Our Top Gift Cards for Cruises

The salty sea air, an endless expanse of crystal clear sky, and the gentle rocking of ocean waves is a blissful mixture of heaven on the open seas that most people would jump at the opportunity to join in on. After all, who in their right mind doesn’t love the enchantment that cruise ships have to offer? 

If you are like the many others who enjoy the whimsical nature of cruise ships and getting the chance to escape from the mundane commitments of everyday life, then it will only be a matter of time before you book your next trip across the open seas. Perhaps you have been itching to experience a new location on the shores of a distant land on the other side of the world, or maybe you’ve been daydreaming about the exciting entertainment and activities you’ll get to participate in the next time you board a cruise ship. No matter what the cause may be, it never hurts to begin planning your next trip early. 

Cruise line gift cards give folks the perfect opportunity to start making their next big cruise venture a reality. There are so many different types of cruise lines out there that all offer one-of-a-kind experiences, and you can start shopping for gift cards for any number of them right from the comfort of your couch. Gift Card Granny has many gift cards for cruises available right now. We will take a look at some of the most popular cruise line gift cards in this article to help you determine which ones are right for your needs. 

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Cruises with Gift Card Granny

It’s a well-known fact that cruises can be quite the expensive endeavor. Before you book your next cruise, it’s important to make sure your budget can accommodate the costs. And if you want to save a little bit of money in the meantime, you can always earn cash back on any gift card purchases for cruises you make with Gift Card Granny. Consider buying your cruise tickets or overseas meals by using a gift card for your cruise line that you bought from Gift Card Granny and earned cash back on. While the savings may seem small at first, they can add up very quickly and save you a decent chunk of change on cruise costs. 

1. Visa Gift Card 

A simple gift card that possesses unlimited potential 

Buy a Visa gift card

The great thing about Visa gift cards is that they can be used a lot like cash, credit, or debit cards. You can use a Visa gift card to make payments at major retailers, small shops, restaurants, and many other businesses that accept the Visa brand as payment. In many regards, a Visa gift card offers a much more convenient way to pay than alternative payment methods, as you do not have to worry about storing dollar bills or racking up a credit card balance that will have to be paid off at a later date. If these qualities sound appealing to you, then you may want to consider if a Visa gift card is a worthy purchase. 

Visa gift card users can pay for an array of services by using their gift card, and that includes cruise line services. Purchase tickets for cruises, secure dining and beverage packages, add on unique experiences to any cruise, and cover any number of other costs all with one convenient card. If you have additional expenses related to your cruise that you are still paying off, it would definitely be a good idea to use your Visa gift card balance to help accomplish that to ensure all of your finances are in order before you depart for your trip. 

Make things a little easier for yourself and purchase a Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny!

2. Celebrity Cruises 

A perfectly good reason to spoil yourself on your next trip

Buy a Celebrity Cruises gift card

If you are searching for a cruise experience that strives to deliver excellence and elegance while venturing the high seas, then you had better not overlook Celebrity Cruises. This cruise line places more emphasis on a refined experience and elevated service and dining, giving its guests the royal treatment during their time away from home. As refreshing as a cruise may be, sailing the great expanse of the ocean can be daunting for some folks, but being treated like kings and queens can help alleviate any reservations you might have. 

When you book with Celebrity Cruises, customers get access to a premium cruise line where they may visit up to eight different destinations in one sailing, dine in an enriching new restaurant with every meal, and reside in thoughtfully designed spaces where every detail is made with your comfort in mind. Some featured spots with Celebrity Cruises include Alaska, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Galapagos, where you will feel like a sailor of our time, surrounded by archaic animals and breathtaking landscapes. 

Celebrity Cruises is a perfect match for thrill-seekers who want to experience the magic of something new while being pampered in a tasteful setting. You can pick up a Celebrity Cruises gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back on your purchase!

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

Have the vacation you want on your own terms 

This cruise line was founded in 1966 and has been designed to combine world-class hospitality with innovation to bring travelers memorable cruise experiences. Known for its fun and casual, laid-back ambiance and inventive “freestyle cruising” concept, which does not enforce any rigid rules like dress codes, fixed dining times, and offers plenty of on board entertainment, Norwegian offers a remarkable seafaring experience that attracts a wide range of customers. 

Norwegian operates a nineteen ship fleet that sails all over the world, with itineraries lasting from as little as three to as many as twenty-one days. Some of the wonderful destinations offered through Norwegian include Hawaii, Alaska, South America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and more. If you are someone who values the freedom of flexibility while traveling to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, you will certainly be satisfied when booking with Norwegian. 

Check out Norwegian Cruise Line here. Gift cards for Norwegian are not currently offered by Gift Card Granny. 

4. Carnival Cruises

Buy a Carnival Cruises gift card

This well-known international cruise line has garnered quite a reputation within the cruise ship community. As one of the more affordable cruise lines out there, Carnival Cruises provides folks from all varieties of financial backgrounds the chance to book a tropical getaway on some of the largest cruise ships in the industry. You’ll find many families with young kids and other fun-loving passengers on board while you sail, giving you plenty of opportunities to socialize with like minded individuals. 

Carnival ships are a bastion of entertainment and nonstop fun activities to keep both adults and kids occupied during the voyage. Carnival Cruises attracts a young clientele and boasts an upbeat, party-like atmosphere on board. If you are someone who can't get enough when it comes to partying and letting loose, then Carnival Cruises is the right cruise line for you. From the minute you wake up to the last second of your night, Carnival Cruises keeps you entertained. They even have nightclubs at sea – something you really don't want to miss out on! 

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5. Fastrac Cruises 

You don’t need to go to the ocean for a good time

When planning a future cruise, most people tend to stick to ocean voyages across popular regions such as the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean Sea. But you shouldn’t write off lake cruises right away, because they can give you some of the most breathtaking sights you could possibly imagine. 

As far as beautiful lakes are concerned, you will be mesmerized by the enchanting atmosphere of Lake Texoma when you sail with Fastrac Charters & Cruises. Nestled in between the borders of Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma attracts millions of visitors a year with its thriving wildlife population and attractions. Fastrac offers cruises and charter services for visitors to Lake Texoma with sunset and dinner cruises, themed parties, lake tours, water taxi services, private charters, and even an eagle watching breakfast cruise. 

A cruise or private charter with Fastrac could give you the sailing experience you want in a simple yet beautiful setting, and you don’t need to be anywhere near the ocean to do it. You can learn more about Fastrac Cruises here. Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not offer Fastrac Cruises gift cards at this time. 

6. Princess Cruise Lines

View parts of the ocean you have never dreamed of seeing

Buy a Princess Cruise Lines gift card

As the second largest cruise line in the entire world by net revenue, Princess Cruise Lines has its fair share of cruise-loving customers who can’t stop coming back for more. Though the ships of this cruise line are not as big or flashy as those of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, Princess Cruise Lines delivers the relaxed sailing experience that their customers love. Princess Cruise Lines is particularly popular among retirees, multigenerational families, and middle-aged couples just looking for a refreshing getaway. 

You have many potential destinations to pick from when you book with Princess Cruise Lines. Their wide range of itineraries includes regions like Asia, Mexico, Norway, South America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe. Princess Cruise Lines also happens to be a longtime staple of Alaska cruise markets. Alaskan cruises give customers the chance to see gorgeous scenery such as snowy peaks and impressive fjords along with wildlife like whales, bald eagles, sea otters, and brown bears. If you have a passion for history, you will be delighted to find yourself among historic gold rush towns, indigenous culture, and Russian heritage. 

Whether you wish for warm or cold waters, you can be sure that a Princess Cruise Lines gift card will help you get wherever you want to go. 

7. Royal Caribbean 

A cruise fit for kings and queens 

Buy a Royal Caribbean gift card


Even folks who have never been on one cruise during the entire course of their lives have heard of the Royal Caribbean cruise line. When it comes to having a blast with your family, no matter how big or small, Royal Caribbean goes out of their way to ensure a fantastic experience. This cruise line caters to all types of families and keeps everyone entertained with fun programs, dining options, activities, and an abundance of entertainment built for adults and young kids alike.

Royal Caribbean offers a wide variety of different packages to provide you with the cruise experience that you most desire. The packages can be low in cost or more expensive depending on the features you want included. Their large ships create a spacious atmosphere that does not feel too confined, which perfectly accommodates the thousands of cruise attendants who simply desire to have a good time. 

You can grab a Royal Caribbean gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back!


When it comes to having the time of your life on board a cruise ship, these gift card options will help you get started. Browse the various cruise lines out there and see which ones best fit into your lifestyle!