Gift Cards for Audiobooks: 7 Options to Make Reading More Accessible

No matter what format a book takes, the power behind its words remain – consider these audiobook gift card ideas to encourage reading for all

There’s few things in this world that can compare to the unadulterated joy of cracking open a book and breathing in that sweet smell vaguely reminiscent of vanilla and almonds, signifying the age of the paper and the breakdown of chemicals. Despite the years, books withstand the test of time and their stories carry on for the foreseeable future, inspiring younger minds with their uncensored content.  

Though we will likely never see the dissolution of physical books as a popular form of media consumption, the evolution of books has already begun. Audiobooks, gaining more and more acclaim in the contemporary world of book publishing, indicate the positive reception to alternative forms of reading. But they aren’t really a new invention at all. In fact, the first audiobooks can be traced back to the 1930s, where they were first recorded to make written text accessible for the visually impaired. 

Origins of audiobooks aside, there is no reason to argue against their existence. Audiobooks are an incredibly useful invention and have transformed the world of reading for the better. Whether someone cannot physically read a book or simply isn’t fond of the medium is a mute point, because audiobooks are for everyone just like traditional books. They open up unforeseen worlds of possibilities to those previously ostracized from them, no matter the specific reasons. 

Gift Card Granny has many great options for audiobooks that can help you spread the love of books in any form. Let’s explore some different choices and see which ones are right for the book lovers you know, such as the following topics:

  • Gift cards for bookstores in general 
  • Gift cards for platforms that specialize in audiobooks
  • Gift cards for audiobook subscription services 

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1. Barnes and Noble

Because Book People Know What Readers Want

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Might as well start off this list with a classic, beloved bookstore chain that has been delivering best-selling books to the public since 1886. Even among nonreaders, Barnes and Noble is a household name that is difficult not to recognize. It’s where book lovers go to shop for the latest releases, coveted classics, and obscure finds. 

But what about audiobook lovers? Can they get their fair share? 


Barnes and Noble locations may be brimming with shelves packed with physical copies of books, but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in the audiobook department. Barnes and Noble has a diverse collection of over three hundred thousand audiobooks to choose from, across a range of different genres. From action and thriller to romance and young adult, any reader (or listener) is guaranteed to find a book right for them. 

And for those who just can’t get enough, the audiobook subscription offered through Barnes and Noble is always a reliable option. For a flat monthly fee, readers can browse a library of thousands of books and enjoy credits each month to redeem books for free, saving them tons in the long run. 

With so many fantastic options and so little not to love, a Barnes and Noble gift card from Gift Card Granny is a must for any audiobook reader out there! 

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2. Apple

New Tech Means New Ways to Read -- And That Includes Audiobooks

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As one of the most prominent technology companies with products used by consumers throughout the world, you might not understand why Apple makes the cut for a list about audiobooks. While they certainly don’t specialize in audiobooks, Apple has come a long way since their humble beginnings and now offer many different forms of entertainment and ways to consume media. 

Apple Books is a service offered by Apple Incorporated that was first launched all the way back in 2010 under the name iBooks, in conjunction with the release of the iPad. Though there is no subscription model for readers like many similar platforms, Apple Books has a library composed of millions of books and audiobooks available for individual purchase. 

Both screen readers and audiobook listeners will have plenty to choose from with Apple Books. Users can consume books based on their preferred method of reading, which includes a range of different Apple products like the iPhone or iPad, making books more accessible for those who normally can’t find the time for them. Apple Books users also have the ability to organize their libraries in any way they see fit, curating collections for certain genres, favorites, past reads, and more. 

While Apple will always have its home in technology and software development, the company certainly isn’t playing any games in the world of books. Visit Gift Card Granny to get an Apple gift card for any audiobook enthusiasts you know and earn cash back for your purchases!

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3. Amazon

Smile More with Countless Titles at Your Fingertips 

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Of course the company behind Audible must have a presence on this list somewhere. After all, Audible is one of the largest audiobook platforms out there and will likely continue to experience growth for years to come. But let’s take a step back and look to Amazon itself as a prime destination for consumers of audiobooks, as subscription based services are not for everyone. 

With a nearly infinite catalog of just about everything under the sun, Amazon is a great destination to find pretty much anything you need, from household items and electronics to toys and entertainment products. Books are no exception from this, and may be found in either new or used conditions. And if traditional books aren’t your thing, no worries, because Amazon offers audiobook counterparts for many titles on their marketplace. 

Find audiobooks for classic literature, new releases from contemporary authors, and genres of all types. Plus, with Amazon, customers have the convenience of comparing all possible price alternatives for a specific item, allowing them to save on the books they love most. 

Books should never be inaccessible to those who want to enjoy their content, and Amazon helps make sure that is never the case. While Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards to Amazon at this time, try checking back in the future to see the next retailers who join our catalog!

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Shop Small and Support the Local Bookstores

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With big name brands currently dominating many industries, it’s difficult to avoid buying from them in some capacity. This means many independent and local businesses have lost a significant portion of customers. In particular, the book industry has seen this effect to a profound degree. But that isn’t to say mom-and-pop bookstores are going to be nonexistent anytime soon, even when it comes to audiobooks. 

You might wonder why that isn’t the case, and you’ll find your answer in companies like, which do their ethical duty to give back to local communities. Though the company operates as an online audiobook provider, every purchase made through their platform supports local businesses. Customers can select which bookstore to support when purchasing their favorite books, and will split the profits made from the sale, putting money back into local communities. makes giving the gift of audiobooks easy. You can choose a subscription plan that ranges from anywhere between three to twelve months/credits, the gift recipient gets the pleasure of choosing the titles that most interest them, and your favorite local bookstore is supported in the process!

Unfortunately, gift cards to are not available through Gift Card Granny at this time, but check back soon for our next great catalog additions! 

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5. Books-A-Million

A Million Options for Millions of Book Lovers

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While many bookstores have faced declining sales and the loss of once loyal patrons over the last several years, some chains have managed to withstand the retail purge and thrive despite a shifting environment. Some brands are certainly more prominent than others, but that isn’t to say the lesser known chains are on the brink of collapse. 

Take Books-A-Million, for example. Being in operation since 1917, this popular bookstore company has remained resilient in the face of many changes. While Books-A-Million might not be as well known as more famous chains, they have also survived throughout numerous widespread bookstore closures. They currently operate well over two hundred stores across thirty-two different states, and their online stores offer convenience to anyone who does not have a location near them. 

In addition to physical books, Books-A-Million has plenty of audiobooks available for customers. Any audiobook that a storefront may be out of can be requested online and sent to the location of your choice, making for a fast and easy pick up process. Books-A-Millions also has many entertainment items and toys in stock, so don’t be afraid to indulge your interests while on your next shopping venture. 

Check out Gift Card Granny for a Books-A-Million gift card and score some easy cash back!

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6. Spotify 

Listen to Favorites Anywhere You Go

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As one of the most popular music streaming services out there, the Spotify library is composed of hundreds of millions of songs, podcasts, and other audio-based forms of entertainment. Recently, more and more audiobooks have started to become available on the music streaming platform, opening up a new sea of possibilities for readers everywhere. 

While Spotify may not be your first or even second choice when it comes to accessing audiobooks, it is an undeniably useful platform that gives users access to thousands of literary titles alongside great music across different periods of history. This makes it easy to jump between favorite songs and awesome literature, adding a refreshing dose of variety to any car ride or workout session.  

The best thing about Spotify is that it is a completely free service supported by ad revenue. However, enthusiastic listeners may want to consider upgrading to a premium subscription to bypass the ads and listen without distraction. 

If this sounds tempting, then pick up a Spotify gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back today!

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7. Chirp

This One is Definitely Not for the Birds

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Being an avid reader or listener of books certainly isn’t a hobby for those who like to save money. Even if you pass on hardback versions and commit to monthly subscriptions, the expenses can add up fast, which is why you deserve access to tons of book titles for the best prices possible. 

Chirp is an audiobook service that does not require a subscription or fee to access; there’s thousands of audiobooks available for individual purchase at reduced price points. Find the latest releases for all kinds of genres including nonfiction, mysteries, sci-fi, and more. 

Chirp works directly with publishers to give customers the best deals out there on various titles. New sales pop up all the time, so it’s recommended to check back often and see which great deals are available. 

Though Gift Card Granny does not currently offer Chirp, we’re always adding more amazing retailers to our catalog. Keep an eye out on what comes next!

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That's it for our most popular gift cards for audiobooks!

We hope this list gives you some great ideas for audiobook gift cards for those book enthusiasts in your life. Making time to read is easier said than done, but audiobooks allow for more flexibility and can be enjoyed even when you’re on the go. Spread the joy of reading with Gift Card Granny and make the world a brighter place!