Gift Card Shopping Tips

Giving gift cards is certainly easier than shopping for other gifts, but there are still things to consider. For instance, is it ok to give someone a discounted gift card or will it look cheap? Is it ok to give them a card that has already been used and has a strange balance like $22.22 (short answer: Yes, but only for their 22nd birthday)?

These articles will help you navigate the world of discount gift card shopping by providing tips on which new gift cards might be best suited for your friends, co-workers and loved-ones, and advice on saving the most money when shopping FOR gift cards, or shopping WITH gift cards.


December 1, 2021

Holiday Gift Card Survey Results 2021

Gift Card Granny has been surveying users since 2016 to gain insight on gift card usage and trends for the upcoming holiday season. Over 1,200 US-based consumers who have visited responded this year. Read below for topics such as the most requested gift cards for 2021, eGift card trends and trends on gift card purchasing. Results from the 2021 Holiday Gift Card Study Most Requested Gift …

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November 17, 2021

20 of the Best Gift Ideas for Teens

Teenagers often are one of the most challenging groups to shop for during the holidays. They’re no longer interested in toys and games, except when they are. They have particular tastes in music, books, and fashion, so it makes it hard to surprise them without having a detailed list. We did some research and found 20 gift ideas for every teenager. Whether they’re into gaming, …

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November 10, 2021

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas For Boys This Holiday Season

With Christmas less than two months away, it's time to start shopping. Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring gift guides to assist you in finding that perfect present for everyone in your life. First, we're covering the best gift ideas for boys. When you shop for boys, you want to find something that holds their interest, without inducing fatigue . This year, we found …

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November 5, 2021

What Stores Are Open On Thanksgiving: 21 Popular Stores You Want to Shop At

Are you wondering what stores are open on Thanksgiving Day? It's a legitimate question to ask as very few stores have regular hours. Most stores change the schedule to holiday hours once Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer so people can get the last-minute items on their list. Let's …

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October 18, 2021

The Best Deals for the 2021 Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of year where you get together with family and friends, enjoy time off from work, and just simply relax. But the reality is, the holidays can be stressful. Going out and buying expensive gifts for loved ones can almost seem like a chore. And you may not be able to spend a ton of money. Well, what if we …

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September 3, 2021

Labor Day Sales 2021

Celebrate Labor Day weekend with some amazing deals and discounts offered by many popular retailers. As one of the most important sale events of the year, we’re here to fill you in on where to shop, what items you can expect to save on, and how you can make someone’s Labor Day weekend even more special when you send them a gift card to many …

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May 28, 2021

The Ultimate List of Summer Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Love

Summer brings warm weather and fun times with family and friends, whether that’s a backyard BBQ, night out, or a beach party. And nothing is better than a summertime celebration of someone’s birthday, anniversary, or other special days. If you’re searching for the perfect summer gift for a friend or family member, you’re in the right place. This gift guide has 19 …

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May 7, 2021

12 of the Best Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is approaching for both college and high school graduates. While cash, checks, and gift cards are always appreciated, there are ways to make your graduation gifts more meaningful to the graduate. Consider your personal relationship to graduate. Are they a family member like a niece or nephew, or a younger sibling or cousin? You have plenty of options from creating some …

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April 16, 2021

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day During Quarantine

Mother’s Day is different this year. While some protocols are loosening up, many of us are still separated from our moms. We’ve tried to think of some fun and creative ideas that will honor mom and remain mainly contactless unless you all live in the same house. This year, many moms are feeling overwhelmed so we’re including things like wine subscriptions, meal subscriptions, and …

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April 9, 2021

The 14 Best Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special boy in your life? Sometimes it’s hard to find a fun and unique present that he will truly enjoy. And no, he doesn’t want any more shirts or socks. And boys love video games, but you want boys' toys that entice them to do more than sit in front of a TV screen. So, …

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