Are Gift Cards a Good Mother’s Day Gift?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and is an amazing day for fun, festivities, and a reason (though you don’t need one!) to celebrate mothers everywhere. There are lots of amazing gifts out there, like flowers, food and drinks, decorations, and clothes. There are times, however, when an item gift is not quite right. There are countless reasons why item gifts are not the right move, and that’s where gift cards come in. They allow recipients to use the gift on their own timeline and an item specific to them. 

Did you know there’s an amazing website called GiftYa that specializes in easily sending digital gift cards? Their format means they can be purchased and obtained on the phone, used as a code, or even swapped to a different merchant! Since they are kept on your cell phone, you don’t have to worry about the recipient misplacing the card or not having it with them when needed. Sending gift cards on GiftYa is an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Speaking of great ways to purchase gift cards, let’s talk about Gift Card Granny!

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Now, let’s get on with the gift cards!

Best Gift Cards for Mother’s Day

1. Macy’s

The perfect gift card for affordable seasonal shopping 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s is a fantastic department store that has a ton of fun and fashionable outfits. This gift card is perfect for mothers who like to shop. Even if they don’t like shopping, sometimes it has to happen. The chore of clothes shopping is much easier with a gift card in your pocket. Now, if your mother likes shopping it is even better! Macy’s has an amazing selection of clothes and brands, so they have something for everybody. A gift card to Macy’s is especially nice because purchasing specific clothing items is always challenging. It is a risky proposition, and giving a Macy’s gift card for Mother’s Day is not! 

Macy’s is a great store to shop around when you don’t have a specific item in mind. There are so many colors and styles laid out that inspiration could strike at any moment.

Buy a Macy’s gift card.

2. Ulta

Personal-care products are always in! A gift card to Ulta could be a big hit

Buy a ULTA Beauty gift card

Ulta is a great choice for Mother’s Day. Most moms have a number of self-care and makeup products stocked, and Ulta is a great store where they can shop. They have many brands that are certain to satisfy complex and simple skincare routines alike. Your mom knows better than anyone which product she needs to refill, and a gift card rather than that hand cream she likes ensures that you don’t get her a gift when she already has a full tub at home. 

Buy a ULTA Beauty gift card

3. Sephora

A gift card for beauty products

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora and Ulta are similar stores in their products, and we recommend finding out which one your mother likes to go to more before you purchase one or the other. Sephora is home to many beauty products, and she may frequent there to replenish her stocks. 

Getting your mother a gift card to Sephora is a great way to show that you care and allows her to stock up on her favorite products that she uses every day. Your gift card can take some weight off of her getting an expensive product that she loves. 

Buy a Sephora gift card

4. Hilton Hotels 

Give your mom in your life the gift of a relaxing weekend stay with her family 

Buy a Hilton Hotels gift card

Moms don’t always get the vacations that they deserve. Wanting to get away to an illustrious vacation destination is an amazing way to show your mom your appreciation this Mother’s Day. If your mom seems like a little getaway would do her some good, consider getting them a Hilton Hotels gift card. A Hilton gift card lets her pick out a place anywhere in the country for a visit with friends or family. Nearby long weekend vacations are an amazing way to de-stress and enjoy some new scenery and escape from the routine for just a little bit. Remember to add that this is a no-strings-attached gift card. Don’t try to get a spot on that vacation! It is for your mom to decide who she wants to bring with no judgment either way. 

Buy a Hilton Hotels gift card

5. Marriott

A gift card for vacation all over the United States

Buy a Marriott gift card

Marriott is another chain of hotels all over the United States. If your mom likes these hotels the best, this is the one for you!. A little nudge with a gift card like this is a great way to incentivize a trip in the near future! 

You can start earning your cashback rewards when you shop at Gift Card Granny. What are you waiting for? Pick up a Marriott gift card today.

6. Red Door Spa

Give the gift of a relaxing spa day to let your mom relax and unwind

Spa days are criminally underappreciated in the states. If your mom does not go out to enjoy a day at the spa every now and again, well, this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get her a Red Door Spa gift card! You can treat your mom to a relaxing day at the spa this Mother’s Day with a gift card and show your appreciation. Sometimes a little break from the routine is exactly what your mom needs to relax and let the normal stresses of her daily activities flow away. 

A gift card is a perfect incentive to help your mom go out to enjoy the spa she very much deserves. Little trips like this are so easy to push off and deprioritize. If you know your mom might be the person to procrastinate scheduling an appointment offer to help her out! You can always be the one to call (after making sure she is free on that day) and set everything up. 

7. Spavia

A gift card for an amazing chain of Spas

There are many spas nationwide, and we wanted to highlight Spavia to help point you in the right direction. If your mom does frequent the spa, finding out which one that is and giving her a gift card is the way to go. If she is new to the spa game, you can research the area to find a nearby spa that is well-reviewed. Spavias are all over the country, and they are a great place to get started with a relaxing spa day. A gift card for Spavia is a great gift, and you can check out all the Spavia locations to see if there is one nearby for your mom. 

At Spavia, you can expect phenomenal service and a staff of amazing masseuses that will treat your mom to a great spa experience. We recommend Spavia as a spa chain because they are all over the country, and if there is one nearby, you can be confident that it will provide them with a great stay. 

Spavia is, unfortunately, not one of the retailers you can find at Gift Card Granny, but you can order a Spavia gift card today through their website. 

8. Prepaid Visa Gift Card

A simple gift card to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day

Buy a Visa gift card

Next up on this list of Mother’s Day gift cards are a few of our greatest hits. To start that off, prepaid Visa gift cards are an easy way to send a gift card this Mother’s Day that you know she will appreciate. If you are struggling to find a gift card you think will suit her taste, this is a low-risk way to pick out a great gift for Mother’s Day. The only trouble with it is that it is impersonal, and it might get spent the next time she’s out getting groceries or otherwise running errands. Using this gift card pragmatically is a great way to save on her regular bills, but if you want to give her a gift card for something specific, feel free to tack on a note about where you would like her to spend this amazing gift!

Buy a Visa gift card

9. Target

A gift card for everyday shoppers

Following the greatness of the Visa gift card is a gift card to Target this Mother’s Day. This superstore has loads of options and we guarantee that your mom will find something awesome at this store. They have household staples, clothing, toys, books, and just about everything in between. Your mother might find herself spending her card and coming home with new and exciting items the next time she shops at Target with your gift card in her hand. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer Target gift cards at this time.

10. Amazon

A gift card for all things a mother may need

Our final stop on this train is Amazon. They’ve got it all. We are fairly certain no one’s ever felt disappointed upon seeing an Amazon gift card. They are just so versatile. When you give a gift card, you want to know that your mom will be happy to use it and not get dragged into spending extra money on something that she doesn’t want, just to use up the card. A lot of gift cards lower the price of an activity but don’t eliminate it entirely, and some people will understandably be hesitant to use gift cards when they know they still have to foot the bill at the end of the night. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer Amazon gift cards at this time.

10a. Audible

A gift card for a relaxing audiobook this Mother’s Day

Reading is a great pastime, but not everyone is ready to sit down for hours with a new book in hand. Audible is a great substitute for those who love stories and want to read but always find themselves doing something else. Your mom can find a new story and listen to it on the road, shopping, or doing chores. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer Audible gift cards at this time.

Are gift cards a good Mother’s Day gift?

Gift cards are phenomenal gifts for any occasion. We hope that you have found the gift card you are looking for! If you are still uncertain, you can always reach out to your mom. She can point you toward a gift card that she knows will lead to an amazing experience. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!