Fun Gift Cards for Employees: 8 Ideas to Entertain Your Workers

Working doesn’t have to be a drag, and with these spectacular gift card ideas you can make sure all of your dedicated employees take some much needed leisure time 

“Fun” might not be the first adjective that pops into your head when thinking about your job, but as a boss, manager, or supervisor, it should be something you strive to include in the workplace. 

No, that doesn’t mean pool parties at the office or sipping cocktails while on the clock; there are more business-appropriate methods of rewarding your employees for their hard work that don’t overstep any boundaries. 

Since you’re an awesome boss who knows the worth of your employees, you already make sure they are paid well and provide a whole slew of great benefits for their enjoyment, so what else can you do to reward their efforts? Look no further than the magic of a gift card.

Gift cards are quite possibly the best route to go when faced with finding the perfect gift. They don’t take up space, cater to the diverse interests of different individuals, and are not restricted to any specific item. And for all your gift card needs, be sure to check out the options available on Gift Card Granny. 

Keep reading to learn all about the fun gift card ideas your employees are gonna be jumping for joy over, including:

  • Gift cards for travel and getaways
  • Gift cards for group fun and activities
  • Gift cards for personalizing your space

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Now, on with the list!

1. Visa

A Fun and Flexible Gift Card Idea for All Your Company Gifting Needs

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We're starting our list out with a bang. Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, a Visa gift card is as good as giving cash. Your employees can use it to grab lunch at the restaurant a few blocks from the office, upgrade their home furnishings, take the family out for a weekend of fun, and more. Plus with Gift Card Granny, customizing your employee gift is easy. A plain Visa gift card may feel a bit impersonal, but in just a couple of clicks you can take your gift to the next level with your company logo, a personalized message, and more.

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2. Groupon

Save Big on Some Great Moments

Buy a Groupon gift card

Having fun is always better when you get to share the experience with beloved friends and family, and Groupon makes doing that as easy as ever. 

Operating as an American global e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants, Groupon instantly takes the hassle out of activity planning. Offering a range of fun activities, travel experiences, goods, and services in fifteen countries, Groupon makes getting people together to enjoy the many joys of life as simple and sweet as a summer breeze. 

Save on festivities, tickets to sporting events, delicious food, and even practical services like oil changes by making your purchase through Groupon! Whether it’s for an out of town vacation or a local spot, Groupon has tons of options to ensure you save the most, wherever you may be. 

There’s a Groupon gift card at Gift Card Granny waiting for your wonderful employees, and some cash back for yourself too! 

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3. Home Chef

Have Fun While You Cook

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For the food enthusiasts who feel most at home in the kitchen, you’re not going to find a better suited gift than an edible one. And with a recent influx of popularity among meal kit and food delivery services, there’s a plethora of nifty options out there to make dinnertime a truly special occasion. 

Home Chef happens to be one of those aforementioned meal delivery services that operates on a weekly basis, providing its subscribers with pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that can be made easily in any home. Choose a plan that’s right for the number of people living in your household, layout any dietary restrictions and food preferences, and wait for your next shipment of deliciousness.  

Cooking can be a fun activity where members of the family have the opportunity to bond with each other while they channel their inner chefs, and no matter what the outcome of the food turns out to be, it’s guaranteed you’ll enjoy your experience with Home Chef. 

Swing by Gift Card Granny to pick up a gift card to Home Chef for some good eats and cash back. 

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4. Royal Caribbean

Let Romance Dawn on a Voyage to Remember

Buy a Royal Caribbean gift card

This is a list about fun gift card ideas, so it would be a crime to not include the chance to sail away on a cruise ship with a course set for paradise. What makes a gift card for a cruise ship getaway a wonderful idea is the fact that you’re helping your dear workers afford their next vacation, allowing them to devote less time to financial concerns and more time to leisure and respite. 

That’s exactly why booking a trip with Royal Caribbean can act as a much needed escape for any employee. Royal Caribbean operates as the second-largest cruise line in the world, and they offer a range of exciting cruise plans that make a fabulous maritime getaway less of a Sunday daydream and more of an attainable reality. 

Indulge in a seven night Caribbean cruise and experience the infinite wonders of the tropics, depart from Florida on a brief weekend trip to the Bahamas, and even venture through chilly northern waters in a refreshing voyage to Alaska. Whatever destination you have in mind, Royal Caribbean can help get you there in style. 

Ensure any sea-faring employee has a fun vacation with a Royal Caribbean gift card from Gift Card Granny, and don’t forget all the cash back you’ll earn in the meantime. 

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5. Tinggly

Create Stories to Last a Lifetime 

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As an employer, you are responsible for a lot of important duties and tasks, big and small. Employee happiness and satisfaction may seem like small potatoes, but those two factors are integral to running a successful business. 

Tinggly can help you give back to your employees with an experience to last a lifetime. Show your hardworking employees that you appreciate all they do for you and the company with an opportunity to venture to new, exciting places with an experience gift box from Tinggly. 

From luxurious European getaways, exotic food and wine tastings, and heart-pounding thrills like skydiving and bungee jumping, Tinggly makes giving the gift of memorable experiences a simple endeavor. Simply select an appropriate gift box, let Tinggly deliver the eVoucher or box to the specified individual, who then chooses the experience that most interests them, and viola – memories to last and reminiscence over with loved ones for years to come!

While Gift Card Granny has thousands of different retailers to choose from for fun-filled experiences, Tinggly is not available quite yet. Stay alert, though, because we’re always adding more amazing options to our catalog! 

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6. Atom Tickets

The Best Seats in the House

Buy an Atom Tickets gift card

A fun night out doesn’t have to be a complicated or extravagant affair, and when the local movie theater is only a brief drive away, you have the perfect excuse to kick back and relax while taking in the latest cinematic masterpieces. 

Atom Tickets helps you get front row seats to the newest box office hits with the tap of a screen. Secure tickets ahead of time to make sure you and your friends have a guaranteed spot, and say goodbye to the days of awkwardly shuffling around in the dark theater scoping out available seats. 

No need to wait in the lengthy concession stand line, either. With the Atom Tickets app, you can order the perfect snacks to accompany an evening at the movies right alongside your tickets. It’s a great feature for when you’re running behind schedule, but still crave that delicious, over-buttered movie theater popcorn. 

Any movie enthusiast is going to love a gift card to Atom Tickets from Gift Card Granny, and you’ll be loving the easy cash back. 

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7. Bloomscape

The World’s a Little Brighter with Some Green

Buy a Bloomscape gift card

We all have that one friend who just can’t seem to get enough plants in their life, and when you manage a team of employees, you realize there’s always a plant lover lurking among them too. It’s like they’re everywhere! 

But how do you appease all the plant loving people in your life when you don’t know the first thing about plants? Lucky for you, Bloomscape is here to make botanical shopping a piece of cake. 

Founded in 2018, Bloomscape is a house plant company that sells a range of different plants, care tools, gifts, and more. Bloomscape dedicates itself to making plant care easy and accessible. Plants are meant to last, and Bloomscape provides the critical information you need to properly care for your plant and keep it healthy. Even those with no plant keeping experience will find caring for their houseplant to be a simple task with the aid of Bloomscape and its services. 

Bloomscape will certainly delight any plant lover you know, but it is unfortunately not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. Check back soon to see the newest additions to our catalog!

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8. Great Wolf Lodge

Channel the Spirit of Adventure

Buy a Great Wolf Lodge gift card

Fun is pretty much synonymous with waterparks, right? Any employee of yours with a kid or two would surely agree with that sentiment, especially if it means distracted children and well deserved leisure time. That’s why you, the ever appreciative boss that you are, want to help deliver one of the best weekend getaways your hard working employee has ever had. 

Send them over to Great Wolf Lodge for a fun experience fit for the whole family!

Great Wolf Lodge is a chain of indoor waterparks that operates in several locations across the United States and Canada. These resorts can be visited anytime of year, rain or shine, as the enclosed environment allows guests to enjoy their aquatic fun without any weather disturbances. 

Their staple cabin themed aesthetic makes for a warm and comforting home away from home, and they certainly aren’t lacking in the entertainment department either. Amazing waterpark aside, Great Wolf Lodge has tons of activities for children to partake in, colorful arcades, quality dining establishments, spas for the adults and older teens, and a mountain of other fun wonders fit for all ages. 

Pick up a Great Wolf Lodge gift card from Gift Card Granny today to deliver an experience unparalleled in excitement to your dedicated employees, and get a little cash back while you do it!

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9. Custom Mastercard

Perfect for Any Occasion

Buy a Mastercard gift card

So, you’ve read all about these super fun gift card ideas and how much any employee would be absolutely smitten with receiving such a thoughtful gift from their boss, but you still can’t make that final decision? 

We get it – gift shopping is tough, even when it’s for gift cards. It can be difficult pinpointing the interests and hobbies of every single employee on the payroll, which is exactly why you shouldn’t have to. Instead of going for a gift card redeemable only at certain retailers, opt for one that can be used at pretty much any store, anywhere!

A custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny is never a bad choice. Guarantee satisfaction and cash back all with one card! 

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You made it to the end of our list – congrats! 

It’s certainly a lot of information to take in, and with an abundance of exciting ideas for fun gift cards to consider, you may be a touch overwhelmed in deciding which options are the most fitting for your employees. 

Try not to stress, though. A gift is a gift, no matter if it is from a boss or a friend, and any employee is bound to be grateful towards the thought you put into a gift for them. So go on, browse Gift Card Granny to your heart's content and give back to the employees that keep your business afloat.