14 Creative Gift Card Ideas

Are you ever worried that you are too bland or predictable when it comes to giving other people gifts? Do you think your gift ideas are a bit stale or outdated, leaving your recipient surprised but unimpressed? Even if your concerns don’t stretch quite that far, it never hurts to freshen up your gift-giving skills and try out new things. 

Take a look at some creative gift card ideas below to start getting inspiration for the next time you need to give someone a gift. We featured a variety of gift card types in order to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. Whether you are searching for gift cards for toys and fun or for thrilling experiences and dining out at restaurants, we have plenty of gift cards to cover your needs. 

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1. Visa

You can always rely on this gift

Buy a Visa gift card

If you want to get really creative with your gift-giving, you can design a custom Visa gift card for anyone who is special to you. A custom Visa gift card is like any other Visa gift card with an added personal touch. Upload a unique photo, write a message for your recipient, and send your gift to its destination in no time at all. 

One of the most attractive features of Visa gift cards is the fact that they can be used as a form of payment at almost any merchant. Most retail gift cards can only be used at specific stores, meaning their value holds no worth at a majority of other retailers. With Visa gift cards, you don’t have to worry about where you’re shopping or what you’re buying because it doesn’t matter. As long as the business chooses to accept Mastercard gift cards as a valid payment method, you can freely use your Mastercard gift card funds. 

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2. Home Chef

Cook up a meal that tastes exactly how you want it to

Buy a Home Chef gift card


If you know anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen and try out exciting new recipes every week, then you definitely need to check out Home Chef. You can give the gift of fresh ingredients and meal kits to anyone you know with a Home Chef gift card. Home Chef provides food delivery services and delivers more than three million meals a month to subscribers. Home Chef offers delicious meal kit options featuring recipes like red wine braised pork chops, chicken taco stuffed peppers, and chile lime butter mahi mahi. 

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3. Animalist

Classy and elegant artwork of your animals 

Gift shopping for pet owners can certainly get repetitive. Toys, treats, accessories, and more can build up for lots of pet owners who receive these items as good-intentioned gifts. A gift card can help with even more, and an Animalist gift card allows pet owners to immortalize their beloved fur babies in beautiful prints of their choosing. Forget the standard pet supplies and give the pet lovers in your life a truly special treasure with Animalist. 

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4. Groupon 

Grab great deals before they are gone

Buy a Groupon gift card


With Groupon, there are a lot of possible gifts to be experienced depending on what your recipient is interested in. Groupon has deals on fun activities, live music, concerts, theatrical performances, comedy shows, sporting events, and tons of other entertaining events. You can give anybody a Groupon gift card and you never have to worry about whether they will like it or not, because there’s always something interesting to find for everyone when you use Groupon to find out what’s happening near you. 

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5. CharityChoice

A generous gift that has purpose 

Buy a CharityChoice gift card


When you are purchasing a gift card for someone who doesn’t desire anything, a creative way to still give a gift that counts is with a gift card for CharityChoice. Recipients of a CharityChoice gift card get to apply the gift card funds to thousands of different charitable causes and actively contribute to a better world. CharityChoice makes it simple for folks to donate to the causes they care about, from cancer awareness and prevention to disaster relief and aid. 

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6. Instacart

The easiest way to get groceries yet 

Buy an Instacart gift card

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that can take the stress out of shopping for so many people. Rather than waste time running around to multiple stores, get everything you need delivered right to your house all in one trip, and you never have to step outside your front door the entire time. Purchase produce, toiletries, snacks, ingredients, and pretty much anything else sold by stores in your area all from your phone. Instacard is a game changer when it comes to getting your groceries. 

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7. Build-A-Bear

A one-of-a-kind creation built for loving 

Buy a Build-A-Bear gift card

Young kids, teens, and even a sizable portion of adults enjoy the company of a stuffed animal or two to fall asleep beside. A Build-A-Bear gift card gives any individual the chance to design the stuffed animal companion that they have always wanted. Build-A-Bear allows you to customize your stuffed animal by choosing the animal, clothes, and accessories for a completely unique look. There are a range of sizes available for stuffed animals available at Build-A-Bear, from mini to giant. 

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8. Uncommon Goods 

Gifts you won't encounter in your average department store

When you want your gift to be atypical and innovative, you need to give something that is undoubtedly unique. When you give your recipient an Uncommon Goods gift card, you are most definitely showing them how spectacular they are with gifts that measure up in terms of remarkability. The Uncommon Goods marketplace is packed full of independent vendors and artists selling their custom creations. It does not matter who you are shopping for when it comes to Uncommon Goods, because you will be able to find something for everyone with ease. 

If funky, unique gifts are of interest to your recipient, you certainly won’t go wrong with an Uncommon Goods gift card. Unfortunately, Uncommon Goods gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. 

9. TripGift

Inspire them to take the trip they’ve always wanted 

Buy a TripGift gift card


A gift card for TripGift is an interesting and exciting gift card option that gives users the opportunity to book unforgettable trips to destinations all over the world. With TripGift, you get to decide where to go and how to travel. TripGift gives users access to multi-brand worldwide providers of hotels, flights, car rentals, tours, experiences, and more. 

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10. Best of Italy

Eat all of the Italian you want with this gift card

Buy a Best of Italy gift card


Some of the best gift cards are ones that can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use a Best of Italy gift card to purchase meals from several well-known Italian restaurants. This gift card is valid at Buca di Beppo, Bertucci’s, Brio Italian Grille, and Bravo Italian Grille. If your gift recipient is a passionate pasta lover or just somebody who enjoys eating out, a Best of Italy gift card is a creative dining option that opens up an array of delicious possibilities. 

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11. Apollo Box

Show off your thoughtful side with truly special gifts

Buy an Apollo Box gift card

Shopping for gifts can be a time-consuming task filled with frustration and stress. An Apollo Box gift card can help you manage the task by connecting you with the products you actually want. Apollo Box is a service that saves you time and effort, and makes it easy to shop for awesome creations from sellers who are located around the world. You can discover all kinds of unique items with Apollo Box, including home decor, apparel, kitchenware, lamps, art, furniture, and more. 

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12. Havenly

Get connected and start building your ideal space

Do you have any friends or family members with a house who could use some advice on interior design? Deliver the best of the best when it comes to designing the ideal living spaces when you use Havenly design services. Havenly customers are matched with one of many talented designers to get inspired, they collaborate with their designers to create the perfect space, and they can bring their design home with no issues. 

You can learn more about Havenly here. Gift Card Granny does not currently offer Havenly gift cards. 

13. Spa Week

A gift card that places value in your wellness

Buy a Spa Week gift card


A gift card that can take you on a trip to the spa may sound too good to be true, but that’s basically what a Spa Week gift card does. Spa Week connects users to a huge directory of participating locations across the country so that no matter where you are, you can access the revitalizing services you desperately need. Spa Week gift card holders are moments away from blissful massages, facials, manicures, fitness classes, salons, and even premier resort and hotel destination spas. 

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14. Airbnb

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Have you ever stayed in a residence that was utterly captivating while away on vacation? Hotels may get the job done, but they will never capture the unique settings of rentals available on Airbnb. With thousands of locations in countries all around the world, Airbnb has plenty of immersive rental experiences for the travelers who want more than a place to fall asleep in every night. From the serene rural cottage to the modern loft overlooking urban streets, the selections on Airbnb are abundant and exciting. 

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The impact of your gift card depends a lot on the type of gift card you choose to give. Stay original and unique with the gifts you give to others and use this list of creative gift card ideas to make the people you care about happy!