Top Charity Gift Cards for Christmas

There’s a lot to think about during the holidays. From planning the Christmas potlucks with your friends and family members to figuring out what gifts to put on your shopping list, getting prepared to celebrate the season can be a time-consuming affair that leaves you scrambling to put everything into place. But the last minute stress and mental effort shouldn’t distract you from all the joys that are associated with this time of year. Bonding with loved ones, spreading cheer, and showing gratitude for what you are thankful for in your life are all important parts of what makes Christmas so special. 

It feels quite wonderful to receive a gift from someone you care about for Christmas, but it feels even more fulfilling to give a gift. No doubt you already have many ideas floating around your head when it comes to what you’re planning to give the important people in your life, and that is definitely awesome. However, have you at all considered any ways you can be extra generous with your gift-giving this holiday season? 

When you give the gift of donating to a good cause, you are doing more than giving a gift to someone else – you are making a positive impact on the world around you. Gift cards for charities offer a brilliant way to give gifts that are going to make a difference while also ensuring that the people closest to you feel appreciated this season. 

There are numerous charity gift cards available for purchase right now. You can find them online, in stores, and pretty much anywhere you may come across gift cards. Charity gift cards give your recipients a fantastic way to support the causes they are passionate about, and they also provide an efficient way for nonprofit organizations to raise money for important projects. You do a lot of good for more than just yourself when you choose to purchase charitable gift cards for your friends and family members. 

FAQs Regarding Charity Gift Cards for Christmas

Q: What is the best gift card for donations?

There are a variety of charity gift cards out there that cater to your specific needs. What you consider to be the best type of gift card for donation purposes may not be the same as what somebody else prefers, so it largely depends on what sort of organization you are hoping to donate to. The best charity gift cards will often be the ones that encompass a range of different charities and non-profit foundations that you can choose to direct your funds to. 

It is important to keep in mind that there are essentially two types of charitable gift cards available to consumers: gift cards where a percentage of the card value is donated to charity and gift cards where the bulk of the card value is donated. If you truly want to make a positive impact on the world and channel your spirit of giving during the holidays this year, then you should opt for the latter gift card option. These charitable gift cards enable the gift card recipient to choose a charitable organization to donate the gift card funds to at no cost to themselves, which means you’re giving a gift to someone you care about while simultaneously giving back to communities in need. 

Q: What is a Charity Choice gift card?

Charity Choice gift card is an extremely useful charity gift card option that allows the card user to select and donate to a charitable organization from a directory of thousands of legitimate charities that operate across the globe. Charity Choice gift card recipients may select up to three different charitable organizations to donate the value of the gift card to. From major charitable causes to local charities that give back to small communities and neighborhoods, donors have a variety of nonprofit organizations to choose from when using Charity Choice. 

Q: Can you make a donation with a Visa gift card? 

Yes, you can absolutely make a charitable donation using a Visa gift card if you wish to. The funds on a Visa gift card are akin to cash and can be used pretty much anywhere you please for a number of goods and services. As long as the charitable organization that you wish to donate to has the ability to accept and process transactions with Visa cards, you should not experience any issues when attempting to donate with your Visa gift card. 

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You do not need to be a volunteer to make a positive impact in struggling communities; providing financial support is just as important when it comes to assisting charitable organizations. 


There are more than enough types of charity gift cards out there to suit the needs of your gift card recipient, whoever they may be. Let’s take a look at several gift card options that you may want to consider giving to friends and family for Christmas this year. 

1. Visa Gift Card

Buy a Visa gift card

If you are looking for a way to provide donations to an array of different charities and do not want to limit your giving capabilities to just one organization, you may find a Visa gift card to be especially useful. Visa gift cards work as a form of payment at a variety of retailers and businesses, so you can easily utilize their funds anywhere you please. Visa gift cards can also be used to make donations at any charitable institution and other non-profit organizations that accept the Visa brand as a valid form of payment. 

There are countless charities out there for all kinds of folks, from assisting those who need help paying off medical bills to those that secure housing, clothing, and other living necessities to people who are struggling financially. Specific charity gift cards may be locked to particular organizations, which means the gift card’s funds can only be used at those same foundations. Giving to those in need in any capacity is always good, but it is much more satisfying to give when you have the opportunity to specify which organizations you want your funds going to. People often make donations to charities that have personal significance to them, whether that means donating to a cancer charity because a loved one shared the same disease or giving to a food bank because you had past experiences with poverty and hunger. A Visa gift card allows users to make donations to all these types of charities and more. 

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2. Charity On Top

Make a meaningful difference with your generosity 

Buy a Charity On Top gift card

Charity On Top gift cards can be given to friends and family members as a way to allow them to give back to causes that are personally important to them. The Charity On Top foundation connects donors with millions of different charitable organizations to help victims of disasters, those in poverty, and communities who are in need. The charity that the gift card donor chooses will retain nearly all of the gift card value, which means your funds are legitimately making a difference to those who need it the most. 

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3. DonorsChoose

Support local students in need near you

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that offers financial assistance to classrooms in need. Recipients of DonorsChoose gift cards may select a classroom project to support using the funds on the gift card. This organization is crucial when it comes to helping students get the quality materials they need to complete class projects and cultivate an enriching academic environment. Folks who purchase DonorsChoose gift cards are giving back to needy communities and helping to shape a better future for teachers and students alike. Gift cards for DonorsChoose will last for six months upon purchase, and any unredeemed funds remaining on the gift card will be applied to urgent classroom projects through the Community Funds. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer DonorsChoose gift cards at this time. 

4. GlobalGiving 

Don’t let your goodwill be limited by superficial boundaries 

In case you have never heard of this organization before, GlobalGiving operates as a crowdfunding community that connects donors with grassroots charitable projects around the world. Help build a better world for all by funding community-led solutions that otherwise would not have the funds to get off the ground. GlobalGiving helps fellow nonprofit organizations access the funding, tools, training, and support needed to serve their communities. 

GlobalGiving gift cards will remain active for one year from the date of purchase. Once the gift card’s expiration date passes, the remaining funds on the gift card will be automatically donated to the GlobalGiving Fund. 

5. Charity Choice

Let them spend on the charity of their choice

Buy a Charity Choice gift card

As mentioned above, Charity Choice gift cards make it easy for users to choose which charities they get to donate their gift card funds to. A list of the charities supported by Charity Choice can be found online and features nonprofit organizations aimed at homelessness, disease, disaster relief, hunger, and education. You can empower your gift card recipient to make a change in the world by donating to a charity that resonates with them. 

Charity Choice gift cards do not expire and will always be honored when redeemed by the gift recipient. If a charity is not designated by the donor, then the funds will be applied to their charitable organization. 

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The world is far from perfect, and while no significant change is going to take place overnight, there are plenty of small steps we can all take to make improvements to the communities we are a part of. Charity gift cards may not seem like much on the outside, but they are a lot more than just funds attached to a barcode – charity gift cards give donors the power to use their funds to give help where it is needed most. 

If you are in need of a generous, altruistic gift to give to those you care about right in time for Christmas, then you surely do not want to pass up the chance to purchase gift cards that can provide financial assistance to millions of different charitable organizations around the globe. The potential of charity gift cards is practically infinite, and you know your actions are making a positive change for somebody, somewhere who needs it.