12 Best Gift Cards for High School Graduates


If you know a teen that is graduating high school this year, then it is never too early to start looking for gift ideas to help celebrate their accomplishment. Graduating from high school is no easy task and like most things in life that take hard work to accomplish, graduating high school deserves to be celebrated. 


Your teen has worked hard all year to get where they are and what better way to show them you’re proud of them than with a gift they won’t forget? When looking for gift card ideas for your graduating teen, consider getting them a gift card. We get it, gift cards don’t sound like that exciting of a gift. But trust us, a gift card to their favorite spot or a gift card that will help them prepare and get what they need for college or wherever their next adventure awaits is the best gift of all and one they’re sure to love. 


For your convenience, here’s a list of the gift cards we’re going to be looking at today. Feel free to check them all out or to skip around to any that immediately catch your eye! 

  • Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Dell

  • Groupon 

  • Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Overstock 

  • Apple

  • Boscov’s 

  • Delta Airlines 

  • Sheetz

  • Famous Footwear

  • Skype 

  • Customizable Mastercard


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But these deals sell fast so don’t wait too long before heading to the site to purchase!  So let’s jump into the 12 best gift cards to get high school graduates before they sell out! 


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1. Bed Bath and Beyond

For all your teen’s college dorm room necessities 



If your teen is heading to college in the fall or if they are looking to redo their room, a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card will make the perfect gift. A Bed Bath and Beyond gift card is especially great for those high school grads who will be going to college in the fall, because Bed Bath and Beyond has anything and everything they need to start fresh at a new school. From new bedding options to bath accessories to everything in between, Bed bath and Beyond has everything your teen needs to start their new adventure at school! 

2. Dell 

A gift card to help with all the electronic needs your teen might have 



When your teen graduates high school, chances are they’re going to need their own laptop (if they don’t already own one). Or, if they do already have one they might be looking for an upgrade. This is where a Dell gift card comes in handy. With a Dell gift card they can use it toward the purchase of any of Dell’s electronics, including accessories and laptops. This is great for the teen who needs a laptop for work or to continue their schooling with college in the fall. 


Buy a Dell gift card for that teen who needs a new laptop for school and save cash back on Gift Card Granny while you’re at it. 

3. Groupon

Help your teen have the best summer experiences when school ends



If you want to give your graduating teen the gift of an unforgettable summer that they’ll remember for years to come, then get them a Groupon gift card. Groupon is an online site that sells special offers and ticket prices to a wide selection of activities. The activities can range from a relaxing day at the spa to a discounted ticket to your teen’s favorite attraction. A Groupon gift card is a great way for your teen to be able to experience fun activities before their next new adventure at a discounted price. 


Help your graduate have a memorable summer and get a Groupon gift card from Gift Card Granny. 

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

Because everyone can use a caffeine pick-me-up throughout the day 


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Dunkin’ Donuts is an easy gift card option for any teen graduating high school and it is probably one of the most popular. Who doesn’t love a good coffee or tea in the morning to start their day? Or, really any time during the day. With a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card your teen can be ready to take on anything life throws at them with a caffeine boost. Not a big coffee drinker? No worries, because Dunkin’ Donuts has more to their menu than just coffee! Along with also offering tea and other beverage options, Dunkin’ Donuts also has a variety of breakfast options and tasty treats to purchase too! 


Give the gift of a caffeine boost when you buy a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card today.

5. Overstock

A gift card that can help your teen get all the home decor they want for their future dorm



Overstock is a website that carries a wide variety of products for your home from bedding pieces, to home improvement tools, to furniture. An Overstock gift card is perfect for any teen that is about to graduate high school because whether your teen needs to furnish a new apartment or they need decor for their dorm room in the fall, Overstock has everything they could need or want. And the best part about shopping on Overstock? Everything is marked at a discounted rate so your teen can get even more bang for their buck on the pieces they decide to buy. 


Buy an Overstock gift card on Gift Card Granny’s site and save money with cash back. 

6. Apple 

For your airpod obsessed teen’s next big Apple purchase 


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If your high school graduate is a fan of all things Apple and all their products, then an Apple gift card is the perfect gift idea to celebrate their graduation. Whether your teen has been wanting the new airpods for a while now, or they need a new laptop for school in the fall, Apple has everything they need. An Apple gift card can be used both in store and online so if your local Apple store doesn’t have what your teen wants they can order it online! 


Get your Apple loving graduate a gift they’ll love and buy an Apple gift card

7. Boscov’s

Send your teen off to college in style with a new wardrobe 



Boscov’s is a department store that has anything and everything from home furniture to new wardrobe pieces to pick from. Before your high school grad heads off on their next adventure, whether that be going to college, traveling the world, or embarking on a new career, treat them to some new wardrobe pieces to help with their fresh start. Or, help them pick out some home decor items to decorate their new space. 


Buy a Boscov's gift card from Gift Card Granny today. 

8. Delta Airlines

The perfect gift for the teen wanting to take a semester off to travel the world



If your high school graduate plans to do some traveling before heading to college or embarking on their next journey, then a Delta Airlines gift card is a great gift idea. Flying is expensive and if they’re just graduating high school chances are they might be low on funds. A Delta Airlines gift card allows them to book the flight of their dreams so they can jet off to wherever their next adventure takes them. Plus, gift cards don’t expire so they can either use it now or save their gift card to go toward a future trip of their dreams. 


Help your new graduate travel and buy a Delta Airlines gift card from Gift Card Granny today. 

9. Sheetz

A gift for those late night study snack break runs


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Sheetz is one of those gas stations that is so much more than just a gas station. Depending on location, Sheetz is not only a place you can stop to fill up your tank, but you can also get anything from basic car supplies to hot food to coffee. A Sheetz gift card is the perfect gift for any recent high school grad who is planning to head to college in the fall or plans to be doing some late night driving during their travels because Sheetz is always open late. This makes Sheetz the perfect late night snack stop to fill up on all your favorite goodies. Plus, they have milkshakes so you really can't go wrong! 


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10. Famous Footwear 

Help your teen start their next journey off with some fresh new shoes to fit their style



There’s just something about a new pair of shoes that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Famous Footwear has hundreds of shoes and styles to choose from so getting your high school graduate a gift card ensures they’ll be able to find a shoe and style they love. This can give them the confidence they need to embark on whatever journey they’re planning on after high school and they’ll look cool doing it! So whether your teen prefers heels or sneakers, high tops or low tops, Famous Footwear has something for everyone! 


Buy a Famous Footwear gift card and give your graduate the gift of a new pair of shoes to start their new journey. 

11. Skype

A gift card to ensure you can always stay in touch no matter how far you are



Skype is a great online service that you can use to stay in touch with people no matter where they live or how far away they are. When you use Skype you can either video or audio call your family and friends so you can always feel close to them no matter where life takes you (or them). This is great for any high school graduate who is going to college far away after high school or for any graduate that wants to do some traveling. With a Skype gift card they can still keep in touch with their loved ones no matter where they are. 


Always stay in touch no matter where life takes your new graduate and head over to Gift Card Granny to buy a Skype gift card.

12. Customizable Mastercard 

A gift card that your teen can use for anything they wish



A Customizable Mastercard gift card is a great gift idea for any teen that is just graduating high school. Mastercard gift cards can be used almost anywhere that accepts mastercard credit cards so your teen can use it to buy pretty much anything. This is great if you can’t find a gift card to a place they love or you aren’t sure what gift card they’d like. With the freedom of a mastercard gift card they can use it anywhere. Plus, when you customize it with a photo they’re sure to think of you every time they use it. 


Create a Customizable Mastercard gift card so they can use it anywhere and everywhere that accepts Mastercard. 


No matter what your teen’s plans are after graduating high school, their accomplishment deserves to be celebrated. And what better way to celebrate them than with a gift card to their favorite place or a gift card to help get them settled on their feet so they can start whatever adventure lies ahead next? Give your graduating teen a gift they’ll actually use and get them a gift card!