8 Gift Cards You Can Use for Hotels

Travel certainly gives us all the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air in a destination far from home. Seeking out new places, customs, and cultures can be an exciting experience that helps to broaden our horizons and shape us as individuals, providing us with perspectives we may otherwise never have known. But outside of the elation that comes from going to new places and learning new information, travel offers folks a great way to kick back and relax without the stressors of life back home present. 

Beloved as travel is by many, that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. Travel can be an expensive activity in a variety of ways, from purchasing plane tickets and rental cars to acquiring new luggage and vacation outfits. One huge bill when it comes to travel just so happens to be lodging costs. Hotels can eat up a lot of money fast, which is why it’s so important to make smart choices when booking your stay. Gift cards for hotels can help minimize costs and make your time away from home all the more stress-free. 

We’re going to take a look at eight gift cards you can use to pay for hotels and lodging options during your travels. Different hospitality companies always have something unique to offer their guests, and this list will connect you with the businesses and brands that have the potential to transform the quality of your vacation. 

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1. Best Western

Affordable lodging that includes the whole family 

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When you want a hotel with high standards that provides exceptional accommodation at an affordable price, Best Western is going to be the hotel for you. Best Western offers guests a comfortable setting to stay in while away from home, with spacious rooms, large and cozy beds, delicious breakfast, and more complimentary services to enhance the experience. 

If you or someone you know travels with family, you’ll be delighted to know that Best Western is one of the best hotel chains when it comes to accommodating families. You can rely on Best Western to keep both children and adults entertained and cared for with plenty of services and amenities to take advantage of. 

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2. Hotels.com

Make shopping for deals on hotels work for you

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Booking hotel rooms can be a hassle when you have to search for the best rooms at rates you can afford all on your own. Calling different hotel locations, scrolling through websites of various hotel chains, and comparing the prices of everything you see can get understandably exhausting, but a website like Hotels.com can transform the way you approach booking your hotel stay. 

Users can easily find cheap hotels and discounts on rooms when booking with Hotels.com. Explore different offers from hotels in the area of your choice, directly compare rates, and hear what other customers have to say about their experiences in unbiased reviews all on Hotels.com. 

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3. Fairmont Hotels

For those who like to travel in elegance 

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With stunning architecture, gorgeous decor, and outstanding service, the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts chain has built a solid reputation as a luxury hospitality brand. Patrons at Fairmont Hotels can stay in exceptional comfort at impressive properties at breathtaking destinations all over the world. Fairmont puts a lot of thought into the exact locations of their hotels and resorts in order to provide guests with a picturesque, ideal vacation in paradise. 

Fairmont Hotels all have some unique features for customers to enjoy while away from home. Experience exciting amenities and services such as spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, golf, skiing, and much more when you book with Fairmont. Some of the cities around the world with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts locations include San Francisco, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Barbados, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Cairo, Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul. No matter where your travels end up taking you, a Fairmont Hotels location is never too far away. 

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4. Golden Nugget

Experience one of the oldest casinos in Vegas

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A stay at any Golden Nugget location will truly be something to romanticize. Travelers will be enveloped in gilded glory that reflects the namesake of this hotel chain when they stay in resorts adorned with beautiful rich brown and beige decor. The Las Vegas location of the Golden Nugget is the most prominent location, offering guests a luxurious experience that makes them feel like they are right on the Vegas Strip but with less presentation and lower room rates. 

Along with their flagship casino resort in Las Vegas, you can find several other Golden Nugget locations in New Jersey, Illinois, Mississippi, and Louisiana. There’s more entertainment to be found at Golden Nugget resorts than just casinos and gambling; guests can enjoy access to pools, spas, fitness centers, multiple bars, restaurants, and even nightclubs. The rooms at the Golden Nugget range in design from sleek and contemporary to vintage and smoky depending on which tower you end up staying in. 

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5. HotelsGift

An open pathway to exotic adventures

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If you’re looking for a flexible hotel gift card that can help you book rooms at thousands of destinations in countries across the globe, then you definitely don’t want to pass up on a HotelsGift gift card. HotelsGift makes it extremely simple and safe for users to gift accommodations, experiences, and more to friends and family. With HotelsGift, users can easily access hotel listings in areas they are interested in traveling to and compare rates, deals, amenities, and other important features. 

A gift card for a booking service like HotelsGift is excellent for anyone out there who has certain travel preferences they must always stick to. Don’t run the chance of getting a gift card for a hotel chain that doesn’t fit the needs of your recipient when HotelsGift can provide plenty of quality solutions instead. 

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6. Airbnb

An innovative take on hospitable homestays

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Those of you who do not wish to book with traditional hotels may find lodging with Airbnb to be an exceptional alternative. Airbnb allows property owners to list both short- and long-term rentals, homestays, and experiences for others to take advantage of. Guests can browse vacation rental listings for cabins, beachfront houses, massive mansions, treehouses, tropical destinations, and unique residencies that look like they came straight out of a sci-fi special. 

There are Airbnb locations for rent in almost two hundred different countries with new options being added on the daily. Rent out an apartment in a big city and immerse yourself in the nightlife, unwind at a quiet open-air penthouse by the sea, or snuggle up by the fire in a log cabin as snow coats the forest outside. The experience you get is completely up to you, Airbnb just helps you achieve it. 

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7. Groupon

Great deals on hotels and accommodations 

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To anyone who wants to find great deals on hotel room prices in the area, a Groupon gift card is a major help. Groupon connects buyers with bargains on all kinds of activities, events, and services from participating businesses near you. Customers who need to secure lodging at a good price can browse a variety of hotel rooms and accommodation options in top destinations around the world, including New Orleans, San Diego, Cancun, and New York.

Groupon users can find lodging options that cater to their exact needs and access transparent prices on room listings. Get the travel experience you want by filtering hotel options by your interests to get rooms at locations that are family-friendly, on the beach, romantic, or downright luxurious. Saving with unbeatable rates on the hotels you love is just part of what makes Groupon so special. 

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8. Visa

Use this gift card for hotels everywhere

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The last gift card on this list may be the one that makes the biggest impact. A Visa gift card is a fantastic gift card for all kinds of different folks with their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to finding the hotels right for them. Use a Visa gift card to help book a stay at many major hotel chains, resorts, and other lodging services. 

A Visa gift card does not have to be used at any particular merchant, which means that you can use the funds at any retailer or business that appeals to you. A majority of businesses choose to accept Visa gift cards as a valid form of payment, so you should not experience much trouble when attempting to pay. 

Retail gift cards for certain hotel chains or independent resorts can be extremely limiting for many users. Travel requires a lot of prep and planning, and if you aren’t involved in the planning directly then it’s easy to mistakenly buy the wrong type of hotel gift card. With a Visa gift card, users won’t have to worry about where they decide to stay or what types of accommodation options are in the area because they will be able to use their gift card funds anywhere they choose. 

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Finding the perfect gift cards to pay for hotels and other lodging services is quick and easy when you browse the many gift cards available for purchase on Gift Card Granny. From palatial seaside resorts to hotels in the hearts of big cities across the world, Gift Card Granny has plenty of gift cards for hotels to choose from to suit everybody’s individual needs. 

Safe travels!