Our Top Gift Card Picks for Cats

Love is a marvelous thing that no other emotion can replicate. Its persistence is unwavering and its commitment is strong, and when you share love with another soul it’s almost like a puzzle piece sliding into place, incomparable to anything else. 

But is this phenomenon reserved exclusively for other humans? If you ever experienced the unfiltered intimacy of a feline companion, then you know that is absolutely not the case at all. 

Cats may take quite a bit of time to warm up to new people, but once they love you, they don’t stop expressing it. And honestly speaking, there’s few things in this world that elicit the same joy brought about by the affections of an adorable cat. While you can attempt to reciprocate with tons of pets and kisses atop their furry little heads, no amount of loving from you can hope to measure up to all you receive from your divine feline friend.  

Gift cards are a great way to at least try, though. Extremely practical and always appreciated by pet owners, gift cards mean unlimited gift potential for any cat with an owner looking to spoil their feline. Let’s take a look at some possible options, such as: 

  • Gift cards for online retailers of pet supplies
  • Gift cards for home furnishings for cats
  • Gift cards for pet store chains

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Now, on with the list!

1. Petco

Pet Wellness Made Simple

Buy a Petco gift card

Taking care of a pet isn’t rocket science, but when you’re searching for a company that cares about the well-being of your four-legged friends, you need not look beyond Petco for your essential pet supplies. 

Petco has been an industry leading pet supply retailer focused on the health and wellness of pets and pet parents since they first opened their doors in 1965. Shop a wide selection of brand name pet food, health products, pet accessories, and tons more to make sure you never run out of the important stuff.  

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2. Sam’s Club

Stay Stocked Up On the Essentials

Buy a Sam’s Club gift card

While owning one or two cats may not seem like such a demanding responsibility, any experienced cat owner can tell you that things are rarely ever so simple. One cat turns into two, two into four, four into however many can comfortably fit in your house – you get the picture. But now that your house is overflowing with purring machines, how can you be expected to meet all of their needs? 

Start with a shopping trip to Sam’s Club, where pet owners can stock their closets and pantries with all the cat necessities they could ever need. As a membership-based chain of retail warehouses, Sam’s Club specializes in a variety of wholesale products, allowing customers to buy items in bulk for less than typical retail prices. 

When you own multiple cats, the rate at which you go through crucial supplies like food and litter becomes otherworldly. Splurging on special kibble and flea treatments will take a decent chunk out of your bank account, so it’s important to save where you can and keep your household equipped with the essentials. Sam’s Club can help you out there, ensuring you never run out of the products your kitties love.

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3. PetSmart

The Neighborhood Pet Store You Can Count On

Buy a PetSmart gift card

If someone you know has recently become a first time cat owner, then be a supportive presence and extend your financial hand to help them tackle the sudden jump in expenses. They may not be prepared for the many costs associated with having a cat, but you can give them a headstart with a PetSmart gift card. 

Since PetSmart first opened their doors in 1986, the company has provided the public with direct access to quality pet products at affordable prices. The PetSmart catalog is packed with popular brands for all types of items including food, toys, pharmaceuticals, attire, and more.  

Any new cat owner will have no trouble perusing the colorful PetSmart aisles in search of the supplies they need. Plus, should they ever want to get their furry companion a playmate, they are more than welcome to check out the adoptable cats onsite at any PetSmart location.

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4. Pottery Barn

Make Any Cat Feel Like Royalty

Buy a Pottery Barn gift card

You might be wondering what business a furniture store has being on this list, outside of offering an expensive new scratching post for your cats to claw into shreds. While it might come as a surprise to some, Pottery Barn devotes a small section of their gorgeous catalog to comfortable furniture designed specifically for pets. 

Shop a variety of adorable pet accessories while also browsing new furniture pieces for your sitting room at any Pottery Barn location. From ceramic food dishes and wicker storage baskets to canvas carriers and soft pet beds, there’s plenty of pet products to help spoil your cat beyond belief. 

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5. Litter-Robot

Say Goodbye to Litter Scooping Induced Back Pain

It doesn’t take a cat expert to know how crucial litter is to any indoor environment inhabited by a cat. Unless you’re fond of soaked carpet that makes your nose sting and eyes water when you stand too close, it would behoove you to set aside a reasonable budget for litter and related expenses.  

A jaunt down the aisles of any pet store will reveal the numerous litter options available for your furry friend, all with varying levels of quality and different types to choose from. The same is true for litter boxes, so don’t go with the cheapest pick and assume they’ll all work the same. You can even ensure consistent litter box cleanliness with a robotic litter box that operates on a set schedule, such as the Litter-Robot. 

Remembering to scoop the litter box every day can be tiresome and quickly lead to a stinky household if you fall behind, but the Litter-Robot can eliminate the need for remembering completely. The Litter-Robot is self-cleaning and provides your cat with a bed of fresh litter after they do their business, meaning far less work on your part. Plus, the Litter-Robot traps strong odors inside, sparing your household the foul aroma of the litter box. 

Doesn’t it sound way too good to be true? Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for the Litter-Robot, but stay tuned to see which awesome brands join us next!

6. 1800PetSupplies

Anything to Pamper Your Pets

Buy a 1800PetSupplies gift card

Being able to set aside time during any given day to run to the pet store for a last minute purchase is a luxury that many, unfortunately, cannot afford. That’s why it’s important to have an online retailer you can depend on for all your pet care needs, day or night. 

1800PetSupplies is the retailer to hit up when you’re in a crunch and need quality supplies on a tight budget. Available anytime online, 1800PetSupplies isn’t limited to any specific operating hours, meaning even the busiest pet owners can find time to place an order. Find all the cat supplies you could ever dream of, in addition to other products for all kinds of different pets including dogs, fish, birds, and ferrets. 

Discover a world of pet tips and advice, too. 1800PetSupplies emphasizes the important role pets play in our lives and only seeks to give them a prime selection of quality products in return. Find everything you could need from respectable brands available at competitive prices.  

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7. Chewy

Brands Cats Love Delivered to Your Doorstep

Founded in 2011 as an e-commerce business, Chewy has quickly grown to dominate the online pet supply industry with its innovative platform and stellar customer service. Chewy hosts an impressive catalog of products for all kinds of pets, and their subscription service makes it so you never run out of the vital supplies your pets need. 

Cats are bound to love the variety of delicious, nutritional cat food available on Chewy. Peruse wet and dry options, as well as treats, pastes, and meal toppers to add some extra protein into your cat’s diet. With quick and dependable shipping, you’ll have your next Chewy delivery on your doorstep well before you run out.   

Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards to Chewy at this time, but check back soon to see which retailers join us next!

8. One Fast Cat

Let Them Unleash Their Wild Side Indoors

Many cat owners wish for nothing more than the liberty of being able to safely let their feline friends roam the great outdoors, the racing cars and carnivorous predators no longer posing any danger to the modest indoor cat. While that can only ever be a scenario of optimistic fantasy, there’s much that an indoor environment has to offer to a cat and stimulate its senses. 

One Fast Cat is a brand that knows cats need room to let out their energy, and the exercise wheels they manufacture are able to accomplish just that. Sleek in design and remarkably inconspicuous, the exercise wheels do not require a large amount of open space to operate and can effortlessly blend into just about any room. 

Have your cat join you during your daily exercise routine by adding the exercise wheel to your personal fitness room, or tuck the wheel away in the back corner of your office or living room if you wish. Regardless of where you put it, your cat is certain to get a kick out of it and stay in prime hunting shape.  

Unfortunately, One Fast Cat is not available through Gift Card Granny at this time. Be sure to check back in the future to see new additions to our catalog!

9. Bed Bath & Beyond

Build a Cat Friendly Household

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

While you wouldn’t expect a store where you normally shop for bedding and cute home decor to make this list, Bed Bath & Beyond has a sizable cat section devoted to providing your furry friend with luxurious household finds. Shop for cushiony beds, scratching posts, climbing trees, fashionable litter boxes, and plenty of accessories to spoil your kitty rotten.  

There’s no shortage of practical cat products at Bed Bath & Beyond, either. Make food storage a breeze with airtight containers, make drinking entertaining with a water fountain, and elevate mealtime with stylish pet dishes. Don’t forget to stock up on grooming supplies and new toys before you wrap up the shopping trip!

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Never be afraid to indulge in the well-being of any feline you know with these great gift card ideas!