Our Favorite Gift Cards for Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee lover? Do you know someone who just can’t seem to get enough of that delicious, dark brew? If so, then you know that coffee lovers take their drink very seriously. Whether they like to enjoy a cup or two each morning, or they find that coffee is the perfect final act to a filling meal, chances are they can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. 

There are all kinds of coffee available now, so much more so than in years past. Many new, small batch brewers have really made a name for themselves in the industry by ensuring their beans are sustainably harvested and roasted, bringing customers an elevated coffee-sipping experience. 

If you know someone who just loves a cup of joe, why not show them you care with a gift card specifically for their coffee-loving selves? Whether you need to get them a birthday gift, a gift for the holidays, or just to show you’re thinking about them, a gift card for coffee lovers will hit the spot each time. But what kinds of gift cards are designed specifically for coffee lovers? Not to worry, we have all kinds of options on this list, including:

  • Gifts for coffee shops and restaurants
  • Gifts for coffee subscriptions
  • Gifts to make coffee even more enjoyable

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1. Panera

Enjoy coffee and so much more at this popular restaurant

Buy a Panera gift card 

Buy Panera Bread Gift Cards

If you know a coffee lover, one of the best gift cards you can get is to Panera Bread. This place has it all when it comes to amazing coffee options. Each morning they get up and brew fresh pots of delicious hot coffee so you can start your day off right. If it’s a little too hot outside for a warm beverage, not to worry, there are plenty of iced coffee options or cold brews available! That way you can still get your morning caffeine kick but stay chilled on a warm day.

In addition to coffee, Panera also has some amazing meal options to go with your brew. Whether you want to keep it simple with a bagel, muffin, or coffee cake, or choose to get something like a sandwich, salad, soup, or mac n’ cheese, everything on the menu is sure to be delicious.

Buy a Panera gift card  

2. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Bagels and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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When you love coffee, chances are you’re also a fan of breakfast food. One of the most popular breakfast items are bagels. So why not pick up a gift card for a coffee lover to Einstein Bros. Bagels? This popular coffee shop is known for having some of the best bagels outside of New York City. Whether they like poppyseed, everything, egg, raisin, or just plain bagels, they are sure to find something they love at this place. And you can’t get a bagel and a coffee at Einstein Bros. without indulging in their delicious shmears! This spread is similar to cream cheese, only better. You can choose between plain, onion and chive, garden veggie, and more!

Don’t forget about their bagel sandwiches! When you want something a little more filling for lunch, consider checking out their turkey and cheddar, ham and swiss, or even their pizza bagel. All options are perfect with a cup of coffee.

Buy an Einstein Bros. Bagels gift card 

3. Dunkin’

When your coffee lover needs a quick fix, they should head to Dunkin’

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Buy Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a Dunkin’ run? When you’re serious about your coffee, you know exactly where the Dunkin’s are nearby. If you have a coffee lover in your life, they will definitely appreciate a gift card to this coffee spot. Whether they want to get their morning fix of a hot brew, or would prefer the cooler alternative of iced coffee, Dunkin’ has been putting smiles on coffee lovers’ faces for some time. In addition to their fantastic coffee, Dunkin’ also has some of the best donuts and fan-favorite donut holes around. They’ve got all kinds of sweet treats such as iced donuts, donuts with sprinkles, jam filled donuts, and the list goes on!

If you’d like a little something more to start off your day, they also have some delicious egg sandwiches for you to enjoy, and you can choose to get them on a muffin, bagel, or croissant. Don’t forget about the fabulous hash browns!

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4. Cinnabon

What goes best with coffee? A cinnamon roll of course!

Buy a Cinnabon gift card

Buy Cinnabon Gift Cards

Every coffee lover has something that they just love to eat with coffee. We think one of the best ways to enjoy a cup of joe is with a gooey and delicious cinnamon roll from Cinnabon! This place is one of the most popular spots to pick up a freshly made cinnamon roll. Whether you choose to go with the classic roll, the caramel pecan roll, a mini roll, a churro roll, or a whole pack of cinnamon rolls, you’re going to enjoy these treats. In addition to sweets, Cinnabon also makes some delicious chillatas, iced coffee, mocha latta chill, hot coffee, hot chocolate, and even lemonade.  

Buy a Cinnabon gift card

5. Atlas Coffee Club

Give the gift of a coffee subscription to a coffee lover you know

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If you know a coffee lover that has been trying to find their new favorite coffee, then it’s time to give the gift of a coffee subscription. One of the best in the business is the Atlas Coffee Club, where they can try coffee flavors from all over the world. This coffee of the month club sources single origin coffee from places around the world such as Costa Rica, Tanzania, Brazil, and Ethiopia. They then roast the beans to bring out the natural flavors, showcasing what makes each package unique. Then it’s delivered right to your door!

Trying out new coffee is something every coffee lover can appreciate. And knowing that the coffee they’re trying is sustainable and ethically sourced makes all the difference. You won’t find these coffees at your local supermarket!

Unfortunately Gift Card Granny does not yet offer gift cards to the Atlas Coffee Club, but make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands!

6. Bob Evans

When you want a serious breakfast and a good cup of coffee

Buy a Bob Evans gift card

Buy Bob Evans Gift Cards

Some people can’t have breakfast without coffee, and we totally understand why! Not only does coffee wake you up, it also compliments all the flavors a hearty breakfast brings to the table. If your coffee lover is also a fan of breakfast, consider getting them a gift card to Bob Evans! This popular restaurant is known for their farm-fresh breakfasts that come with some fantastic coffee! You can choose from rise and shine options that include eggs, omelets, sausage, bacon, pancakes, and their famous biscuits with gravy!

If you’d rather go for lunch or dinner, that’s not a problem either as they have a whole menu that offers sandwiches, entrees, burgers, steaks, soups, salads, and even desserts.

Buy a Bob Evans gift card

7. Books a Million

Curl up with a good book and hot cup of coffee

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There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. It’s a relaxing way to spend any time of day! If you know a coffee lover that also loves books, consider picking them up a gift card to Books a Million. No matter what type of book is their favorite, BAM is sure to have plenty of options for them to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fiction, non-fiction, young adult, manga, audiobooks, or ebooks, you’re going to find just what you want here.

Books a Million even has bargain and sale items so you can really stock up on your favorite hardbacks and paperbacks. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and settle into a comfortable chair with your new books, because this gift card is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Buy a Books a Million gift card

8. Yankee Candle

Create a cozy atmosphere with a candle and your favorite cup of coffee

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Buy Yankee Candle Gift Cards

In addition to a book, a candle is always a welcome way to relax and enjoy a sip of coffee. Which is why if you know someone who loves coffee, chances are they’d also appreciate a gift card to Yankee Candle! This is your one stop shop for all things candles, no matter what kind of scent you’re after. You can choose from light and airy scents like roses, gardenia, lilac, citrus, and lemon. Or you can set a cozy mood while you enjoy some coffee with scents like spiced pumpkin, vanilla and honey, apple pumpkin, cinnamon stick, and autumn leaves.

Yankee Candles are known for their strong scents that linger, and for their slow burn times. This makes them a great addition to anyone’s home! In addition to candles, you can also pick up scented plug ins and oil warmers.

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

9. Bruegger’s 

The perfect spot to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee

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Looking for a coffee shop where you can also enjoy some delicious bagels? Look no further than Bruegger’s Bagels! Whether you’re in the mood for hot or cold coffee, this place has got you covered. Pair your coffee with a delicious NYC-style bagel and cream cheese, or go the sandwich route! You can choose from egg sandwiches, smoked salmon, turkey, or even pastrami all piled high on a bagel of your choice.

Buy a Bruegger's gift card

10. Peet’s Coffee

Make your own coffee at home and enjoy it anytime!

Buy a Peet's Coffee gift card

Buy Peet's Coffee & Tea Gift Cards

Coffee lovers enjoy coffee both on the go and at home. And if they want to try some quality beans from around the world, a gift card to Peet’s Coffee is the perfect way to go. You can choose to enroll in their subscription program and get curated blends sent right to your door, on your schedule. Alternatively, you can purchase all kinds of interesting roasts as you need them and they’ll be delivered to your door in a timely fashion. 

Buy a Peet's Coffee gift card

If you know a coffee lover, consider picking up one of these 10 gift cards. You can earn cash back when you get them at Gift Card Granny!