Get Custom Visa Gift Cards Easily with Gift Card Granny

Generally speaking, it feels nice to receive any kind of gift card from someone you know. It means they thought of you, wanted to go out of their way to get you something, and had no other intention than to make you happy with the gift. 

There’s no reason to not like getting a gift card as a present when it’s essentially free money that is being generously given to you. However, as it currently stands, there are billions of dollars in unused gift card funds for all kinds of different retailers. Whether folks are gifted cards for stores or brands they don’t shop at or end up losing track of their gift cards or forget they exist entirely, the unused funds all add up to be a massive indicator of gift cards that failed to make an impact. 

Even if someone initially shows appreciation for a gift, it’s an unfortunate fact that not all gifts work out in the end. If you want your gift card to be used, you need to make sure you pick out a gift card your recipient is likely to enjoy. With so many gift cards being bound to specific retailers and brands, you tend to lock your recipient into one store they can use the gift card at, which is only good if you know they are going to do business there. 

Non-retail gift cards, such as Visa gift cards, work more like personal credit or debit cards since they can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services from most establishments and are not dependent on brand. If you want to give a gift card that is guaranteed to be appreciated by your recipient, then it’s in your best interest to get a gift card that isn’t limited to one specific store. 

Visa gift cards present the perfect opportunity for you to give an innovative and practical way of gifting someone else funds that can be used for anything they want, all without the need for cash. And when you consider customizing your Visa gift card to give it a personal touch, you can make it even more heartfelt with a photo and message attached. It’s the perfect thing to help stir up old memories of good times with those you love most, as well as a great way to show others how much they mean to you. 

How to Get Custom Visa Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny simplifies the gift card building process and makes getting a custom Visa gift card a piece of cake. On the main Gift Card Granny website there is a “Build a Card” tab that takes users to a page where they can work on creating their own custom Visa or Mastercard gift card, and in only a few short clicks you will be able to place that card in your shopping cart and purchase it. 

Gift Card Granny requires a few details be provided from those purchasing custom Visa gift cards (that’s what makes it custom, after all). First you must designate whether you want the gift card to be sent by mail or as an egift, input your amount, and specify the desired quantity. Once those steps are completed, you can proceed to personalize the gift card by uploading your own photo and writing a custom message of up to two lines that appears on the card, along with the name of your recipient. 

By providing a personal photo for your gift card you are adding a sentimental touch to your gift that no pre-designated gift card designs can properly achieve. Gift cards between acquaintances and coworkers are often generic and overly formal, but gift cards for close family and friends deserve to be special and unique. From sister to brother, mother to daughter, friend to friend – a personalized gift card depicting a special moment can be just the thing to touch the heart, even if it is only a gift card. 

We have provided answers to the following common questions below: 

Q: Can I customize the amount on a Visa gift card?

A: Totally – the gift card amount it up to you!


Q: How long does it take to receive a custom Visa gift card?

A: Visa gift card orders placed before 4PM via Gift Card Granny are processed and shipped out on the same business day. You should not expect to wait more than a few days for your order to arrive.


Q: Can I use a custom Visa gift card for online purchases?

A: Yes, all you need to do is enter your gift card as a payment method during checkout


Q: How do I check the balance on my custom Visa gift card?

A: You can check your Visa gift card balance right here at Gift Card Granny


Q: Can I reload my custom Visa gift card?

A: Visa gift cards are not reloadable, but prepaid Visa cards are. 


If you are interested in the many retail and digital gift cards available at Gift Card Granny, then continue reading to learn more about the many options for gift cards we offer such as:

  • Gift cards for entertainment and fun
  • Gift cards for restaurant chains and fast food 
  • Gift cards for department stores and apparel 

We’ve included a few of our featured gift card options below. 

1. Uber Eats

Order the best meals in town without ever leaving your home

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Food is never not a great gift, but food that gets delivered straight to your front door without you ever having to leave the house? Now that’s something to really smile about. 

Uber Eats is a food and meal delivery service that partners with local and national food establishments to bring you hot and fresh cuisine on-demand. Browse the menus of restaurants near you, from spicy Indian and flavorful Mexican, to comforting American fare and Southern staples, and order restaurant-quality meals all from the convenience of your smart device. Caring drivers will keep you updated on the status of your order so you can spend less time worrying and more time looking forward to your delicious meal. 

Pick up an Uber Eats gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back!

2. Banana Republic

You’ll feel like you have a safari in your own backyard with this clothing retailer

Buy a Banana Republic gift card

You don’t need to worry about exploring the wilderness to find new stylish apparel to flaunt the next time you see your friends; Banana Republic has all you’ll ever need under one roof. 

This iconic clothing retailer imbues a spirit of adventure in all of their attire, helping you put some excitement into your everyday life, whether it’s at the office or a social outing with folks you know. Enhance your wardrobe with classic styles made from high quality materials and tailored to bring out your wild side. There’s blazers, suits, ponchos, swimwear, jumpsuits, polos, chinos, scarves, sunglasses, belts, ties, handbags, and much more at any Banana Republic location. 

Earn cash back with a Banana Republic gift card from Gift Card Granny!

3. Groupon

Get the best deals in town on exciting events and local merchants

Buy a Groupon gift card

Social outings and events are pretty much indicative of a good time, especially when you get to share those experiences with friends you love. Want to make it even more worthwhile? Save money on the best events in town with a Groupon gift card. 

Groupon makes finding local events, shows, and deals as easy as ever. Browse thousands of different ways to save doing what you love most – there’s spas, concerts, local stores, and more. Whatever kind of fun you are looking to have, Groupon can ensure you make out like a bandit without any hassle or pain on your part. It’s a simple way to have a good time and save money. 

Pick up a Groupon gift card from Gift Card Granny and save with cash back!

4. Michaels 

Give any inspired spirit the means to create with the latest and greatest art supplies around

Buy a Michaels gift card

If you know anyone who loves to create amazing art, then you are definitely going to want to consider the value of a Michaels gift card. 

This neighborhood arts and crafts store can be found all across the nation and sells a variety of artistic necessities that passionate artists and casual creatives alike are sure to be pleased with. Browse items like canvas, calligraphy tools, acrylic paints, sewing machines, bakeware, beads, yarn, frames, knitting supplies, and pretty much anything else the average inspired soul requires to create their masterpieces. 

There’s a Michaels gift card over at Gift Card Granny with your name on it, along with a generous portion of cash back!

Give Custom Digital Gifts to Anywhere with GiftYa

Giving personalized digital gift cards is now easier than ever. In addition to the great benefits that come alongside giving someone you know a custom Visa gift card, you can also choose to take advantage of sending an egift through GiftYa

Digital gifts sent through GiftYa can be personalized in different ways with the help of a photo, video, or an array of predesignated designs to choose from. Adding a meaningful photo or video to the delivery of your digital gift makes it all the more special and personal for your recipient; suddenly your simple egift grows into something much bigger and ends up making a significant impact with a memorable unwrapping experience. This is a great option for folks who live far away from each other and are unable to exchange gifts in any other forms, but still want to retain the sincerity of in-person gift-giving. 

GiftYa can send gifts over text, email, or with a custom URL you can personally share with others. There won’t be any waiting for a plastic card in the mail when you use GiftYa, which ensures your gift won’t be lost or stolen. Simply text your gift to your recipient and be confident in knowing they received it by checking the status of the gift from your account. GiftYa technology allows users to see when their recipient opened and used funds from their digital gifts, and you can even send reminders to folks who haven’t opened their egifts to make sure they don’t forget about them. 

GiftYa offers gifts to over two hundred thousand locations nationwide, from well-known brands to local shops. Some of the retailers and chains on GiftYa include Petco, Nordstrom, Giant Eagle, Target, and Lululemon. You can find gifts for entertainment, dining, travel, gas, apparel, department stores, beauty products, and pretty much anything else you may be looking for.

Unlike a typical gift card, if your recipient isn’t interested in the merchant you picked out for their digital gift, they can easily swap it out from a flexible list of alternatives and still make the most out of your funds. GiftYa doesn’t leave folks stuck with credit to retailers they will never visit, a problem that is quite evident in the giving of regular gift cards where funds go unused because of a lack of interest in the merchant. GiftYa certifies that your gift will always be appreciated by your recipient by allowing them to choose a merchant that is better suited for them. 


Giving a custom gift card to a recipient you care about should never be a headache – use the tips in this article to help you find a gift card that meets your needs and guarantees a happy recipient!