10 Gift Cards for Entertainment

Looking to give somebody a good time but out of ideas? Even if you just need a little help getting started, this list of gift cards for entertainment is a great starting point to get that inspiration flowing. 

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Shop tons of amazing options for entertainment gift cards and more on Gift Card Granny. However you like to have fun, there’s bound to be a gift card that resonates with you. Let’s take a look at the following ideas:

  • Gift cards for arcades and events
  • Gift cards for movies and streaming
  • Gift cards for electronics and video games 

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1. Fandango

Get Guaranteed Movie Tickets in Seconds

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Movies are generally a pretty universally beloved form of entertainment. Old, young, middle-aged – you name it, there’s plenty of movies out there for everyone. From the latest action hits to sappy romcoms and irresistible thrillers, the movie industry is alive and thriving. 

American online ticketing company Fandango offers a streamlined and accessible way of purchasing tickets to the next big releases as soon as they become available. Access a database of movies with the Fandango website, find showtimes that work for you, and read all about the new big screen hits with reviews by fans and critics alike. 

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2. GameStop

Pick Up the Hottest New Releases on the Market

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The video game industry has grown into an entertainment behemoth, and with an outstanding rate of growth and progress in such a condensed amount of time, it isn’t hard to see why. Folks love being immersed in fantastical worlds and new realities otherwise unattainable, and video games provide the perfect setting for consumers to explore and interact with; their captivating environments are leagues more immersive than even films or books!

For a great video game shopping experience, hit up GameStop. They stay up to date on all modern video game releases, plus they even stock games for older consoles. Buy games in brand new or used conditions, trade in old titles for cash or store credit, and place preorders on future releases. GameStop also sells a variety of pop culture merchandise, with a majority of it related to different series of video games. 

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3. Brookstone 

Fun That Doesn’t Leave the House

Buy a Brookstone gift card

You don’t have to go out and do certain activities in order to be entertained; as a matter of fact, you can have all the things you would need to have an awesome day right inside your home. 

Buy the best home entertainment products available at Brookstone. Getting its initial start as a mail-order company in 1965, Brookstone currently dabbles in selling a range of different items for the household. From personal care products to nifty accessories and home decor, the Brookstone catalog is packed with tons of neat finds. 

In regards to entertainment, Brookstone has plenty of toys, gadgets, and games to keep your mind engaged. Find sandcastle sets, wireless speakers, scientific gizmos, outdoor equipment, and so much more at Brookstone, where there’s plenty of options for the whole family to enjoy. 

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4. Dave & Buster’s

Step Into the Ultimate Arcade 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

When you want to guarantee someone a time filled with relentless entertainment, engaging games, and tons of delicious food, all with the ultimate promise of prizes at the end, then a trip to Dave & Buster’s is a must. 

Brimming with the neon appeal of colorful lights and flashing arcade machines, Dave & Buster’s is the number one destination for unlimited fun for folks of all ages. From rambunctious tweens and party-loving college kids to those celebrating their twenty-first birthday and beyond, there’s plenty of entertainment for everyone. And when it’s time to break for a quick bite, Dave & Buster’s offers a full-service bar and restaurant quality food to help you keep your energy up. 

Whether you consider yourself a gamer or not, know that there’s a spot at Dave & Buster’s that will make you feel right at home. Pick up a gift card to Dave & Buster’s from Gift Card Granny to start earning cash back today!

5. Twitch

Live Entertainment in an Engaging Environment

Buy a Twitch gift card

Even if you aren’t into streaming culture, chances are you know a friend or relative who keeps up with that world. And guess what? A gift card to Twitch is bound to make their day!

Twitch is one of the most popular video live streaming services available at this time. The platform has a specific focus on the live streaming of video games and esports competitions, though there is also plenty of other content like music broadcasts, content from individual creators, and other forms of entertainment. 

While streaming certainly isn’t for everyone, fans of streamers are passionate about their interests and get a lot of joy from the streaming world. Encourage their creative voice with a Twitch gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn easy cash back.  

6. AMC Theatres

A Lavish Setting for On-Screen Entertainment 

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

Nothing embodies the spirit of entertainment quite like a movie theater; stepping into one is basically like stepping into a whimsical cinematic world of excitement and awe. And when it comes to delivering an unparalleled movie-going experience, you’d be insane to pass up a showing at AMC Theatres. 

As the largest movie theater chain in the entire world, it should come as no surprise that seeing a flick at any AMC location is a phenomenal movie-going experience. With comfortable seating, spacious design, and an ambience that perfectly captures the mood of movie-watching. In terms of first impressions, AMC Theatres stand out on account of their impressive architecture and overall grandiosity, making patrons almost feel as though walking through a palace. 

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7. FYE

All Your Pop Culture Needs in One Place

Buy an FYE gift card

No retail chain is quite as committed to providing you entertainment satisfaction than FYE. A shopping mall and retail outlet center staple, FYE is an entertainment retail chain that sells a variety of trendy, niche, and bizarre products for passionate fans and full-blown fanatics alike. 

One step into your local FYE store will open up a world of amazing, fun-filled possibilities. Lose yourself browsing hundreds of CDs from all kinds of musical genres, check out cool memorabilia of your favorite fandoms, shop hot new electronics, or give your taste buds a sensory celebration with tons of exotic treats and sweets to try – and that’s not even the half of it. 

FYE has loads of hot merchandise to squeal over, so whether you’re into music, movies, video games, or just about anything else, rest assured you’ll find exactly what you need at FYE. 

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8. Hulu

Experience A Digital Library of Endless Entertainment

Buy a Hulu gift card

Sit back and enjoy all the movies and TV shows Hulu has to offer with a low monthly subscription cost. Unlike many other big streaming services, Hulu works to be more affordable for viewers by running intermittent ad breaks that don’t take away from whatever you’re watching. 

Browse a massive catalog of hit movies, original stories, engaging dramas, clever sagas, and dozens upon dozens of other enticing entertainment options. Access Hulu from any smart device, personal computer, or laptop and experience a vast ocean of media catered for your amusement. 

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9. Ticketmaster

Never Miss Out on the Best Events

Buy a Ticketmaster gift card

As fun as an evening of movies and popcorn in the living room can be, nothing can quite stand up to the allure of a thrilling night out at a live event. Sure, some folks will be satisfied merely by observing the event via live streams and social media, but there’s something really special about witnessing the event firsthand, unfiltered, without a care for anything else in that moment.

With Ticketmaster, you get instant access to thousands of fun live events near you. From concerts and comedy shows to theater performances and newwave artistic ventures, Ticketmaster has tons of cool events in their catalog. Purchase secure tickets through their servers and guarantee your spot at the next big entertainment extravaganza! 

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10. RedBox

Convenient DVD Rentals and Chill

Buy a RedBox gift card

When you’re not in the mood to go out to the movies, you don’t have to subject yourself to stale reruns of old television shows – hit up your nearest RedBox and rent a movie you want to watch. 

While home video stores have faded into the fog of the past, RedBox keeps up the tradition by providing convenient and efficient DVD kiosks in shopping outlets and retail centers. This condensed form allows for the possibility of spontaneous transactions, bringing in business where there would otherwise be none. 

Folks doing their weekly shopping may feel inspired to rent a movie while heading out of the shops, or perhaps eager children will insist on bringing a DVD home with them. Though the RedBox catalog is limited, it is ever-changing with a variety of fun, thrilling, and terrific movies to pick from, meaning there’s something for everyone. 

Share the joy of renting a fun film with a RedBox gift card!

There’s certainly no lack of gift cards for all your entertainment needs over at Gift Card Granny. This list is only a fraction of the possible gift card choices available, but it does a great job of showing you what’s in store. Find even more amazing gift cards for a variety of fun activities and spread the joy with those you care about today!