What Do You Put in an Adult Easter Basket? Here are 8 Gift Card Ideas

Even though Easter baskets are primarily associated with children, adults have every reason to participate in the joys of the holiday with Easter baskets of their own. There may be no Easter bunny around to deliver you a basket full of fun and colorful confections, but there are friends and relatives who love celebrating together and enjoying the holiday traditions – like exchanging Easter Baskets. 

That may all be wonderful for those involved, but where do you begin when you have no adult Easter basket experience? Candy is still appropriate for adults, though it’s hard to rely on a basket full of random sweets to be a suitable present for a full-grown person. When in doubt, it’s always worth recalling someone’s interests and passions to help fill the gift void. 

Gift cards of preferred retailers and favorite brands are never a bad gift idea when it comes to buying for another adult. With their ability to save buyers immediate cash at retailers they already planned to shop at, to their wallet-friendly design that lessens your overall cash load, gift cards make for a thoughtful and practical gift that allows the gift recipient to buy something that truly interests them. Gift cards are a great solution to help prevent those awkward gift exchanges where no one is actually excited over what they received, sparing you the uncomfortable aftermath. 

Everyone has different pastimes and hobbies that they engage in, and what one person appreciates may not be an appropriate gift for someone else. There is truly no right or wrong way to put together an adult Easter basket because it all depends on who you are making the basket for. Even an Easter basket filled with gift cards needs to have some thought put into it in order to make it special and representative of the gift recipient’s interests. Try to stay away from gift cards for retailers you know would not be appreciated or useful. 

Still not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at common gift cards for retailers popular among adults to get the ball rolling. Some of these ideas will include

  • Gift cards for online marketplaces
  • Gift cards for snacks and entertainment services
  • Gift cards for apparel and home furnishings

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1. Apollo Box

Gifts so out there they will blow your mind!

Buy an Apollo Box gift card

For creative and inspirational gifts, Apollo Box has a mountain of unique items to explore. Rather than stuff your gift basket with miscellaneous artifacts in hopes of giving a quirky gift that sticks, a gift card to Apollo Box is much more well-thought out and gives your gift recipient the chance to buy something that piques their interest. 

This online marketplace is filled with vendors from various different countries around the world selling a range of custom items you won’t find anywhere else. Customers can browse unique art pieces, home decor, custom jewelry, kitchenware, and thousands of other exclusive products that will brighten up any household. 

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2. Harry & David

Sometimes it’s best to let others handle creating gourmet gift baskets

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Where you might fail to put together a thoughtful Easter basket filled with an array of treats and goodies suited to your friend’s liking, Harry & David will come through like a divine ray of edible sunshine. Harry & David is a premium food and gift producer and retailer based in America that specializes in the making of gourmet gift baskets. Rather than creating your own adult gift basket from scratch, a gift card for Harry & David promises an exceptional gift basket stuffed with products for all occasions. 

In terms of Easter baskets, Harry & David offers plenty of exquisite options appropriate for adults. If sweets are on the table, then don’t hesitate to peruse the abundance of chocolates, confections, baked goods, and fruit options available at Harry & David. There’s also plenty of non-sugary items to fill a basket with, such as exotic wines, fragrant soaps, lotion, charcuterie staples, and more. Harry & David even offers baskets of flowers and other beautiful plants for folks who love being surrounded by lively botanicals. 

Harry & David gift card is a great way to let your gift recipient choose their own unique Easter basket filled with items they absolutely love! 

3. Zappos

Flaunt your style with shoes that feel right for you

Buy a Zappos gift card

Shoes for Easter? It’s definitely possible, and it’s rare that you will ever encounter an adult who would pass up the chance to save on a brand new pair. Of course it would be a little strange to stuff new sneakers into an Easter basket and call it a day, and there’s a good chance you don’t know the shoe size of your friend. Fortunately, a gift card to a shoe retailer like Zappos means you won’t have to worry about any of that silly stuff. 

Zappos operates exclusively as an online shoe and clothing retailer with a year-long return policy that is just as good as it sounds. They keep a variety of shoe styles for men and women in stock so that you always have access to what you need, from breathable sneakers and athletic shoes to durable boots and comfortable slippers. Zappos also sells other apparel and accessories in addition to shoes, including tops, underwear, coats, backpacks, sunglasses, handbags, and scarves. 

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4. Cinemark

Movie lovers will be thrilled to find this in their Easter baskets 

Buy a Cinemark gift card

Going to the movies is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, which makes movie theater gift cards an amazing option for adult Easter baskets. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a night out on the town, or simply because there’s a new film out with an actor you’re particularly fond of, the cinema is the perfect place to unwind with some Hollywood entertainment. 

There are many movie theaters around to choose from, including local joints independent of major corporations and nation-wide movie theater chains. It’s always fun to try out a small theater you’ve never been to before for the experience, but national chains are great too. Cinemark, which operates hundreds of locations throughout the Americas, is a fantastic choice for frequent movie-goers. Customers can find accurate showtimes, order tickets in advance, and treat themselves to tons of tasty snacks to munch on during their show. 

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5. Etsy

Buy directly from sellers who care about the products they make

Hoping to give someone a unique Easter basket, but don’t want to go with anything that’s too risky? You may want to think about the possibility of including an Etsy gift card in your adult-oriented Easter basket. While the basket itself may not be anything special, an Etsy gift card opens up a world of gifting possibilities that no candy-filled basket could ever come close to. 

If you aren’t familiar with the platform, Etsy is an online marketplace where artists and other creatives can sell their creations directly to customers. You can find an expansive catalog of neat, one-of-a-kind items on Etsy that may not be available anywhere else. It’s a great place to shop when you’re on the hunt for unique finds, and it’s super easy to keep track of your favorite sellers and any future products they post. 

Etsy gift cards are not available through Gift Card Granny at this time. 

6. Pottery Barn

Embrace true comfort with furniture that looks and feels divine 

Buy a Pottery Barn gift card

Adults love gifts that are practical and aren’t there just to take up space. Gifts cards can be hit or miss in that department, which is why the retailer you choose is of the utmost importance. If you have a friend who has been meaning to splurge on some new furniture, look no further than Pottery Barn for the perfect addition to an adult Easter basket that won’t go unappreciated. 

Pottery Barn is an upscale home furnishing retailer with an impressive furniture catalog filled with a fusion of classic Americana and modern designs to transform your living space. Whether you want to go for a rustic look complemented by warm golds to make you feel cozy or you prefer the traditional looks of dark wood for an austere household, Pottery Barn has tons of sensible styles and designs to sift through for adults of various tastes. 

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7. Nuts.com 

It's hard not to go nuts over this scrumptious retailer

This online retailer is exactly what it sounds like: a brand that specializes in the sale of nuts of all types, from pistachios and pecans to almonds and cashews. They might even have nuts you haven’t heard of! But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end there; Nuts.com sells a variety of other tasty snacks that go right alongside a handful of protein-packed nuts. Seeds, dried fruit, energy squares, granola, classic candies, and so much more fill the online catalog at Nuts.com. 

Any adult is certain to feel childlike excitement at the chance to shop for all their favorite snacks at Nuts.com; it’s a much better alternative than loading up a basket with dollar store chocolates and fake green Easter grass.  

Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Nuts.com at this time, but check back in the future for new additions to our ever-growing catalog of fantastic retailers!

8. Ulta

All the latest and greatest makeup products under one roof

Buy an Ulta gift card 

Want to spoil your friends with treats for their bodies? Ulta has plenty to offer when it comes to cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrances, and much more from top beauty brands on the market. Ulta carries a range of high-end and low-end beauty products in order to cater to the needs of different customers, making it an inclusive environment for all to shop at. 

While makeup is certainly one of the staple products of Ulta stores, an Ulta gift card can be appreciated by makeup enthusiasts and casual dabblers alike. Shopping at Ulta may be just the pick-me-up an overworked adult needs to stay motivated after a tiring week, as it gives them time to focus on their own well-being and take care of themselves. 

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Gift cards make for a fantastic filler for adult-oriented Easter baskets that don’t feel ingenuine or unnecessary. Consider adding a gift card or two to your friend’s Easter basket in lieu of excessive sweets and plastic eggs, as they are sure to appreciate and save the gift card for future use. 

We hope you picked up some inspiration for gift card ideas that will be of use to the adults you care for during Easter this year!