The Best Gift Cards for Dogs (And Dog Owners)!

If you’re looking for the top gift cards for dogs and their owners, we have them all right here!

Do you have a friend or family member that has a dog? Since dogs are one of the most popular pets for people to have, chances are you do. Dogs are some of the best companions, and are a part of our families, bringing joy and happiness to our days. There are all kinds of dogs, and no matter if your loved one has a big dog, a small dog, one dog, or many dogs, there are always things they’re going to need in order to properly take care of their furry friend.

So what do you get a dog owner for a special occasion, or just to show you care? A gift card of course! There are all kinds of options when it comes to gift cards for dogs. You may not know what type of food they eat, what they’re favorite treats are, or whether they need a new toy. This is why a gift card is so useful! You won’t have to worry about picking up the wrong item, or getting your dog-owning friend the wrong type of treats. Gift cards are always welcomed by dog parents, and we have some of the best ones in this article. We’ve got gift cards for dogs that include:

  • Places to get dog supplies
  • Brands that any dog owner would appreciate
  • A little something extra to spoil a dog you know

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We’ve included a lot of gift cards on this list that are available right now on the Gift Card Granny site, but if you see a gift card that’s not available, don’t worry. We’re always adding new brands to our ranks, so make sure you check our site often! 

1. PetCo/PetsMart

Get everything you need for a dog with a gift card to PetCo/PetsMart

Buy a Petco gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online

One of the most popular places to get a gift card for a dog and their owner is PetCo/PetSmart. These two stores are designed to help pet owners get everything they may need to better care for their friend. Whether you need a specific dog food, a toy that you can’t find anywhere else, or need a new crate, PetCo and PetSmart are going to have some of the best selection for any of these items.

They’re employees are very helpful and you can count on them to help you find just what your dog needs. Because most of them are pet owners, they may have a few recommendations for you to try out! Don’t forget to check out their dog training courses if you think your pup could use a brush up on their skills.  

Buy a Petco gift card

2. 1-800 Pet Supplies

Want another options for items for your dog? 1-800 Pet Supplies has you covered!

Buy a 1-800 Pet Supplies gift card

Buy 1-800 Pet Supplies Gift Cards 

Another pet supplies store that is sure to have anything a dog could want or need is 1-800 Pet Supplies. You treat your dog like family, and chances are you only want what’s best for them. Why not pick up a gift card to 1-800 Pet Supplies and see what you can get there to treat your pet? They have all kinds of options when it comes to food, so if your dog needs a special diet, they will be able to help you out.  

They also have all kinds of toys available to ensure your dog is stimulated and gets their daily dose of playtime in. Whether your pup likes rope toys, kong toys, or chew toys, you’re bound to find something your dog will enjoy playing with. Make sure you also check out their extensive selection of crates to keep your dog safe, as well as leashes, collars, and harnesses so you and your dog can take walks in style.

Buy a 1-800 Pet Supplies gift card

3. Chewy

Making it easy to have your dog supplies delivered right to your door

Buy a Chewy gift card

Chewy Gift Cards

Are you in need of toys, food, accessories, or meds for your dog? Do you want it delivered right to your door for a reasonable price? Then you’ve got to pick up a gift card to Chewy for your dog-owning friend or family member! Chewy is your one stop shop for all things a pet could need, whether it’s food, treats, toys, or even some of their specialty products like chef Bobby Flay’s line of food, you’re going to find all your dog wants. The best part about Chewy is that everything you order is shipped directly to your door. No need to haul home heavy bags of dog food anymore with this place!

Simply sign up online and you’re all set to start shopping. You can even set up subscriptions for products your dog needs monthly, such as prescriptions or special food items.  

Buy a Chewy gift card


A gift card to is a must-have for any dog owner

Buy a gift card Gift Cards 

If you want to shop at a pet supplies store that is all about your canine friend, then you should stop by Specifically catering to dogs and dog owners, this store has everything your dog could ever need. Does your four legged friend need a new bed where they can catch some sleep after a busy day of playing? Check out the selection in all kinds of sizes at Or perhaps your furry friend needs a new set of bowls for their daily chow? You can find all kinds of sizes, colors, and even elevated food and water bowls here.

In addition to all the best products for dogs, also offers lots of advice and tips that can help take care of your dog. There are all kinds of topics in their forums, so if you have a question or a concern, chances are you can find out the answer from another dog owner! 

Buy a gift card

5. Walmart

Walmart has an amazing selection when it comes to items for dogs

Buy a Walmart gift card 

Buy Walmart Gift Cards

If you want to give a gift card to a dog owner that is always a safe bet, you can’t go wrong with Walmart. This superstore has everything a dog owner might need for their pet. Plus they can also pick up something for themselves as well! If their dog needs some new toys, or a new leash and harness, they’ll be able to find all kinds of options here. In addition, Walmart also carries a good selection of doggy beds, blankets, and food bowls.  

After you’ve got everything you need for your dog at a great price, chances are there’s a balance left of the gift card that you could spend on yourself! Whether you need some groceries, a new outfit, or want to check out the latest gadgets, Walmart is where you can do all that. 

Buy a Walmart gift card 

6. Amazon

Dog owners always appreciate a gift card to Amazon

Buy an Amazon gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online

If there’s one gift card that can do all kinds of things, it’s Amazon. This online retailer has changed the game when it comes to shopping online. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a family member, or even your dog, you can find almost anything at this online retailer. A simple search for dog food is sure to bring up your dog’s favorite, and picking up dog toys or beds has never been easier.

Just add anything your dog may need to the cart (and maybe something you want too!) and place your order. With Amazon Prime, your items should be delivered in about two days. So if you happen to forget that you were almost out of dog treats, not to worry, order them on Amazon and have them arrive at your door in no time!

Buy an Amazon gift card

7. BarkBox

Treat a dog you know with a gift box that’s just for them!

Buy a Bark Box gift card

Bark Box

Do you really want to spoil a dog in your life? If so, you’ve got to get a gift card to BarkBox! This is an online subscription service that specifically caters to the needs of dogs. When you sign up, each month they’ll ship you a box full of fun items just for your furry friend. When your box arrives, be prepared to see your dog get excited! There’s a different theme for each month, and each box contains all kinds of options when it comes to treats and toys. 

Some of the themed months include Stranger Things, Italy Playcation, Pool Party, and Harry Potter! Your dog will get chew toys, squeak toys, and treats that are sure to satisfy. They’ll be looking forward to the arrival of their box each month!

Buy a Bark Box gift card

8. Shutterfly

Give a dog owner the chance to display their favorite pictures of their dog

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

Buy Shutterfly Gift Cards

What dog owner doesn’t love showing off pictures of their pooch? If you know someone who just loves to hang up pictures of their dog, then a gift card to Shutterfly is just what they need. We’re always taking pictures on our phones, but sometimes there are photos that you just want to hang up or put in a frame. Shutterfly is one of the easiest ways to get your digital images into a frame. But they’re more than just photo prints, they also offer all kinds of items you can personalize with your images, such as calendars, mugs, sweatshirts, and so much more.

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

9. Visa 

A Visa gift card ensures your dog-loving friend can get anything they need!

Buy a Visa gift card

Buy Visa Gift Cards 

If you want to get a gift card that will allow the dog owner you know to get anything they need for their dog, you can’t go wrong with a Visa gift card. Visa is accepted all over the place, so if they see something they need for their pet, they can always use this gift card to purchase it. If they happen to be at the supermarket and realize they forgot to get dog treats, a Visa card can help them with that!

Buy a Visa gift card 

Why not show a dog owner you care by picking up some of these gift cards for dogs today? When you shop at Gift Card Granny, you’ll also earn cash back on your purchases!