Can You Use a Mastercard Gift Card Internationally?

Gift cards are all the rage. Popular among consumers of all ages and backgrounds, gift cards give eager consumers a way to give business to some of their favorite retailers in one of the most convenient ways possible. There is nothing like receiving a gift of preloaded funds that can later be spent on pretty much anything you want, and the business still gets its money from the one who purchases the gift card – what a win-win situation!

Among the many different kinds of gift cards currently on the market, Mastercard gift cards stand out as one of the best. Mastercard gift cards may be used to purchase all kinds of things at numerous retailers, restaurants, small businesses, live events, and practically anywhere else you can think of. Whether you want to dine on a fancy steak dinner, purchase tickets to see your favorite music artist’s next concert, or need a new outfit in time for your next date night, Mastercard gift cards can make any situation ten times better by offering you monetary assistance. 

And well that is all wonderful and definitely worth appreciating, what you really must be wondering is whether or not you can complete foreign transactions with a Mastercard gift card. After all, international travel is quite a common occurrence, even for the average individual. Whether you are planning to take a trip to the Bahamas, Rome, or Tokyo, you need to have a proper way to retain and utilize your funds. Carrying cash for international travel can be messy and cause unwarranted stress, plus exchanging currencies is a whole other step you need to consider. Rather than rely on physical cash, something like a gift card is much easier to keep tabs on and there is no need to spend time looking for a currency exchange kiosk. 

In this article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about using a Mastercard gift card during international travel. Find out what’s what regarding foreign transactions with a Mastercard, possible fees, and other prepaid Mastercard options that are suited for international travel. 

Mastercard Gift Card International Use

In a time where embarking on travels to other countries is almost as easy as taking a day trip to a neighboring city, it is only natural to seek out forms of payment that are suitable for international use. Mastercard is just one of many brands known across the world, and you can find its presence in dozens of different countries. 

Can I Use a Mastercard Gift Card Outside of the U.S.? 

A Mastercard gift card can be extremely beneficial to have when you use it while shopping in the U.S., but its abilities outside the country may cause you to reconsider payment plans on your trip abroad. While useful for domestic shopping ventures to local malls and neighborhood supermarkets, Mastercard gift cards bought from most retailers are only going to be able to be processed as payment in transactions that take place in the country the gift card was activated in. 

This information may be disappointing to hear if you were planning to use a Mastercard gift card for international payments, though it is important to note that there are certain types of prepaid Mastercards and prepaid gift cards that can be used overseas. However, by default, you will not be able to purchase a Mastercard gift card from a local department store, have it activated, and proceed to use it in a foreign country, save a few exceptions. 

Prepaid gift cards by Mastercard are globally accepted as payment anywhere that debit transactions are normally accepted. Since Mastercard is an international brand, you should be able to shop at any businesses across the globe using your Mastercard gift card. One simple indicator of a retailer that accepts payments with Mastercards is a sign near the till that shows the Mastercard symbol. If you cannot locate any brand symbols, simply ask the cashier which brands they take and if Mastercard gift cards are accepted at their business. 

Travel is so much better when you do not have to spend time worrying over how you will pay for your next purchase, which is exactly why Mastercard offers a variety of prepaid card options suited for foreign transactions while abroad.

How Do I Know if my Mastercard Gift Card Can be Used Internationally? 

A Mastercard gift card that you can successfully use during international travel will likely explicitly specify its abilities, unlike standard Mastercard gift cards that you can purchase at common retailers. Despite the majority of basic Mastercard gift cards being region-locked to the U.S., there are various prepaid Mastercard gift cards that you can purchase to use for your travels. Mastercard offers an international prepaid gift card and a prepaid travel card that are both beneficial for folks who plan on making transactions in another country. 

You can find prepaid Mastercard gift cards on the official Mastercard website, which are globally accepted and should work wherever debit cards can be used. 

Can I Use My Mastercard Gift Card for Online Purchases from Foreign Merchants? 

Mastercard gift cards can be utilized when making payments at stores and retailers across the nation and online, so it is only natural to assume a Mastercard gift card will be able to pay for online purchases as well. There should be no barriers holding you back from purchasing goods from online shops that are based in other countries, just be sure to correctly enter your card information when providing payment during checkout. 

Are There Any Fees for Using a Mastercard Gift Card Abroad?

Any prepaid Mastercard that is designated as an international card will not charge you fees for foreign transactions, which is often the case with most banks. That means you can spend as much as you please and you will not have to worry about currency conversion fees or anything like that. 

It should be noted that, in order to activate a Mastercard gift card, there is a standard fee that correlates with the card’s value. This fee is no more than a few dollars and should not set you back by much, but it is important to keep in mind while choosing a payment method that works for your travel needs. 

Prepaid Travel Mastercard

One of the best kinds of cards for international travel just so happens to be the Prepaid Travel Mastercard. Prepaid cards are similar to regular gift cards in that the card has a set amount of value; any transactions that exceed that value will require another form of payment to cover remaining funds. What sets prepaid cards apart from most gift cards, however, is that they are meant to be reloaded and reused again and again. This is a fundamental feature for folks who desire to use their Mastercard as their primary source of payment while abroad, since a regular Mastercard gift card will eventually run out of funds after multiple uses. 

You can find the Prepaid Travel Mastercard on the official Mastercard website

Prepaid Travel Mastercards work just like every other prepaid Mastercard, except with more flexibility for worldwide use. You can use a Prepaid Travel Mastercard at any business that accepts Mastercard debit cards, such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, entertainment venues, ATMs, and much more. 

How Do I Check My Mastercard Gift Card Balance While Traveling Abroad? 

Having a Mastercard gift card is one thing, but knowing the available funds on the card is another. Your Mastercard gift card will only get you so far before its funds start to plummet, and before you find yourself in an awkward situation while trying to check out at your local supermarket, it would behoove you to take note of your current balance so that you know what you should expect. 

Traveling with a prepaid Mastercard is no exception to this. As a matter of fact, it is crucial you have your account balance on hand when you need it. Making purchases in another country can be difficult if you do not properly prepare yourself beforehand with international payment methods you can rely on, and a part of reliable sources of payment is knowing the value you have on hand. If you are unaware of your spending power, then there is always the risk of being unable to complete transactions and having to find another way to pay. Fortunately, with Mastercard gift cards and prepaid Mastercards, there is no way to overdraw your account and incur penalties as a result. 

To ensure you are never caught in the awkward scenario where your payment is declined, keep up-to-date on your Mastercard account balance by completing routine balance checks. You can check the balances of both Mastercard gift cards and prepaid Mastercard through online services, which are particularly handy in regards to international travel. Whether on your home country’s soil or thousands of miles away overseas, you will still be able to access websites to check your Mastercard balance online. 

You can check your Mastercard gift card balance right here. Make sure to have your card information handy, as you will need to enter the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit security code located on the back of the card. Once entered, your available balance will pop up along with your transaction history. A Mastercard gift card balance check may also be performed over the phone, but international travel can impact your ability to make a phone call, which is why we recommend using an online balance check tool. 

Gift Card Granny offers our own gift card balance check tool for both Mastercards and Visa gift cards. If you are a frequent Gift Card Granny customer, then you should definitely check it out. 

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