The Best Gift Cards for Every Activity

Getting out of the house and participating in engaging activities with your family and friends is one of life’s greatest joys. It is true that you can have a good time while on your own, but surrounding yourself with company that you love always makes going out that much more entertaining. After all, you won’t find cheerful conversation, jokes, and tons of laughter when you’re by yourself, and that can definitely dampen the mood. Who wants that? 

Rather than put up with feeling lonely when you should be feeling great, encourage those you love to go out and socialize with gift cards for all kinds of fun activities. From outdoor sports that challenge you to push yourself to competitive arcade tournaments and even movies, there are so many entertaining activities out there you can enjoy with the people you love to spend time with. Activities help to pass the time, get your senses immersed in what’s around you, and deepen your social bonds with all kinds of folks, which is why they are an important part of life. 

Are you looking for ways to inspire others to get out with friends and family members and enjoy activities together? You can browse a variety of gift cards for all manner of fun activities when you check out this list we’ve prepared here at Gift Card Granny. There’s so many types of activities to choose from and no limit on what you can do with your free time. Even if you aren’t sure what types of activities are right for you, you’ll have plenty of ideas once you finish reading our list. 

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1. Dave & Buster’s

Enjoy yourself at this modern arcade for families 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

We may be a few decades too late to experience the mesmerizing charm and popularity of old school arcades, but there are still plenty of places where folks can go to play video games with family and friends. Dave & Buster’s just so happens to be one of them, and once you step inside and see what’s all in store, you’ll know exactly why. 

Every single Dave & Buster’s venue operates a full-service restaurant, full bar, and video arcade packed with games targeted to all ages. Children and adults will both enjoy that engaging atmosphere that Dave & Buster’s has to offer. With tickets earned at each game at Dave & Buster’s, customers may redeem specific amounts of them for cool prizes ranging from small to quite valuable. 

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2. Groupon

Never miss out on the best deals 

Buy a Groupon gift card

Can’t think of any one specific activity to purchase a gift card for? There are so many different types of gift cards out there for a wide range of activities and pastimes, so it’s no wonder you may be having trouble. If you wish to guarantee somebody a good time regardless of what they’re into, you can always make their day with a Groupon gift card. 

With Groupon, you can find so many deals on all kinds of fun activities, from dining at new restaurants and kayaking down rivers to showing off your skills at cosmic bowling alleys and letting loose at concerts featuring your favorite music artists. Whether you want to snack on savory sushi or channel your sporty side while venturing through nature, Groupon has a ton of fantastic opportunities available at bargain prices you won’t find anywhere else. 

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3. JoAnn Fabrics

Make the most of any moment through creativity 

Buy a JoAnn Fabrics gift card

While it is true that many great activities happen outside of the house, anyone can bring the fun of moments shared with friends and family into the household through crafting and creating. If you are in need of crafting supplies to support your creative desires, you can find everything you could ever think of at your local JoAnn Fabrics store. 

A gift card to JoAnn Fabrics gives its users the ability to shop for all means of crafting materials and supplies to support their hobbies and favorite pastimes. Browse a premium selection of fabrics including flannel, fleece, cotton, sports, and holiday fabric. For folks who like to sew and work with yarn, JoAnn carries an assortment of thread, yarn, knitting supplies, needlework kits, sewing machines, fiber, upholstery, and much more. They also stock art supplies, paint, bakeware, kitchen tools, home decor, and storage accessories to make your life easier. 

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4. Topgolf 

Experience a brand new way to enjoy golf

Buy a Topgolf gift card

Anyone who likes to compete in sports and physical activities will definitely enjoy spending time at Topgolf. If you have never heard of it before, Topgolf is an entertainment venue featuring engaging golf games, a full-service restaurant and lounge area, and high-tech equipment to make your sporting endeavor that much more intense. 

Topgolf is a fun destination for both families and those seeking a thrilling nighttime atmosphere. Topgolf is one part driving range and one part interactive game, transforming the casual golfer’s view of the sport. Though its facilities are filled with energetic souls looking for a good time, the environment at Topgolf is relaxed and welcoming to anyone who wishes to give their golf game a try. Even if you aren’t someone who considers themselves a golfer, the restaurant, bar, HDTVs, and music are more than enough to keep you entertained. 

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5. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Get creative and build a new pal

Buy a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card

Making things is an activity that young kids usually love, and when a brand new, soft plush is the result of your effort, they could not have reason to enjoy it more. Build-A-Bear Workshop provides children the environment to put together their own stuffed animal companion in any fashion that suits them. They can choose from animals like teddy bears, cows, frogs, cats, bunnies, dogs, and many woodland creatures. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop enchants children and even adults who like to indulge their love of stuffed animals from time to time. There is practically no limit placed on creative freedom when it comes to building your plush like you want to. The various animal types, the stylish clothing, the charming accessories, and so much more make going to Build-A-Bear Workshop an activity that is beyond worth it. 

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6. Main Event

Your next favorite destination for all kinds of parties 

Buy a Main Event gift card

Making plans to host a fun activity such as a birthday party, social gathering, celebration, or some other festive occasion? Main Event provides the perfect establishment to do exactly that in. Get the premier choice for your event when you book with Main Event and experience full-service entertainment. 

Main Event gift cards are a great way to provide the folks you care about with engaging activities such as bowling, laser-tag, video games, billiards, and more. Main Event features good food from their full casual dining area, where guests can order from a chef-inspired menu or sit down at their Italian style street cafe for tasty treats. From small groups to large gatherings with hundreds of people, Main Event has room for it all inside of their awesome entertainment venues. 

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7. TripGift

Discover something new in one convenient place 

Buy a TripGift gift card

One great type of activity involves travel. It does not matter if the destination is relatively close or far, traveling is something that many folks are very passionate about and strive to do. If you know anybody who really likes to go places, you may want to consider gifting them a TripGift gift card.

If you aren’t aware, TripGift is a digital self-serve travel booking experience where you have the power to make your dream vacation a reality. An ideal gift solution for couples, TripGift gives users access to hundreds of airlines, thousands of hotels, and more exotic tours than you can imagine. Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures is unlike anything else, and you can easily change someone’s life with a TripGift gift card. Whether it’s to commemorate a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a graduation, or any other special occasion, TripGift will always give an unforgettable experience. 

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8. Cinemark 

A good excuse to go to the movies 

Buy a Cinemark gift card

Even something as simple as going to your local movie theater is an activity that you can share with your friends. In fact, going to the movies is one of the most favored pastimes among crowds across the world, and it has been a staple of American culture for many decades. 

One movie theater chain, Cinemark, is well-known among moviegoers and operates hundreds of locations throughout the country and beyond. Cinemark plays all the latest blockbusters and new releases from a variety of genres, from comedy and romance to horror and psychological thrillers. Pair your movie viewing with tasty refreshments from their convenient concession stands such as popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, candy, and more. 

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When you are surrounded by the people who make you smile, any activity you participate in becomes all the more fun. 

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort in order to have a good time with the folks that matter most. Enjoying time together while participating in bonding activities is something that everyone can be appreciative of, no matter what kinds of hobbies or interests you may have. From wild experiences where you get out of your comfort zone to explore the unknown, such as traveling to new countries and camping in the great outdoors, to doing the same old activities that you have always loved to do, like getting artistic or hanging out at the movies with your pals, there is no limit on what you can do in order to have a good time. After all, even the most mundane activities can make for some of the most memorable ones when you share them with the right people. 

Shop for some of the best gift cards for activities with Gift Card Granny and start planning your next date with friends and family members!