Gift Cards Fit For Four Year Olds

Gift cards make for such amazing gifts because of their convenient and versatile shopping nature. A gift card is an excellent choice for pretty much anyone, young or old, since they can be used in a variety of ways for goods and services. When you are not sure what type of gift to get, you can always depend on a gift card to be well-received. 

No age is too young to enjoy the benefits of gift cards. Consider buying gift cards appropriate for four year olds instead of picking out individual presents. Any gift cards that you purchase can be given to the child’s parents or guardians for safekeeping until they want to use the funds. With the parents keeping an eye on the gift card, you don’t have to worry about a young child being responsible for a gift card. 

I’m sure you're eager to learn all about gift cards that most four year olds would love receiving, so let’s jump right into it!

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1. Carter’s

Make children feel like themselves in fashionable clothing finds

Buy a Carter’s gift card

Kids grow fast. A newborn that is hardly bigger than a football becomes a walking, talking little person in only a few short years. By the time they reach the age of four, they will have already outgrown plenty of their baby clothes and beyond. If you need to get new apparel for your four year old, Carter’s is an American designer and marketer of children’s apparel that is as fashionable as it is functional. 

Even four year olds can show off stylish outfits with the right articles of clothing. When you shop at Carter’s, you know that you’ll find kids clothing items that are affordable, trendy, and comfortable. Little boys and girls have tons of apparel options to choose from when shopping at Carter’s, from graphic tees and nightgowns to canvas shoes and active joggers. Carter’s has apparel that supports the many needs of all kinds of kids and offers undoubtable individuality to even the youngest of souls. 

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2. The Children’s Place

Young kids can look their best with the latest designs from this children’s retailer

Buy The Children’s Place gift cards

You can keep your four year old as fashionable as ever with trendy apparel from The Children’s Place. Clothes available at The Children’s Place are simply some of the best options for young kids out there, with quality and style that cannot be beat. Alongside a standard for quality clothing items, The Children’s Place values affordability and always has deals and discounts to take advantage of. 

Kids grow up fast, which is why it is so important to spend time with them now and make every moment feel special. Apparel may only be a small part of your child’s life, but fashionable outfits can have a huge impact on how your young one feels. You can nurture confidence and individuality with the latest designs from The Children’s Place. Browse a collection of stylish tops, dresses, jackets, uniform pieces, activewear, leggings, underwear, and footwear. 

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3. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Four year olds will fall in love with their plush new friend 

Buy a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card

Any young kid appreciates the companionship offered by cuddly stuffed animals. From adorable bunny rabbits to classic teddy bears, there are all kinds of different fuzzy animal friends for kids to connect with. You can even bring an eager four year old to the nearest Build-A-Bear location to help them design a unique friend of their very own. 

At Build-A-Bear Workshop, adults and children alike can embark on an exciting journey of creation where they bring a plushie friend to life. Pick from a variety of animal types and characters, including cows, frogs, cats, unicorns, and even giant stuffed animals. Once you have the right animal picked out, you can adorn your pal with clothing and accessories to make them stand out. Shop collections and featured items at Build-A-Bear to see what new and exciting things have arrived. 

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4. Target

Shop for great toys that will make playtime fun

Buy a Target gift card

Every four year old is different. By that age, kids tend to have a preference for the things they enjoy, such as cartoons, movies, types of entertainment, and hobbies. Every four year old is their own unique individual and deserves to have a gift card that encompasses the range of interests they may have. For a diverse retailer with plenty to offer by way of toys, Target is an excellent gift card choice. 

As far as little kids are concerned, they will likely find all they could ever dream of in the toys section of the store. Target carries tons of popular toy brands for boys and girls, from dolls and action figures to stuffed animals and board games. Toys at Target appeal to a wide range of ages to be inclusive of every kid, and there is always some new gadget or playset to become enamored with. And for the parents, low prices at Target are always something to smile about. 

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5. sweetFrog

Combine your favorite flavors with a tempting topping bar 

Buy a sweetFrog gift card

Kids are notorious for having prominent sweet tooths. And while you can’t give a toddler sugar every minute of the day, you can always fit in time for a little treat after a day of fun activities. If yummy froyo is on the menu for the four year old in your life, then a gift card for sweetFrog is sure to come in handy. 

In case you haven’t heard of sweetFrog before, all you really need to know is that this froyo chain is focused on giving customers an unparalleled frozen yogurt experience that can turn even the gloomiest day around. You can put together your own unique creation of soft-serve frozen yogurt and pick from delicious flavors like grape, caramel apple pie, cookies and cream, milk chocolate, and sweet coconut. Top off your froyo creations with an array of fresh, tasty ingredients including mango, gummy worms, blueberries, peanuts, granola, hot fudge, and marshmallows. 

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6. Chuck E. Cheese

The ultimate destination for energetic, fun-loving kids 

Buy a Chuck E. Cheese gift card

If there is one thing most four year olds have in common, it is that they like to have their attention focused on something. Movies, cartoons, video games, books, and outdoor activities take up a lot of that attention, allowing parents the space to breathe and enjoy some hobbies of their own. But when you want to bring your kid to a place where they can have fun for hours at a time, a Chuck E. Cheese gift card is better than gold. 

Chuck E. Cheese is a family entertainment center that combines play areas with arcades and live music. Whether it’s for a birthday party or simply to have fun on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday afternoon, Chuck E. Cheese offers the perfect venue for kids of all ages to let loose and forget about their troubles. Beat old high scores on arcade games, snack on delicious pizza slices, and trade in the tickets you earn on games for all sorts of cool prizes when you’re done for the day. 

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7. Pinkberry

A swirl of delicious soft serve can make any kid’s day better

Buy a Pinkberry gift card

Because there is no such thing as too much froyo, a gift card to Pinkberry is more than suitable for a four year old with a love of frozen desserts. Pinkberry is a chain of frozen dessert restaurants with hundreds of locations across several countries. Customers are encouraged to choose from top quality yogurt flavors and to customize their yogurts with tons of tasty options from their toppings bar. 

Pinkberry offers a lot of variety when it comes to flavor. Some of their frozen yogurt flavor options are ruby chocolate, matcha, ube honey, cookie butter, and vanilla bean. Toppings at Pinkberry include a wide array of fresh cut fruits, toasted almonds, brownie bites, peanut butter cups, mochi, popping boba, and honey. Whether you want a bowl with mild sweetness and few toppings or you want to pile on the chocolate and caramel for a sugar rush, Pinkberry has plenty of options for you. 

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8. Claire’s 

Help young kids become comfortable expressing who they are

Buy a Claire’s gift card

Kids as young as four years old like to experiment and play around with jewelry. Watching your kid go through your things can be cute, but you don’t want anything getting damaged or lost since good jewelry isn’t cheap. Retailers like Claire’s are a lifesaver when it comes to finding the perfect spot to shop for age-appropriate jewelry that appeals to little kids. 

Claire’s sells a variety of stylish accessories, jewelry, and toys for kids as young as three to tweens and teens. Your little girl can be the trendiest chick on the block when she pairs her outfits with cool jewelry and fun hair accessories. Find tons of jewelry options at Claire’s like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, and even body jewelry for nose and belly button piercings. The cute merchandise at Claire’s appeals to girls of all ages, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to start their love of Claire’s early. 

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Even though four year olds don’t often do their own shopping, gift cards can still be one of the best choices out there when it comes to finding the right present. Four year olds will still be able to benefit from receiving gift cards by using the funds the next time they are out shopping. Parents can look after the gift cards to ensure they are not lost, and kids can choose what items they want to purchase with their gift cards. 

Use the gift cards on this list or other available gift cards at Gift Card Granny to earn cash back and to give any four year old you know an exciting surprise they are guaranteed to love!