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Trae's Tips and Tricks for McDonald's

  1. Look For Your Flyer. You’ll see special discounts and coupons in the McDonald’s flyer located in your local paper or in your mailbox. Insider’s trick: keep the flyer in your glovebox so you always have it on hand!
  2. Download the Mobile Order & Pay App. Skip the lines by ordering and paying for your meal ahead of time. You’ll receive a 4-digit code to use during pickup.
  3. Choose Wisely. Avoid ordering the pricier options and stick with selections from the Dollar Menu. There are plenty of options to satisfy your whole family.
  4. Get Free McCafe Drinks and Fries. McDonald’s regularly offers promotional specials on the app, including free French fries and McCafe drinks with purchase.
  5. Have Your Happy Meal Delivered. Don’t want to brave the elements for your burger? With McDelivery you won’t have to! This handy service, in connection with Uber Eats, brings your favorites right to your door.
  6. Plan a Party For Less. Throw your child a fantastic birthday party for less at McDonald’s; complete with cake, favors, Happy Meals, activities and a day of fun at the PlayPlace.

When the Golden Arches beckon, you can answer their call the smart way with money-saving tricks and savvy dining tips to help you get the most McDonald’s for the money. Whether you’re a family on a budget, a college student watching every penny or simply want to enjoy a meal without spending a fortune, everyone can benefit from saving money at McDonald’s. Follow the advice of serious McDonald’s eaters from around the world by taking advantage of these unbeatable McDonald’s discounts, coupons, time savers and promotions. Your appetite will thank you!

Save Time With Mobile Order & Pay

Say goodbye to long lines by ordering your next McDonald’s meal using the Mobile Order & Pay App. You can select your favorite McDonald’s items ahead of time and pay right inside the app. Once you arrive and check in using a special 4-digit code, your card will be charged and you can pick up your order inside the restaurant, have it brought right out to your car or pick it up at the drive-thru window. You can even add special coupons, discounts and promotional deals to your mobile order right inside the App to save even more money.

Give a Delicious Gift

What better way to share the love than to give the gift of McDonald’s to family and friends on a special birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation or celebration. Gift Card Granny does all the hard work for you by finding the best discount McDonald’s gift cards available. These reloadable Arch Cards can come in amounts ranging from $5 to $50 and offer the perfect payment option for late night snack runs. Since the McDonald’s Arch Card never expires, you can use this McDonald’s gift cards discount anywhere, any time.

Use McDonald’s Coupons and Discounts

Before placing your order, make sure to bring along some of the limited-time discounts and coupons available at MyCoupons and through the McDonald’s App. Check regularly for seasonal and promotional offers available throughout the year, which can include printable and loadable coupons, Arch Card discounts and exclusive savings events.

Order From the Dollar Menu

Although combo meal deals might look pretty good, you’ll end up saving a fortune on your McDonald’s order by ordering from the Dollar Menu. For the price of a single combo meal, you could nearly feed an entire family by selecting options from this discounted menu. Priced between $1 to $3, you’ll find favorites like Double Cheeseburgers, McDonald’s Fries, Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, McCafe drinks, Sausage McMuffins and more.

Throw an Amazing Birthday For Less

Hosting a birthday party for little ones can really add up, especially when the entire 2nd-grade class decides to come. At McDonald’s, you can throw your child a colorful, exciting, active and inexpensive birthday right inside the PlayPlace. When you show up for the event, the McDonald’s staff will do all the work for you, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the big day with the kids. Talk to your local McDonald’s restaurant manager to design a birthday perfect for your child, which can include Happy Meals, a decorated cake, party favors and games.

Join the McDonald’s Team

If you’re looking for a career change and love a good Big Mac, consider the perks and benefits of becoming a McDonald’s employee. Once hired, employees enjoy 1 free meal per shift, an affordable healthcare plan, 50% off meals when not at work, a higher minimum wage, a generous bonus program and scholarship opportunities. Working at McDonald’s also means you’ll enjoy enrollment in McDPerks, a program that allows you to receive discounts on college tuition, Apple products, fuel and cell phones.

Watch For the Flyer

Look out for the McDonald’s discount flyer in your mailbox, which contains limited-time coupons for use at your local McDonald’s restaurant. These promotions typically offer massive price reductions on the most popular food and drink items, including BOGO burgers, specially priced meal deals and free fries and treats. Take a tip from McDonald’s superfans: fold up the flyer and stick it inside your glove box so you have it ready every time you hit the drive-thru.

Pay For College the McDonald’s Way

Having trouble finding the funds to pay your college tuition? McDonald’s offers educational programs that can help you complete your high school diploma, improve your English and even earn a college degree. Through Archways to Opportunity, McDonald’s offers employees a chance to pursue their education after just 90 days of employment, working 15 hours or more per week.

Get Free Fries

Celebrate summer with a few free fries! Visit McDonald’s during the month of July for National French Fry Day and receive free or discounted prices on fries at participating locations. Not every McDonald’s location takes part in National French Fry Day, make sure to call ahead to find out whether you’ll get to take advantage of this limited-time promo. Typical deals include a free order of medium French fries with any McDonald’s order for $1 or more placed through the mobile app.

Save on Gas

Let McDonald’s come to you! When you have a craving for a Quarter Pounder but you just don’t want to get in your car, try using McDelivery. This service, in coordination with Uber Eats, allows you to have McDonald’s any time you feel like it, even if you’re sick in bed, house bound or simply don’t feel like driving. When you use McDelivery, you can pay for your order and track its delivery right in your Uber account.

Enjoy the Free WiFi

Who needs an internet provider when you have McDonald’s! While enjoying your meal, bring along your laptop to get some work done, connect with your friends or follow up on your email. As a McDonald’s patron, you’ll have free access to WiFi at over 11,500 participating McDonald’s locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find McDonald’s coupons?

You can find usable McDonald’s coupons throughout the year at MyCoupons and through the McDonald’s Global Mobile App. Coupon-filled flyers are also available in your newspaper or mailbox for use at your local McDonald’s restaurant.

How can I reload discount McDonald’s gift cards?

When you purchase discount McDonald’s gift cards on Gift Card Granny, don’t just toss them away after use. Reload your “Arch Cards” by bringing them to a McDonald’s location or by visiting the McDonald’s website.

Where do I check the balance of my McDonald’s gift cards?

You've come to the right place. Use our McDonald's balance check page to get information on how much is left on your gift card.

What if I lose my McDonald’s Arch Cards?

If you have a lost or stolen Arch Card, call 800-244-6227 right way to cancel your card. Once cancelled, fill out the Lost/Stolen Arch Card Form and send it in with your original activation receipt.

Does McDonald’s use grass-fed beef?

Most of the cattle used to make McDonald’s burgers are U.S. raised, fed grass during the first part of their lives, then transitioned to a diet of grasses, grains and minerals.

Does McDonald’s use “pink slime” or ammonia-treated meat?

No. McDonald’s only serves patties made from 100% beef, without the use of fillers, additives, preservatives or chemicals like ammonia.

About McDonald's

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