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Tips and tricks

  1. Join the More Cheese Rewards program. Every time you play, earn rewards that can be redeemed for free food, drinks, and prizes. For every three visits at a Chuck E. Cheese, you will earn $10 to go towards your next visit.
  2. Book a party at Chuck E. Cheese. Check out the comprehensive list of packages offered on their website. Customers can choose from the Star, Super Star, or Mega Super Star package.
  3. Give your kids some extra motivation to do their chores. Reward them using the Chuck E. Cheese Good Behavior Calendar. Mark down each day they finish their chores until the calendar is complete. When you bring it in, you can redeem 10 free points to use on games and food.
  4. Use Chuck E. Cheese coupons. Enter your location into the search bar to print out coupons made specifically for your local Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese also offers military discounts for families. Simply show proof of a valid I.D. and you are good to go.

Answers to your questions about Chuck E. Cheese's gift cards

Where are Chuck E. Cheese gift cards sold?

Purchase them at or at your local Chuck E. Cheese.

Or, earn cash back rewards on your gift card purchase when you buy a Chuck E. Cheese gift card on Gift Card Granny.

Does my gift card have an expiration date?

Chuck E. Cheese gift cards do not have an expiration date. However, certain states do have restrictions on outdated cards and may charge late fees on them. We recommend using your gift card soon after you get it so you can enjoy your rewards without worrying about any penalties.

How do I check the balance on my Chuck E. Cheese gift card?

Checking your Chuck E. Cheese gift card balance is easy with the multiple options you have! 

Are there restrictions on my Chuck E. Cheese gift card?

There are a few restrictions on Chuck E. Cheese gift cards. Customers cannot use gift cards to purchase other gift cards. Also, you're not able to reload it.

Where can I find a Chuck E. Cheese near me?

Find the nearest Chuck E. Cheese using their online store locator. With over 500 locations across the country, Chuck E. Cheese is ready to welcome your family with open arms.

Does Chuck E. Cheese still use tokens?

In the past, kids would redeem prizes with gold tokens. But several years ago, Chuck E. Cheese replaced these tokens with rewards cards. Customers can track their “earnings” on these rewards cards. Even if they lose their physical cards, they can still ensure that the correct number of earnings is assigned to their account.

What kind of games does Chuck E. Cheese have?

Chuck E. Cheese has something for everyone. Are your kids feeling energetic and active? Take them to the dancing and racing games. Feeling lucky? Have them try out the crane claw machines. Are they in the mood for video games? Then they will enjoy the stand-up arcade games and console games. When you’re all finished for the day, don’t forget to take a selfie with Chuck!

About Chuck E. Cheese's

Looking for a fun place to take your kids? Chuck E. Cheese has served as the premiere entertainment center for families across the country since 1977. Offering a variety of video games and amusement rides, Chuck E. Cheese has something for everyone.

Feeling hungry? Kids and grown-ups alike can enjoy some of Chuck E. Cheese’s favorite pizza along with appetizers including wings and fries. With their vast menu that includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, there is something for every taste bud here. It’s no wonder that Chuck E. Cheese continues to serve as one of the leading family entertainment centers in the country.

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