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TicketMaster gift card Q&A

How do I buy a TicketMaster gift card?

Visit participating brick-and-mortar stores for physical TicketMaster gift cards or choose from traditional and eGift card options online.

Where can TicketMaster gift cards be used?

You can redeem gift cards for select tickets, parking, and even VIP packages at or

How long do TicketMaster gift cards last?

It depends on the type of gift card and where you live.

Most TicketMaster gift cards do not have an expiration date but after a certain amount of time, your gift card may be deactivated and the cash that was once on it will be sent to your state's government. 

Additionally, there are TicketMaster promotional cards available from time to time so check your card to see if there's an expiration date listed.

Granny tip: Always use a gift card sooner rather than later to avoid it getting lost or forgotten about. 

Where are TicketMaster gift cards accepted?

Online or in the app, buy tickets to the events you're looking forward to with TicketMaster and Live Nation.

How do TicketMaster gift cards work?

It's easy! After you've selected the event and number of tickets you need, you will begin the online checkout process. When you reach the payments page, click Add a Gift Card / Voucher at the bottom of the page. If you do not see this at the bottom of the page, then you're unable to redeem a gift card for that event, show, or game.

Can money be added to an existing gift card?

No, you cannot reload a TicketMaster gift card once it reaches a zero balance.

How do I know how much is on the gift card?

Find TicketMaster gift card balance information on Gift Card Granny.

About TicketMaster

Enjoy concerts, sports events, and theatre with TicketMaster. This ticket sales and distribution company is used by many event sponsors throughout the United States. TicketMaster acts as an agent, selling the tickets that the promotors of events make available to them. They sell many of their tickets online, via phone, and some through its many ticket outlets. 

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