9 Guidelines for Selling Gift Cards on eBay

There are several different ways to sell gift cards but did you know you can both buy and sell gift cards on eBay? The online-auction behemoth allows you to sell gift cards from nearly every merchant, but there are a few restrictions designed to protect both buyer and seller.

Check out the following guidelines and see what you think.

  1. Travel Services
    You can sell gift cards for such travel services as airline tickets, hotels, travel packages, etc. These cards must be listed in the Travel > Other category as there are many state restrictions on arranging and selling travel services. For more details, see the eBay travel policy page.
  2. Paper-based Gift Certificates
    Paper or plastic? It's really pretty much the same thing for eBay. You sell these as you would a gift card.
  3. Phone Cards
    You can sell phone cards that are loaded with minutes. Those for a dollar amount must follow the restrictions for selling all other gift cards.
  4. Collectible Gift Cards
    Cards with no redemption value may be listed, as long as you specify this fact in the listing.
  5. Stores In Bankruptcy
    You can sell cards for stores or companies presently going through bankruptcy or going out of business but only if the company is still accepting gift cards. Make sure you mention if the card has an expiration date.
  6. Maximum Face Value
    Cards worth $500 or more can't be sold on eBay.
  7. Ownership
    You must have the card in your possession before you can list it on eBay.
  8. Number of listings
    You can only sell one gift card per listing, even if you have multiple eBay accounts.
  9. You May Not Sell:
    --Gift card codes or electronically delivered gift cards.
    --Prepaid credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. See the eBay page on credit and debit cards policy for more information.
    --Merchandise or store credit in the form of a receipt.

Further policies and restrictions regarding the sale of gift cards on eBay can be found here

Alternative Ways to Sell Gift Cards

While our main focus is on how to sell gift cards on eBay, it is important to note that there are several other platforms that exist online for the purpose of buying and selling gift cards. Once gift cards are bought from a certain retailer or brand and given to the recipient, there isn’t much the gift recipient can do aside from use the gift card at the store it works at. 

Most retail gift cards are locked to specific retailers, locations, or brands, thus the funds that are loaded onto the card are limited in terms of use. Of course, that is a significant drawback when you have no interest in using a gift card for a particular store or brand since you never shop there anyway. This causes millions in unused gift card credit to accrue each year, whether it’s because folks never find the time to check out the retailer, they do not like the products, or simply because the gift card got lost somewhere in the house after months of not being used. 

While gift cards aren’t prone to randomly expire overnight, they don’t last forever and prolonged dormancy can cause fees to occur, which result in the gift card balance gradually declining over time. Since this is not the desired outcome for either the giver or recipient of the gift, it’s important to try to make the most of the situation even if you aren’t a fan of the retailer the gift card is for. That’s exactly where selling your gift card comes in. 

Just because you don’t personally want the gift card doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there who would love to have it instead. It may seem a little redundant since the money will be spent regardless, but reselling a gift card can be quite advantageous for some. You can knock off five bucks or so, throw in a couple of good deals, and really make it worth another person’s time and money. You might end up losing a few dollars in the end, but that’s better than letting the whole gift card go to waste, right?  

In regards to making money off of your partially used or unused gift cards, eBay is only one of many online marketplaces that allow for the direct sale of gift cards from seller to customer. There are other platforms that are specifically curated for the resale of gift cards, which aim to help get you the most out of your unwanted gift card with minimal effort on your part. 


CardCash operates as an online gift card marketplace where users can interact with and do business with each other through the sale of discounted gift cards to popular retailers. Users can buy, sell, and trade gift cards through an easy to use platform. All funds earned through selling your unwanted gift cards on CardCash can be collected via check, ACH, or PayPal, giving you a variety of options for your payout. Earn even more money on CardCash by trading in your unused or partially used gift cards for vendors you actually shop at, up to a possible 11% more. 


Raise just so happens to be the largest direct-to-consumer seller of digital gift cards in the whole world, and it certainly isn’t for nothing. Customers can exchange gift cards for money or browse a wide selection of deals on gift cards for top brands, with over four thousand brands currently supported on the platform. Users can save up to 30% on discounted gift cards from hundreds of brands, which can then be combined with store sales and coupons for even more savings. 

If you’re on the hunt for great deals on gift cards and have a spare gift card you could go without, Raise may be worth checking out to get your money’s worth. 

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny works to help get folks discounts on gift cards for local and national retailers by way of easy cash back rewards. Unlike eBay and several other gift card resale platforms, Gift Card Granny no longer offers the option to sell your unwanted gift cards for credit. Now, all of the savings are collected in the form of cash back, which you can collect on your account from various purchases and save for future use. 

We’ve listed some of the gift card options available for sale at Gift Card Granny below. 

1. Cabela’s 

Be prepared for everything nature throws at you 

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

It doesn’t take much to step outside and bask in the beauty of nature, but when you’re someone who lives for outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, boating, and related endeavors, you depend on the quality of your gear in order to have a good time. It’s a good thing Cabela’s hosts a massive catalog of premium outerwear, equipment, and other outdoor recreational merchandise. 

Cabela’s strives to provide its customers with the essential materials to maintain their individual, active lifestyles; there’s bait and rods for fishing enthusiasts, bows and arrows for hunters, kayaks and life jackets for those who prefer the water, tents and sleeping bags for eager campers, and so on. Even if you aren’t planning an outdoors adventure anytime soon, Cabela’s sells a range of products for the household including bedding, area rugs, furniture, lawn accessories, toys, cookware, and even outdoor cooking appliances. 

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2. Baskin Robbins

Scoop up something special with flavors you’ll never get tired of

Buy a Baskin Robbins gift card

A good treat goes a long way when it comes to giving a great gift, and ice cream is one of the best desserts around. If you’re considering giving someone a gift card to an ice cream shop, be sure to go with a brand you can count on for consistently delicious scoops like Baskin Robbins. 

This national ice cream retailer operates thousands of stores and attracts a diverse assortment of customers with an array of tempting ice cream flavors, from rich chocolate fudge and nutty coconut to creamy pistachio almond and strawberry cheesecake. The Baskin Robbins menu also offers sundaes, ice cream cakes, pies, ice cream pizzas, milkshakes, and tasty beverages like smoothies and cold brew. Baskin Robbins offers DIY kits which include all the materials you need for your ice cream enjoyment, and they also sell take-home quarts and freshly packed ice cream. 

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3. Harry’s

Sleek and stylish tools to take care of yourself

Buy a Harry’s gift card

Grooming is an important part of personal care, so make sure you keep up with what your body needs with high-quality shaving equipment from Harry’s. Based in New York with a factory in Germany, Harry’s spares nothing when it comes to delivering consistent, reliable products to their customers. 

Harry’s sells a range of men’s grooming and personal care paraphernalia to transform your standard routine. Browse a wide selection of great products including razors, blades, shave gel, post-shave balm, exfoliating face wash, eye cream, body wash, lotion, deodorant, antiperspirant, haircare products, and plenty of other accessories to make caring for yourself a piece of cake. 

If this sounds like the right retailer for you, don’t hesitate on picking up your own Harry’s gift card from Gift Card Granny for cash back! 

4. Build-A-Bear

Create your new custom fuzzy friend in no time at all

Buy a Build-A-Bear gift card

You don’t need to be a little kid to enjoy the fun companionship of a stuffed animal, especially when said plush friend is crafted exactly to your liking. That’s just how things are at your neighborhood Build-A-Bear location, where you are always guaranteed to create the perfect plush pal. 

Build-A-Bear has been delivering smiles to eager children and adults for decades and it doesn’t seem like that will be coming to an end anytime soon. Folks can choose from a variety of different soft animal designs in addition to traditional teddy bears, such as cows, frogs, bunnies, cats, axolotls, and dinosaurs. Once the character is crafted, choose from fashionable apparel and cute accessories to complete your Build-A-Bear creation and really make it unique. 

gift card to Build-A-Bear from Gift Card Granny is a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Yankee Candle 

Enough scents to fill every room in the house 

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Candles are a popular gift for a reason, and receiving a candle as a present is an even more enjoyable experience when you get to choose the fragrance. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a candle whose scent makes you choke each time you walk into a room. 

A gift card to Yankee Candle gives any gift recipient plenty of wonderful aromas to get lost in. From the citrusy and crisp scent of the pines to the salty and refreshing ocean air, Yankee Candle has tons of scents available in jarred candles of various sizes, wax melts, room sprays, oils, and car accessories. 

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