The Best Gift Cards to Give for Christmas

Christmas may only come once a year, but the effects of Christmas can be felt before and long after the holiday has rolled around. The Christmas season is a joyous time of year that brings all kinds of folks together to share in the merriment and celebrate the special moments in life that you would not trade for anything else. Whether your idea of Christmas consists of spending time with your parents and siblings, close friends who make your life worth living, or even with nobody else but a significant other who has been by your side through thick and thin, all scenarios are a perfectly valid way to celebrate the magical holiday. 

Of course, no Christmas celebration is quite complete without the aid of a generous gift or two to give to those that matter most to you. You likely have a pretty clear memory of the excitement and wonder you felt as a child waking up on snowy Christmas mornings, your energy limitless as you couldn’t wait to wake your parents and rush down the stairs to discover the pile of gifts donned in festive wrapping paper and ribbons sitting beneath the dazzling Christmas tree. While recreating that exact scene is out of your power, you can certainly do your best to create everlasting treasured moments for Christmas each and every year by giving considerate gifts to those you love most. There may be no Santa coming down the chimney anymore with a brown sack full of goodies, but the magic of the season still remains in the kindness and generosity you bring to it. 

If you’re the type who relies on gift cards to get the job done when it comes to Christmas shopping, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for what’s in store. We put together this comprehensive list of some of the best gift cards available at your favorite retailers right in time for the holidays. Whether you’ve got a lot of people on your shopping list or only a few, this list of the best gift cards to give for Christmas is certain to come in handy with your gift buying. 

Let’s get started!

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1. Celebrity Cruises 

Don’t let the cold keep you from planning a vacation in paradise

Buy a Celebrity Cruises gift card

It’s hard to disappoint someone when you give them a gift card to their favorite cruise line. You’ll be guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer with a Celebrity Cruises gift card, whether you’re paying for the trip in full or just helping your recipient save a few bucks on the bill. Celebrity Cruises is a premier luxury cruise line that delivers an unparalleled sailing experience for its customers. Guests on board Celebrity Cruises are treated like royalty from the moment they step onto the ship to the end of the voyage. Visit up to eight destinations all in one trip, dine at a new restaurant with every meal, and catch up on some much needed rest in luxurious spaces crafted with your comfort in mind. 

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2. Target

This retail wonderland has products for everyone

Buy a Target gift card

Target gift card users have a lot of spending power, which is exactly why a Target gift card for Christmas is never not a good gift idea. It does not matter if you are buying a gift for your mom, your uncle, a younger cousin, or your best friend because Target has plenty of products suited for everyone on your Christmas list. A Target gift card gives you access to furnishings, electronics, decorations for the home, cookware, candles, board games, apparel, jewelry, footwear, bedding, and anything else the average shopper could want. 

The best type of gift is one that is truly wanted, and Target stores always have what people want. Grab a Target gift card from Gift Card Granny right in time for Christmas!

3. Shutterfly 

Display the moments you want to remember forever 

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

Is the person you are shopping for highly sentimental? Do they like to decorate their living space with snapshots of special moments from the past? If you need a suitable gift for a picture person, one of the very best Christmas gifts out there would be a Shutterfly gift card. Shutterfly helps preserve those irreplaceable moments in life by giving customers the opportunity to create custom photo books, wall art, photo cards, prints, home decor, and personalized gifts with the photos that mean the most to them. This type of gift would be excellent for significant others and parents who like to surround themselves with precious moments. 

There are so many gift options available when it comes to Shutterfly. You can make someone else’s Christmas super special and save with cash back when you buy a Shutterfly gift card from Gift Card Granny!

4. Goldbelly

Get a taste of what you crave from wherever you want

Food is something we all need in order to survive, but it’s also much more than fuel for our bodies – food is enrichment, something to share and relish with those whom you cherish above all else. Share the joys of all kinds of different food when you give the gift of Goldbelly this Christmas.

Goldbelly is a curated marketplace packed with delicious finds from restaurants, bakeries, delis, and a variety of other eateries across the country. Goldbelly is a thoughtful gift for any foodie you know who loves to explore new dishes and food establishments to diversify their taste palate. They’ll have access to their tried and true favorites and they get to try new cuisine and discover new favorites all in one convenient marketplace. 

You can purchase Goldbelly gift cards here. Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Goldbelly at this time. 

5. One Kings Lane

Transform any home into a rich castle with tasteful furniture

Buy a One Kings Lane gift card

Who wouldn’t want new furniture for Christmas? If you need a gift card that is befitting a parent or friend who is looking to fill their house with brand new stylish, high quality furniture, then be sure to check out One Kings Lane. This luxury home decor business sells a mix of designer, vintage, and exclusive home furnishings in a variety of styles to appeal to everyone’s sensibilities, including yours. One Kings Lane has a catalog stuffed full of chic furniture, elegant decor, stunning rugs, eye-catching artwork, comfortable bedding, mirrors, lighting, and tons of additional house paraphernalia. 

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6. Steam

You won’t find a better match made in video game heaven 

Young or old, serious or casual, a gift card to Steam is one of the best gifts you can give to any type of gamer during the holidays. As long as the person you are buying for is into the world of online gaming, the Steam store has so many riveting video game titles to choose from to appeal to a wide range of gamers. From tranquil farming simulators and puzzle-solving games to intense first-person shooters and open world adventure RPGs, the Steam catalog is brimming with tons of entertaining options that will give unlimited hours of fun to gamers of all shapes and sizes. 

Gift Card Granny does not sell Steam gift cards at this time, but you can browse Steam gift card options right here to share with any online gamers you know this Christmas. 

7. eBay 

Buy an eBay gift card

There is always something interesting to find when browsing the thousands of active listings on eBay. No matter who you happen to be shopping for, you can bet that an eBay gift card will get the job done this Christmas. From designer fashion that has gone out of production to old collectibles such as comic books and action figures, sellers on eBay offer all kinds of niche products to appeal to the shopping needs of pretty much anyone.

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8. Bloomscape

Your dream plant is closer than you think

Rather than purchase a random plant you know nothing about from a local store, consider if Bloomscape is right for your gifting needs this Christmas. Bloomscape offers home ready plants and tools for plant care, providing both beginners and plant pros with all the essentials to start growing. Bloomscape has small potted plants, large plants, low-maintenance plants, pet-friendly plants, and houseplants that are optimal for low light environments. They offer gift sets for holidays and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings. 

Find Bloomscape gift cards here. Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not have gift cards for Bloomscape at this time. 

9. Fleming’s

Treat a loved one to an exceptional dining experience 

Buy a Fleming’s gift card

Any fan of steak, wine, and fine dining at high end establishments is definitely going to appreciate a Fleming’s gift card for Christmas. This steakhouse chain is known for its signature dishes of aged prime beef, lobster tails, and award-winning wine. At Fleming’s, you’ll find a delectable pairing of seasonal ingredients with a passion for service that cannot be beat. Whether you are in the mood for extraordinary food or you simply want a dining experience unlike any other, Fleming’s will absolutely deliver. 

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10. Mastercard Gift Card

A gift that can be anything under the sun

Buy a Mastercard gift card

The best kind of gift card is a gift card that you can use to purchase exactly what you want. When you give a Mastercard gift card, you are providing your recipient with an easy and convenient way to pay for goods and services from a variety of different merchants. As long as the retailer or business takes electronic transactions and accepts the Mastercard brand, you will have no trouble utilizing the funds on a Mastercard gift card to complete your payment. 

Gift Card Granny offers a thoughtful array of Mastercard gift card designs to give your card charm and character. If none of the pre-designed card options are to your liking, you can build your own custom Mastercard gift card that comes complete with a photo you can choose to upload. A custom Mastercard gift card is the perfect gift for family members and close friends who deserve something special for the holidays. 

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These are only ten possible gift card options out of thousands of potential others that you may end up encountering while you make your shopping rounds this Christmas. Even if you do not see a gift card that is right for your needs above, you can always browse the many other gift cards available for purchase at Gift Card Granny. Who knows, you may end up discovering a perfect match!