift cards

Typical value of self use gift cards

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