10 Great Gift Cards for Flights

Shopping for folks who spend more time airborne than earthbound? That can be quite the expensive endeavor, and when you make a misjudgment and end up purchasing an unappreciated gift it makes things terribly awkward. 

That’s why we over at Gift Card Granny put together this short and sweet list of spectacular gift cards for flights. From iconic airline companies to accompanying luggage, this list contains the best gift card ideas fit for those who prefer to travel by air. You won’t have to worry one bit about your gift being unappreciated, so don’t be afraid to explore your different options for flight gift cards to truly give a meaningful present. 

This article will include the following:  

  • Gift cards for popular airlines 
  • Gift cards for bargain flight deals
  • Gift cards for travel amenities 

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1. Delta

A Familiar Name to See at Any Airport  

It’s only natural that we begin this list of gift cards for flights with one of the oldest airlines in the world, Delta. Founded nearly one hundred years ago in the state of Georgia as a crop dusting service, Delta is one of the most popular airlines in the United States and a legacy carrier. By the 1980s this small company had transformed into an international carrier, frontlining technological innovation in the airline industry with radar installation on all of their aircrafts and online features like ticket purchasing and virtual check-ins. 

Delta has certainly withstood the test of time and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Delta is one of the largest airlines in the entire world, offering nonstop flights to six continents and destinations in over four hundred cities around the globe. Wherever you want your vacation to take you, Delta is guaranteed to get you there with its dependable flight service. 

2. Southwest

Plane Ticket Prices That Work For Your Wallet

Buy a Southwest gift card

One of the most well-known airlines throughout the United States, Southwest was founded in 1967 to serve the people of Texas and was a powerful attempt to democratize flight through efficient, low-cost air travel. Add friendly flight attendants and a reliable repertoire to the equation, and out comes the modern Southwest airline company, a preferred option by many flyers. 

Southwest services one hundred twenty-one destinations in the United States, along with ten additional countries. The affordability of Southwest flights makes them a highly sought-after airliner, especially because the quality of their service does not suffer as a result. Experience travel with a great airline company that isn’t going to bombard you with hidden fees and poor in-flight care. 

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3. Alaska Airlines

A Great Option for Folks Always On the Move

Even the most budget-friendly airlines can put a sizable dent in your wallet when you’re a frequent flyer. And when cross-country travel is a big part of your career, you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to booking a flight to a destination thousands of miles away from you. That’s why it’s vital you choose an airline that is willing to reward your frequent patronage with compelling service and great loyalty rewards. 

Alaska Airlines, one of the staple airlines of the West Coast, offers a fantastic loyalty program to earn you free miles based on the length of your flights, and not the total amount of money you spend. It’s a great feature for folks who are constantly on the go and could use a sprinkle of savings to alleviate some of those expensive airline costs. Plus, Alaska Airlines has an unbeatable business class experience; get more legroom than any other domestic U.S. airline, complimentary drinks, free access to the lounge, and more. 

While you won’t find Alaska Airlines on Gift Card Granny at this time, rest assured there’s plenty of other amazing airlines currently offered through our catalog!

4. American Airlines

Take to the Skies Aboard this Patriotic Airliner

American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and is the largest airline in the world in terms of fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue by mile. You could expect the typical frequent flyer to have booked a flight with American Airlines at some point during their travels, with how convenient and reasonable the ticket prices are. 

Travel deals, discount flights, and a functional rewards program come together to make American Airlines a worthy travel companion. A dedicated crew and a good safety record allow patrons to relax and enjoy a flight free of anxieties, which always have the potential to ruin a flight. 

5. TripGift

Celebrate All That Life Has to Offer with the Gift of Travel

If you have family and friends who love taking their vacations in new places, then be sure to check out all TripGift has to offer! TripGift makes giving the gift of travel a breeze, making it the perfect present for families, employees, and anyone else you know.

Browse thousands of options for flights, hotels, villas, apartments, and car rentals; TripGift is there to cover all your travel needs, not just your flight. Explore breathtaking new regions of the world without any hassles with booking with a comprehensive trip package to places like historic London and exotic Thailand. TripGift provides a range of different price points to shop from, allowing customers to work within their budgets for a great vacation experience. 

Any frequent flyer is bound to love being treated to TripGift! While this service is currently not available through Gift Card Granny, there are many other options for great gift cards in our catalog worth checking out. 

6. CheapOair

Cheap Flights and Many More Discounts Ahead

Give the gift of cheap flights and nonstop savings with the help of CheapOair, a travel agency company who offers impressive bargains on travel necessities like flights, hotels, and car rentals. 

Not all travelers are affluent entrepreneurs basking in the glow of their holiday retreat to a remote location in the tropics, so it is only fair to spread the savings with CheapOair, an online service that gives customers access to the best flight deals on the market. Commercial airlines can overcharge on everyday flights due to a variety of different factors, giving plane tickets an ever-shifting price tag. On the other hand, CheapOair is only interested in finding the best bargains on flights and other travel essentials, sparing customers the risk of random upcharges on tickets. 

Know when to buy cheap flights with the help of CheapOair and save while you fly to your next destination. Their database contains more than thirty thousand domestic and international flight locations to choose from, giving you plenty of options to consider. 

Even though CheapOair is not currently offered via Gift Card Granny, it is still worth checking out for flyers who want to save. 

7. Flightgift

One of the Best Options for Flight Gift Cards

When you don’t want to settle for any specific airline company, you can always go for a gift card option that can be redeemed at hundreds of international airlines in various regions of the world. Flightgift takes the magic and convenience of traditional gift cards for certain retailers and allows folks to pick their preferred airline companies, subsequently making it the best flight-related gift card out there. 

Recipients of Flightgift have more than just control of which airline they are flying with; users can choose their desired dates of travel and destination as well. Giving flights to those you care about has never been easier than with Flightgift, and its versatility is certain to be appreciated by more picky flyers. 

Flightgift isn’t offered through Gift Card Granny at this time. 

8. Vera Bradley

Fashionable Luggage Fit For Flying 

Bargain flight deals and affordable airlines are certain to be appreciated by anyone who makes a habit of flying often, but there’s another part of the equation that deserves attention too – all the luggage and carry-on equipment a flyer could need. And when it comes to purchasing baggage, why not breathe a little life into an otherwise mundane activity? 

Vera Bradley is a luggage and handbag design company that has an array of stunning quilted patterns to browse. Combining practicality with compelling designs, Vera Bradley bags are eye-catching, innovative, and totally fashionable. There are plenty of styles and patterns to choose from that are the perfect complement to any outfit, making folks feel chic even while thousands of meters in the air. 

9. Paravel

Eco-friendly Travel Accessories Can Make All the Difference

Sustainability is something we must factor into many of the daily habits and behaviors we as a society partake in, and flying plays a part in this just like anything else. One simple way of making a positive impact on the world around you with relatively minimal effort is by switching your future luggage purchases over to a company that is committed to sustainable travel. 

Paravel has a products catalog filled with sleek, stylish luggage options that have minimal impact on the environment. Whether you need a large tote to carry all of your travel necessities, an overnight bag, or any other kind of duffel bag to keep you company on your trips, rest assured you can find the perfect fit at Paravel. Shopping sustainable, carbon-neutral baggage has never been quite this easy, so make the most of Paravel and enjoy effortless organization. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Paravel at this moment. 

10. Visa 

This Gift Card Will Never Let You Down

Buy a Visa gift card

When you aren’t sure which flight gift cards are best for the person you are buying for, don’t hesitate on choosing a Visa gift card. Unlike the vast majority of other gift cards for specific retailers, a Visa gift card is able to be used for a variety of purchases and is not limited by brand or store. 

A Visa gift card is a fantastic option when you don’t know someone’s preferred airline, sparing you the chance of gifting a gift card for an airline they dislike. In addition to flight costs, folks can use a Visa gift card to purchase flying amenities such as pillows and snacks. There isn’t any situation where a Visa gift card wouldn’t come in handy, making it a very dependable gift. 

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With all these great gift card options for flights, you’re bound to please all the travel-loving folks in your life. Shop with confidence with the help of Gift Card Granny!