Gift Cards for In Laws: Everything You Need to Make Their Day!

One of the best parts about getting married is having the chance to get to know a new family. When a couple ties the knot, their families are also linked, which is a great thing! Although sometimes members of your new extended family may not exactly be your cup of tea, there’s always a way to find middle ground and get to know each other better. Your in laws are the parents of your spouse, and can easily turn into some of your best friends. While they may not be your family by blood, they quickly can start to feel like family in no time.


One of the best ways to foster a good relationship with your in laws is by remembering days that are special to them, such as their birthdays, their anniversary, and even on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  One of the best ways to show you care on those important days is by giving a gift you know they’ll appreciate. We can’t think of anything better to give your in laws than a gift card!


There are gift cards for almost everything you can think of now, which means you’re sure to find one that fits your mother or father in law. Gift cards are always a welcomed present because they give the recipient the freedom to choose exactly what they want, when they want it. You can’t go wrong when you pick up a gift card, especially for your in laws.

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Each brand that is available on Gift Card Granny at the time of this writing has also been marked for your convenience. Now, let’s find out what the top 10 gift cards are for in laws you need to pick up today!


We’ve included cards that are: 

  • Perfect restaurants for in laws

  • Great gifts for a father in law

  • Perfect gift cards for mother in laws

  • Gift cards for great experiences

Mitchell’s Fish Market

A delicious seafood restaurants your in laws will love


If your in laws are big seafood fans, you’ve got to consider getting them a gift card to Mitchell’s Fish Market. There is always something delicious on the menu that’s sure to please them. Whether they’re huge fans of fish like salmon or sea bass, or they’d rather enjoy shrimp, crab, or lobster, you’re going to get a smile when you give this gift card. Even if one of your in laws isn’t the biggest seafood fan, there are other choices on the menu too like filet mignon and chicken parmesan. 


Give the gift of fresh seafood when you pick up this gift card and allow your in laws to treat themselves to a special night out.


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Olive Garden

Enjoy a fun atmosphere at this family favorite restaurant

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Do your in laws love Italian food? Are they looking to get out of the house more? Then a gift card to the Olive Garden is exactly what you need to send their way.  No one can say no to the endless breadsticks and salad, but it’s their main entrees that really keep people coming back for more. With choices like shrimp alfredo, veal marsala, lasagna, stuffed shells, and eggplant parmesan, your in laws are going to enjoy their meal.


There’s always something yummy on the menu, and the Olive Garden even allows you to create your own pasta! Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, because this place has some seriously delicious tiramisu and even warm Italian doughnuts. 


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One Kings Lane

Allow your in laws to decorate their space with a gift card to this chic store

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Have your in laws been talking about redecorating or revamping their living space lately? If they have, they would definitely appreciate a gift card to One Kings Lane. This chic and stylish store has everything they need to spruce up any room in the house, and outside of the house as well! Whether they’re looking for rugs, curtains, pillows, couches, or storage solutions, there is something for everyone at this popular store.


If they’ve been meaning to revamp their porch, patio, or deck, One Kings Lane has everything from umbrellas, patio chairs, tables, and swings to really make their outdoor space pop. If they’re not sure where to start, they could even choose to use One Kings Lane interior design services to help them get started!


Give the gift of tasteful home and outdoor decor with a gift card to One Kings Lane from Gift Card Granny.

Stub Hub

Give the gift of a concert to your in laws!

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If your in laws love going to live events like concerts and sporting events, then a gift card to Stub Hub is sure to please them. Stub Hub is an easy to use platform that allows people to buy and sell and even exchange tickets. They have sporting events, music concerts, theater tickets, comedy shows and more to choose from. If your in laws are always talking about getting out there and trying new things, then this is the perfect way to do just that! 


They can choose the type of entertainment they want in their city, and use the gift card to purchase tickets. It’s really that easy! No matter where their interests are, they're sure to find something on Stub Hub. Additionally, if they have tickets to an event they can’t attend, it’s super easy to sell their tickets on Stub Hub as well.


Give your in laws a gift to experience more music, theater, and sports with a gift card to Stub Hub from Gift Card Granny. You’ll even earn yourself cash back in the process!

Sportsman Warehouse

Give the gift of great gear for the outdoors to your in laws


Is your father in law an avid outdoorsman? Does he take almost every chance he can to get outside and enjoy his hobbies? Well then you definitely need to pick him up a gift card to Sportsman Warehouse. This is your one stop shop for all things hunting, fishing, boating, and camping. He can pick up footwear and outdoor cooking supplies here as well. No matter if he just got into his hobby recently, or has enjoyed it his entire life, there’s always something he could use at a store like this.


A gift card to this place will allow him to stock up on all he needs for a fun summer camping trip, or going out to hunt during deer season. Give the gift of a great outdoor experience with a gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse at Gift Card Granny!

Saks Fifth Avenue

A great store that offers upscale clothing and jewelry

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Is your mother in law a fashionista? Is she always looking for the latest trends each season from the runway? Or perhaps she just can’t seem to get enough jewelry. Well then she would just love a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue. This high end store has anything someone who loves to express themselves through fashion could want. Whether she needs a new summer outfit, shoes to match, a beautiful diamond bracelet, a silk scarf, or anything in between, you’re going to find it at Saks.


The quality of the items at this store is well known, and savvy shoppers have been picking up their outfits and other apparel here for years. But don’t forget to check out their makeup and perfume collection as well for a curated selection of all her favorite brands. 


Get your mother in law a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue and give her the gift of fashion. You can get it at Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on your purchases. 

Four Seasons Resorts

Allow your in laws some time to get away on vacation!

One of the best gifts you can get anyone, especially your in laws, is the gift of travel. Why not give them the nudge they need to finally take their dream vacation? You could do just that with a gift card to the Four Seasons Resorts. Everyone deserves a break once in a while, and getting a gift card to this hotel company is the perfect reason to do just that. No matter if they want to go to Hawaii, Orlando, Philadelphia, Paris, or Madrid, they’ll be able to use a gift card to help pay for their stay.


Booking online is super easy, and they can use the gift card to reserve their own little piece of paradise. These resorts are all held up to the highest standards, and offer guests all kinds of amenities such as luxury rooms, pools, fine dining, and exercise and wellness equipment.


Make sure your in laws take the vacation of their dreams with a gift card to The Four Seasons Resorts from Gift Card Granny!


Come fly the friendly skies with a gift card to Delta

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Another great way you can ensure your in laws take a break from their busy lives is to purchase a gift card to Delta Airlines. After all, who doesn’t want to get away and see a new city or country? With Delta you can always be sure you’re going to get the best service in the airline industry. Whether they want to take a vacation across the country or around the world, Delta is sure to service the city and country they want to visit. 


With Delta, you can rest assured that they’ll work to make your flight as comfortable as possible, helping you relax and enjoy the journey. Whether that involves watching movies, listening to music, or enjoying their food and beverage service, you can count on Delta.


Get your in laws a gift card to Delta Airlines and help them take the vacation of their dreams. Snag your Delta gift card at Gift Card Granny today! 

TGI Fridays

Great food in a fun atmosphere is just what your in laws need

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If it’s been a long week, there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing at a local TGI Fridays. This popular casual restaurant has all kinds of goodies on the menu, which will give your in laws a break from cooking. Whether they want to choose items from the grill like burgers or chicken, or Friday’s famous wings and mozzarella sticks, there’s nothing bad to order here! Fridays has a fun atmosphere, which is so nice at the end of a long day, and your in laws will definitely appreciate the gift!


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Wine Enthusiast

The perfect gift card for wine-loving in laws

Are your in laws wine lovers? If they are, then a gift card to the Wine Enthusiast is a must have. Whether they need a storage solution for their wine, or need to stock up on glassware, they can get the best items at this store made for wine lovers. In addition to great home storage options, Wine Enthusiast also offers the best wine carrying accessories as well. This way, they can always bring their favorite wines with them wherever they go!


If your in laws enjoy wine, this will really make them happy. Pick up your Wine Enthusiast gift card at Gift Card Granny!


When it comes time to celebrate your in laws’ special days, make sure to get them a gift card on this list. They’ll appreciate the gesture and really like that you’re giving them the gift of choice!