Restaurant Discounts For Seniors: 2020

With the majority of resaturants moving towards app based customer promotion and loyalty accounts, it is tough to keep track of where seniors can find a deal on a meal. The 10% usually offered doesn't seem like much but that is 10 cents on the dollar and can really add up.

Considering most restaurants offer a lunch sandwich for about $6.00 without tax or gratuity, eating out for lunch or dinner can be expensive. For Seniors, it can add up a lot of savings. The $6 sandwich at lunch would be $5.40 when a senior discount is applied and that can add up if you're going out two to three times a week. So, having a deal like that can open up the budget a little more for a nice sit down meal or a chance to get out and meet friends or family. 

We at Gift Card Granny called local locations and even reached out to a few branches across the USA to verify these deals to give you an accurate list for 2019. Whether you're using your membership card for an AARP restaurant discount or want to start dining at establishments that offer a senior discount, this restaurant discount list can be a helpful resource.  What's more, combine these offers with a discount gift card  and you can really cash in on the savings. Depending on the restaurant or gift card deal, you can save 5% to 20% on your bill!

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Restaurant Discounts - Senior Edition

Applebee's - Many Applebee's locations now offer a 10% to 15%. Call your local restaurant to find out about their offers.
Offer confirmed by calling the corporate number: Applebee's Corporate: 1-888-592-7753.


Arby’s -  Many locations offer 10% or discounted drinks. 
Arby's customer service said the discount depends on the franchise. Your best bet is to contact your local Arby's location.  


Bennigan’s -  Bennigan’s offers up to 10% off your meal at some locations.
Best to call ahead on this since offer there is no general figure for this discount.


Bob Evans -  They have a senior menu with 55 plus items at reduced price.
Enjoy delcious meals at a price you'll like at a Bob Evans near you.



Bonefish Grill -  With your AARP membership, you will get 10% off. Does not apply to alcohol or gratuity. 


Boston Market -  There have been a few reports there are discounts for customers over 65.
After contacting two stores near us, there were two different answers. Call to find out if your local restaurant participates.


Burger King -  They offer 10% off food and meals for customers 60+. They also have special discounts on coffee and drink for seniors.
We reached out to multiple Burger King locations and some restaurants offered it and others did not.


Carl’s Jr. - Participating restaurants offer a 10% discount to seniors. Applicable to the meal and drink by some accounts.
Check with your local Carl's Jr. restaurant


Carrabba's Italian Grill - Through an AARP membership, there is a 10% off deal valid any time you visit. This discount does not apply to alcohol, gift cards, applicable taxes, and gratuity.



Chick-fil-A - They offer a special refillable senior drink but does not include coffee.
Each Chick-fil-A restaurant is independetly owned. Chick-fil-A customer service (1-877-799-7827) advised to reach out to a location near you to see if they sponsor a senior discount. 


Chili's - 10% discount for customers 55 and older.
We called locations in PA, IL, and WA. All 3 locations confirmed the 10% off discount. 


CiCi's Pizza - 10% discount to customers 60 and over. Some locations offer a drink to go with the buffet.


Corner Bakery Café - 10% through AARP at participating restaurants.


Culver's - Some restaurants offer 10% off for customers 60+.
Check with the local restaurant.


Dairy Queen - 10% off or a free small drink for customers over 55.
A Dairy Queen customer service agent (1-877-799-7827) said it's best to ask management if your favorite store offers the discount. 



Denny's - Order from the '55+ menu' (available on request) with reduced prices. Some locations offer a 15% discount for AARP members instead of or alongside the menu. Those offers are not to be combined.


Dunkin' Donuts - They offer 10% discount or free coffee for customers 55 plus.


Eat’n Park - They offer a senior menu and a special Tuesday buffet for customers 55 and older.


Einstein Brothers Bagels - 10% off a dozen bagels for customers over 60.
Confirmed offer with an Einstein Brothers Bagels customer service representative:1-800-224-3563


El Pollo Loco - Typically 10% off but varies by location for customers 60 and older.



Friendly's - Enjoy items from a senior menu.


Fuddruckers - 10% off any Senior Platter on their menu.
Spoke with staff members at a couple of Fuddruckers locations and they confirmed this deal!


Golden Corral - They have a senior buffet that saves you $0.50. They also have special events and promotions for customers 60+.
Stop by a restaurant near you!


Hardee’s - Hardee’s has a 30% beverage or 10% off your order for seniors.
We contacted Hardee's customer support at 1-877-799-7827 and they said this offer is dependent upon location.


IHOP - IHOP has a special menu for customers 55+.


Jack in the Box - 10% off or $0.50 off a drink, depending on location. 
We spoke with employees at Jack in the Box stores in CA and NC. It appears the discount varies by location.



Longhorn Steakhouse - Senior menu available for customers 50 plus.
Ask your server for the special menu and check before visiting.


McDonald's - Free coffee and potential meal discount at select McDonald's locations.
Best to call ahead if you are over 55 and trying to use this discount.


Outback Steakhouse - 10% but only for AARP members and it does not include alcohol.


Old Country Buffet - Daily discounts but only by location. Contact a restaurant to learn more.


Papa John’s Pizza - Depends on location. AMAC members receive 25% off with code “25SAVE” when ordering online.
Reach out to a Papa John's store for more information.



Perkins Restaurant and Bakery - Special menu for customers 55+ with reduced priced and smaller portions.


Ponderosa Steakhouse - Senior menu for special pricing available for customers 60+.
Find a Ponderosa Steakhouse near you. 


Quaker Steak & Lube - Some locations offer 10% off meals and special 15% Monday through Friday from 3-5 to guests 65 and older. Does not include alcohol and tax/gratuity.
Contact your local restaurant before visiting to find their promotions. 


Rainforest Café - 10% off for AARP members.


Roy Rogers - 10% discount but can vary by location.
Discount verified by calling multiple Roy Rogers locations



Saltgrass Steakhouse - Get a 10% discount with your AARP card.


Sizzler - Special menu available for customers 60 plus.


Shoney’s - Seniors save $0.50 off their meal with valid ID.
Confirmed offer by speaking with employees at the Shoney's Franklin location (828-349-0290) and the Shoney's Panama City location (850-234-1555). 


Sonic Drive-In - 10% discount or a free drink for customers 60 and older.
We called a number of Sonic locations and each restaurant had a different policy. Make sure you call to confirm they honor the discount before visiting. 



Spaghetti Factory - Senior menu available for customers who are 55 and older.
Confirmed discount by contacting stores listed on the locations page


Taco Bell - 10% off or a free drink for customers 65+. Check with the location.
Discount verified but it depends on location. Some restaurants we contacted didn't offer the discount. 


Uno Chicago Grill - 20% off for customers over 55 years old on Wednesday.
Offer verified with a location in Pennsylvania. When we contacted an Uno's in Wisconsin, we were told they didn't offer a senior discount. Reach out to your intended location before visiting


Wendy's - 5-10% off depending on location for customers 55 plus.
Wendy's customer service (1-888-624-8140) confirmed that the discount offered is up to each franchise location. Call ahead to verify the discount at your favorite Wendy's.


Whataburger - Free soft drink or coffee for customers over 55.
We contacted Whataburger customer service at 1-800-682-7437 and they advised the senior deal depended on the location. 


White Castle - 10% discount for customers over 62 years old.
Offer confirmed at multiple restaurant locations. 


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Did we miss one? Let us know if one of your favorite restaurants offers a senior discount in the comments section below!