Help Out Low Income Families with These Great Gift Card Ideas

There are many families who struggle to afford the basic necessities of living, but the following gift cards can offer some relief for the financial burdens for low income families

Let’s face it: living is expensive. The cost of just about everything, from gas to groceries, has risen at an alarming rate over the past few years, and a lot of people are beginning to feel the effect on their wallet. 


Of course, the main demographic affected by this issue is low income families. They aren’t equipped with the means to handle a surge in prices for everyday essentials at such a drastic speed, and their bank accounts are certainly suffering as a result.


Perhaps you’ve offered monetary support to friends who you know have been struggling, only to have them turn you down out of a mix of pride and guilt. Many people don’t feel comfortable when it comes to taking money from others, even from friends and family members who want to help. This is where gift cards enter as the perfect remedy for the situation, possessing the same value as genuine currency without the added dose of shame.


Gift Card Granny has tons of gift card options to help any low income family get by and thrive with what is available to them. You can expect to find plenty of useful gift card ideas in this list, including the following:

  • Gift cards for home goods

  • Gift cards for living necessities 

  • Gift cards for clothing and accessories

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Low Income Families with Gift Card Granny

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Gift Card Granny makes gift card shopping a piece of cake by hosting tons of local and national retailers all in one place, all while earning you cash back in the meantime. Forget about running around last minute to pick up gift cards from all those brands you love when Gift Card Granny is merely a click away. Seriously, this gift card retailer will save you tons of time and money, so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

A Store to Make Home Feel Like Home


Living within the means of a limited income does not mean having a life devoid of style, and as a caring and generous friend, you’re eager to do your own small part to help ensure their household is still as inspired as ever. 


Bed Bath and Beyond has one of the best selections of home furnishings around for price tags that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Shop stunning decorations to bring the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or dining room to life. With beautiful furniture, elegant curtains, attractive dinnerware collections, and countless other items to help bring any household together, every family will be pleased by the variety of options available at Bed Bath and Beyond.


There’s no slacking when it comes to personal care and health products, either. Bed Bath and Beyond keeps many grooming and wellness tools in stock such as facial cleansers, hair styling products, brushes, oral care supplies, body wash, and even supplements and multivitamins!

A gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond will certainly go a long way, so pick one up from Gift Card Granny and earn the easiest cash back of your life!


Clothing and Savings for All

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It’s important to save where you can when you’re working within the means of a limited income. Every transaction counts, so go with a retailer that’s going to be on your side when it comes to saving money. 


With an abundance of spectacular deals to marvel at, Kohl’s is the place to be for making the most of your shopping experience. Their clothing selection is brimming with cute cuts and fun colors, with plenty of variety to appeal to young and old eyes alike. Kohl’s didn’t become the largest department store chain in the United States selling just clothes, though, so don’t overlook their collection of home goods.


Sweeten up any household with the latest Kohl’s finds. From practical appliances and home decor to electronics and toys, each Kohl’s location is stocked full of products that will revitalize the home and help bring families together. Mom and dad will be happy to get new tools and furnishings, while the kids can enjoy exciting new tech and supplies for school. 


Save big time with a gift card to Kohl’s from Gift Card Granny. You’ll earn easy cash back with us and help low income families save a few bucks on their next shopping trip – everybody wins! 

CVS Pharmacy 

Good Health is the Key to a Good LIfe

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Being sick is never fun, but being sick while poor? Now that’s a fate worse than death (and I’m only exaggerating a little). 


Seriously, though, getting sick is a miserable time that only seems to get worse when the medication isn’t affordable for everyone. There are many low income families out there who have made the difficult decision to go without medicine to ensure they can afford to buy groceries or make rent payments on time, putting members of their family at risk of becoming even sicker, which can have serious consequences. 


Spare a family the financial and emotional pain of a potential hospital visit with a CVS Pharmacy gift card from Gift Card Granny. CVS connects buyers with direct access to trained pharmacists who are well equipped to handle the dispensing of prescriptions and other regulated medications. Their stores also have a large inventory of over the counter medications, ointments, supplements, vitamins, and personal care items to help sustain good health. 

Finish Line

Run to Catch Up with These Fashionable Savings!

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Shoe shopping can turn into an expensive hobby for pretty much anyone, but families who don’t have a lot of disposable income likely already feel the financial strain that comes with buying a new pair of shoes. This can present an even bigger problem in families with active children who participate in sports. 


Wear and tear builds up fast when shoes are being used a lot, and since athletic gear isn’t cheap, it’s important to find a retailer that fits within a limited budget. Finish Line is an American retail chain that specializes in the sale of athletic shoes, apparel, and related accessories. From basketball sneakers and running shoes to hiking boots and stylish sandals, Finish Line does not fail to deliver quality products that take any athletic endeavor to the next level.  


Not all children have access to the same resources as the more financially fortunate families do, which can have a negative impact on their development and make them feel socially displaced. Giving children of low income families the means to buy new gear allows them to follow their passions and thrive alongside their peers. 


Support budding young athletes (or just particularly sporty kids) with a Finish Line gift card from Gift Card Granny and get rewarded with cash back!


Passionate Pet Lovers You Can Trust

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Pets are our loving, fur-covered members of the family that deserve to be spoiled rotten on account of their cuteness. While there’s no doubt the average person longs to give their pet a lavish life containing plenty of delicious treats and pampering sessions, the cost can hold people back. 


Having a pet is a commitment of time and money, but that doesn’t mean it’s an undertaking to be scared of. With services like Chewy, pet owners can take a breather and relax. Chewy is an American online retailer of pet supplies that delivers essential items like pet food, litter, and supplements straight to your front door. With great prices and deals to take advantage of, including an autoship service that saves buyers a nice chunk of change in the long run, Chewy is great for low income families with pets. 


Chewy also employs licensed pharmacists, allowing shoppers to handle all of their pets medication needs from the Chewy app or website. There are many over the counter options available to pet owners too, like flea and tick treatments, dewormers, antibiotics, and allergy relief medication. Chewy can even connect customers with experienced veterinarians to obtain personalized care for their furry friends. 


Chewy is not yet available on Gift Card Granny, but check back soon to see which amazing retailers join us next! 

Old Navy

There’s Nothing Outdated About It

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Though we do our best to take care of the clothes we own, nothing can withstand the test of time forever. Eventually, new clothes will have to be purchased to replace the faded and ripped ones, and no amount of protesting from an empty wallet will change that. Luckily, there’s Old Navy to help out in a pinch.   


Since Old Navy first opened its doors back in 1994, this American retailer has been supplying the public with access to fashionable clothes and accessories for a reduced price. Old Navy was originally created as a discount apparel company, and it continues to operate with savings in mind. 


A shopping trip to Old Navy is something the whole family can have fun with. Mom, dad, and the kids will have tons of stylish outfits to add to their closets after seeing the latest arrivals at Old Navy. From tank tops, polos, and sweatshirts to dresses, leggings, and shoes, Old Navy is overflowing with quality, affordable attire. 


Instead of sitting idly by while a fellow family struggles to find the funds to afford new clothing items, step in and help with a generous gift card to Old Navy from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back too!


Millions of Items for Great Prices

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Situations we aren’t prepared for happen constantly, and while some people have the luxury of hopping into a car and dashing for the closest convenience store, many find themselves unable to do even that. But in this modern age of innovation and technology, delivery is a mere click away, and can be exactly what you need to save the day. 


Enter Amazon, a multifaceted company that prides itself on exceptional delivery services that combine speed with the power of the latest technological developments. Amazon has moved well beyond its humble beginnings as an online book retailer and now sits comfortably as one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world. 


Browse a nearly infinite inventory that will put any department store to shame all from the comfort of your couch. Getting stocked up on the essentials is easy with Amazon, and you never have to worry about the shelves being empty – Amazon keeps buyers up-to-date with inventory information and finds great alternatives when the situation calls for it. 


While Gift Card Granny does not currently offer Amazon, be sure to keep an eye out for the next retailers who join our catalog!



Wow, that was all a mouthful. Surely your brain is abuzz with all the information you just read about the awesome gift cards available on Gift Card Granny, overwhelming you to the point of being unable to decide which gift card option is the right one for you. And the truth of the matter is: there is no right or wrong option. Everyone’s lives are different, and what benefits one family might have little impact on another. 


Don’t let that deter you from going out of your way to lend assistance, though. A gift is always going to be appreciated, especially if it is given with the intention of helping out. Low income families may be reluctant to ask for help due to feeling ashamed, but a gift shows them that you care and are watching out for them. 


Never be afraid to be a kind person. The world can be a tough, cruel, and unforgiving place, but if people do their best to watch out for each other and step in to help when the time comes, then we could build a society that improves life for everyone. Start by making a small change with the magic of gift cards!