Shower Your Husband in Romance with Our Top Gift Card Ideas

Seasons pass and years go by, but the love you share for your spouse is eternal, so keep that romantic spark alive with these nine gift card ideas perfect for your husband!

He’s your partner, your best friend, your soulmate, your other half, and any other identifier you find befitting of him. Different labels aside, the role that your husband fills in your life is an immense one that not just anyone could satisfy. 

When someone is that important, it’s hard to find a suitable method for expressing the infinite bounds of your love. Fragrant roses and delicious chocolates certainly make for pleasant, affectionate gifts, but they fail to compare to even a fraction of what your husband’s presence means to you. 

Truth be told, there is no physical gift in the whole world that could hope to capture your love, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t meaningful ways to express it. With the options available at Gift Card Granny, you’ll be able to show affection through the simple gesture of gift card giving, including the following ideas:

  • Gift cards for sleek and stylish outfits
  • Gift cards for sweet and savory eats
  • Gift cards for fun and hobbies

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1. Wilsons Leather

Revv Up the Style Engine with this Classic Brand

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Do you ever look at your husband and come to the realization that he would pull off a leather jacket really well? Well, don’t just spend your days fantasizing about it – take direct action with a shopping spree at Wilsons Leather. 

That probably isn’t a name you’ve heard in quite some time, but its relevance to the fashion industry shouldn’t be understated. During the company’s peak in 2002, Wilsons Leather operated over seven hundred locations across the United States and Canada. They have since left the spotlight, with only a fraction of their brick-and-mortar storefronts remaining. 

However, none of that is really relevant to the fact that leather makes for a killer outfit. With a catalog of quality leather jackets, durable wallets, designer handbags, comfortable gloves, and various other leather accessories, Wilsons Leather will make any husband feel like a master of style. They even have a range of fashionable faux-leather and faux-fur products, so you and your husband can shop with total peace of mind. 

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2. Harry’s

Never Doubt the Power of a Fresh Face

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Everybody commits to grooming on some level. Whether that means running a comb through a messy bedhead or spending two hours in the bathroom curating your appearance to fit the exact style you want ultimately doesn’t matter – it’s all a part of the grooming process. Still, that doesn’t mean you are necessarily fond of the ways others choose to care for themselves.  

Perhaps your husband has some kinks to work out in his own grooming routine. Rather than make it a big deal or potentially overstep your boundaries as a romantic partner, why not help him pick out new grooming equipment to transform the process and make it more enjoyable for him? 

Harry’s has got you covered in that department. A contemporary company founded not too long ago in 2012, Harry’s specializes in the manufacturing and sale of shaving equipment and other items for men’s personal care. One of their main selling points is their subscription service, which ensures customers can receive new grooming tools exactly when they need them, such as razor blades, shaving cream, and face gels. 

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3. Godiva

Premium Chocolate Made for Sweethearts 

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Nothing says romance quite like a mouthful of indulgent chocolates, especially if your husband has a sweet tooth. You’re certain he could snack on just about any sugary goodie and be content with it, but he’s your husband. He deserves quality confections on par with his own level of sweetness. 

A gift from Godiva sounds like just the right fit. This Belgian-based international confectionary maker was founded in 1926 and has grown to extraordinary heights due to its array of artisanal chocolates. Shop a range of high-end goodies ranging from dark and milk chocolates to luxurious truffles and chocolate coated strawberries. 

Never settle for second-best or commercial chocolate when you can get gourmet products straight from the Godiva company. If that sounds enticing to you, then just imagine how your husband would feel. 

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4. NFL Shop

For the Passionate Football Lovers

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Buy NFL Shop Gift Cards

There’s no denying the cultural impact of football, nor the influence that sports in general have on many demographics throughout the whole world. They’re exciting events filled with action and thrill, capable of entertaining thousands of individuals every single day. 

It stands to reason many husbands would have a fondness for football when hailing from a community where the sport is coveted, which is exactly why they deserve a gift that acknowledges that fact. The NFL Shop is around to satisfy any eager football fan’s passionate devotion to the sport with a range of officially licensed merchandise representing the teams they love most. 

It doesn’t matter which team he’s repping, because the NFL Shop has gear for them all. Find throwback jerseys, autographed footballs, fun bobble-heads, awesome posters, and numerous exclusive items and collectables that could be worth a lot of moolah in the future. Even if it’s not your thing, this list is about him, so do what would make him happiest and keep your marriage going strong. 

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5. eBay 

Infinite Potential and Endless Enjoyment

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eBay Gift Card 

Before you toss the idea aside out of fear of being perceived as tacky, cheap, or thoughtless, let’s talk about how revolutionary e-commerce is and how platforms that allow customer-to-customer business transactions can open up a world of possibilities. And the brand we have to thank for this increased accessibility to niche products perfect for the average person is none other than eBay. 

And truly, a shopping spree on eBay is unrivaled. Their marketplace is packed with obscure finds, limited editions, and just about everything else under the sun. There really isn’t anything you can’t find on eBay, and with price tags set by others like you, you know you’re getting a reasonable value for a variety of cool products. 

Say goodbye to the days of listening to your husband lament about not being able to find a mint condition action figure from his childhood – or any number of other fun, nostalgic things – because eBay has got its customers covered. 

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6. Longhorn Steakhouse

Romance and a Good Meal All in One Night 

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You know your husband best and, much like many other men out there, he’s always down for a good meal. And one that neither of you have to put much effort into? Now that’s right up his alley, which means there’s no excuse to put off a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse any longer. 

Experience an excellent, tasteful cuisine and a relaxed, casual restaurant ambience at any of the nearly six hundred Longhorn Steakhouse locations. While their namesake guarantees a juicy steak with every plate, the menu at Longhorn consists of way more than hearty meat dishes. From farm fresh greens and filling soups to plates filled with shrimp and cheddar stuffed portabella mushrooms, Longhorn Steakhouse has an option for everyone. Plus, their desserts are nothing to gloss over; finish off a great evening out with a slice of mouthwatering goodness! 

Once you find out where the closest location to you is, be sure to visit Gift Card Granny to snag a Longhorn Steakhouse gift card and earn cash back. After all, the only thing better than food is saving money while digging into a plate of deliciousness.

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7. Nautica

Submerge Yourself in an Ocean of Fashion

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Buy Nautica Gift Cards

No matter how many years pass, you still find yourself falling in love all over again each time you catch a glimpse of your beautiful husband. Even if he’s dressed in the most unfashionable sweatpants and tee shirt combo you’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing, you can’t help but admire how well he pulls off the outfit. 

His captivating smile and warm eyes aside, it still wouldn’t kill him to dress up in clothes that accurately capture his handsome aura from time to time. Be a supportive spouse and give him a push in the right direction with styles the both of you will adore from Nautica. 

A leading global lifestyle brand, Nautica is an American apparel company with products inspired by the freedom of the open seas. Set your husband’s sailor heart on a stylish voyage with clothes that transform the nautical into modern fashion pieces. Their catalog is overflowing with classic apparel including jeans, polos, sweatshirts, swimwear, and basically anything else an occasion could call for. 

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8. Hammacher Schlemmer 

Quality Hardware Fit for a Husband

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Hammacher Schlemmer

A guy needs equipment he can depend on. Tools that aren’t going to break when the going gets tough, that are going to offer support in times of trouble. They should be the backbone he can count on, even if he isn’t typically one for getting his hands dirty. 

Hammacher Schlemmer is more than dependable – it’s a tradition. Being in the business for nearly two hundred years, this company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing products that work as intended. 

Find practical tools, nifty gadgets, useful appliances, and everyday items to make the house feel like a home. Reliable hardware shouldn’t require a treasure map to access, and Hammacher Schlemmer commits to that integral value.

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9. Custom Visa Card

Give Him the Gift of Anything He Can Image

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Buy Visa Gift Cards

You don’t always have to go all-out when it comes to gift giving. Yes, there’s certainly a temptation to impress and delight others with something spectacular and unconventional, but this is your husband we’re talking about. His affection for you isn’t based on material gifts, and anything he receives from you will surely be cherished by him. 

And, honestly, what’s better than a gift card that can be used pretty much anywhere, on anything? 

Look to Visa for the perfect gift to give your hubby. With a custom Visa gift card, he will have the freedom to shop at any of his favorite retailers, brands, and even small businesses, all with one the convenience of one card. Load any amount you desire, send the card his way, and watch him delight in the ease and simplicity of it. There’s no commitments or rules to follow, so he can enjoy without worry. 

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it -- the most popular gift cards to get your husband!

Did this list help you find the perfect gift? We certainly hope so, but remember that any gift that comes from a loving spouse is something worth appreciating. Celebrate your dedication to each other with these great finds and live out your happily ever after!