Gift Cards for Couples: Have Fun Together with These Top Options!

Is there a couple in your life that you need to buy a gift for? Or are you one part of a couple and looking for something that you and your significant other can use together? Whichever situation you’re in, the answer is easy—get a gift card! Couples have all kinds of interests, and sometimes it’s hard to pin down the perfect gift to get them. You don’t want to purchase something they already have, or worse, don’t need at all.


If you’re a part of a couple, chances are you’re looking for options that you can both do together and build on the bond you already have. Either way, you can’t go wrong picking up a gift card. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or just to say thanks, there are so many options available. 


In this article we’re going to cover the 10 best gift cards for couples which include:


  • Gift cards for food

  • Gift cards for the home

  • Gift cards for fun


Purchase a gift card for a couple with Gift Card Granny and earn cash back


If you haven’t heard yet, Gift Card Granny is the easiest place to pick up gift cards for couples. Each gift card you purchase gives you the opportunity to earn cash back. You can use the money you earn to buy more gift cards, or receive cash payouts. It’s like getting paid to shop for all your favorite brands! 


We’ve pointed out all the retailers on this list that are available on Gift Card Granny as of this writing. Check back often because we’re always adding new options!



A gift card for a couple to Lowe’s is the perfect house or apartment warming gift!


No matter if you and your significant other own a house or are in an apartment, chances are you want to decorate it and make it your own! A gift card to Lowe’s is one of the best ways to do just that. Lowe’s has everything from paint, lawn care items, vacuums, drills, plants, patio furniture, and so much more. If you’re looking to start a DIY project together, this is where you should start. 


Lowe’s has friendly associates available to help guide you in the right direction, or you can choose to pick out your items online. No matter how big or small your project, you can get it done together at Lowe’s.


Pick up a gift card to Lowe’s from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back! 

Blue Apron

Pick up a gift card to this meal service and create something yummy together!


Does a couple you know love to cook? Or perhaps they want to get into cooking, but aren’t sure where to start. Give the gift of a meal prep service like Blue Apron, and see what kinds of dishes they can make together! The concept of this service is super easy. You just sign up and choose your plan, and Blue Apron will ship you all that you need to make some amazing meals. You’ll get all the ingredients you need along with detailed instructions, so you’re sure to end up with something very Insta-worthy, not to mention delicious.


Blue Apron can also save a lot of time during a busy week. We all know people who come home and just don’t have the time to devote to cooking. Help them out with a fantastic gift card they can really use.


Snag a Blue Apron gift card at Gift Card Granny, and start creating four star meals using the utensils you already have in your own kitchen! 


Atlas Coffee Club

The couple that brews together with this gift card, stays together!

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Does a couple you know love coffee? Or do you and your significant other enjoy brewing coffee each morning? Then a subscription to a coffee club is just the thing! People love coffee in the morning not only for the caffeine, but for its delicious, robust, and nuanced taste. Coffee at the Atlas Coffee Club comes from single origin growers all over the world. It is then perfectly roasted and shipped right to your door.


You can choose to gift the coffee of the month club for serious coffee drinkers who are interested in trying beans that they might not find in their local coffee shop. Or you can choose to gift them an amount and have them pick out the brew of their choice.

Unfortunately, you can’t get an Atlas Coffee Club gift card on Gift Card Granny quite yet, but check back soon! We’re always adding more retailers.


Use this gift card to explore the world of books as a couple

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Do you and your significant other love to read? Have you been looking for a way to share the hobby you both enjoy? Well, consider getting a gift card to Audible! This is your one stop shop for all things audiobook related. Audible has thousands of titles you can choose from so you’re sure to find a book you both enjoy. Audiobooks are great for long car rides when you’re visiting friends and family out of town. They’re also great when you’re exercising, or even doing some housework. 


In addition to all the greatest book titles, Audible is also where you can go to enjoy podcasts. Whether you like murder mysteries, sports, or science-related shows, you can find a podcast for almost anything.


Just hook up to your nearest bluetooth speaker and you’re ready for your next adventure. There’s nothing like reading a book, especially when you can do it together as a couple with a gift card to Audible! 

We don’t have Audible gift cards at Gift Card Granny just yet, but make sure you’re checking back often because we’re always adding to the ranks of retailers!

Merry Maids

A gift card to a cleaning service is a great way to forget chores and spend time together as a couple!


Chores are a fact of life, and when you’re living with your significant other, the time comes when you have to agree to divide them up. While not exactly fun, keeping your house clean and tidy is essential to entertaining, relaxing, or even working. Treat yourself or a couple you know who just don't have enough time to get all the cleaning done all the time to a gift card from Merry Maids. This cleaning company can help you with almost anything when it comes to keeping your home clean and organized. They offer regular cleaning services for every room in your house or apartment, organizing help, deep cleaning, and even move in/out cleaning services. If you’re planning on having a party, Merry Maids also offers event and holiday cleanings as well!


Did you know that you can also request a green clean? That’s right, a green clean ensures that the products they use are all sustainable and free of harmful chemicals.


You can schedule a one-time clean, or sign up for recurring cleanings. Get back your time and leave the cleaning to the pros.


We don’t have Merry Maids gift cards at Gift Card Granny just yet, but make sure you’re checking back often because it might be the next retailer that we add!

Williams Sonoma

A gift card to this kitchen supply store is just what you need to start cooking together

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Does your kitchen need some updates? If you and your S.O. have been putting off updating your kitchen appliances, now is the time to do it with a gift card to Williams and Sonoma. Alternatively, if you know a couple that just moved into a house or apartment, they’ll certainly need some items. And what better way to get some of the top brands then with a gift card to one of the best kitchen supply stores there is? Williams and Sonoma is well known for offering amazing kitchen items such as mixers, utensils, small appliances, knives, plates, and bowls. But did you also know that they offer anything and everything for your home bar or outdoor patio? That’s right, the next time you or a couple you know is hosting an event at their house, they can easily pick up everything they might need for entertaining in one place.


Pick up a gift card to Williams Sonoma at Gift Card Granny and let the savings begin. 


There are so many things you can pick up at Target!


There’s a reason they say “Target run and done,” because you can get almost anything you might need in this helpful store. Target offers great deals on all kinds of departments, including clothes, shoes, outerwear, appliances, groceries, and home goods. Whether the couple you know needs to add some decor to their house, or they want to pick up a new coffee maker or microwave, Target is sure to have everything on their list.


Unfortunately Gift Card Granny does not yet offer Target gift cards, but check back often because we’re always adding new brands.



This gift card can be used almost anywhere, so let your imagination run wild!


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