Gift Cards For Moms: 10 Gift Card Ideas That Are The Perfect Way to Show Mom Some Love

It’s no secret that moms are basically superheroes. From getting you through your embarrassing teen years to giving you cooking advice as an adult, moms really can (and do) do it all. They take care of you your whole life and no matter how old you get you’ll still always be their baby. 

With the passing of Mother’s Day, you might be feeling extra appreciative for your mom and want to show her again how much she means to you. But wanting to do something special for mom and knowing where to actually start are two separate things. It can sometimes feel like your mom has everything, so what do you get her that she’ll actually love? Well, we’ve got you covered. They say you can’t go wrong with gifting a gift card, and this is especially true for moms. What do you get a mom who has everything? A gift card so she can get herself whatever she wants!


In this article we’re going to talk about 10 gift cards for moms that are so perfect you can’t go wrong with them! Here are some examples so you know what to expect! 

  • Gift cards to moms favorite stores

  • Gift cards for the coffee obsessed mom

  • Gift cards to treat mom to a dinner night out 


Before we jump into all the amazing gift card suggestions we’ve picked for you, let’s talk about where you can get these awesome gift cards! Gift Card Granny is a site that makes it easy to buy gift cards online. At GCG you can search thousands of gift cards all on one site. And the best part of it all? You can earn cashback on your gift cards when you purchase them through GCG! So not only can you snag your mom a gift card to her favorite spot, but you can also save some money while you do it! If that isn’t a win-win, then we don’t know what is! 


Now that you know where you can search for gift cards, let’s get into it! 


*All gift cards mentioned below are available on GCG as of the time this article is published! But don’t wait too long before buying, because these deals will sell fast! 


1. Sephora 

The perfect gift card for the makeup artist of your family! 


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Whether your mom is a lover of all things makeup or she’s really into skincare, you can’t go wrong with a Sephora gift card. From makeup, to perfume, to skincare and makeup tutorials, your mom is sure to put her gift card to good use! They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but for some girls their bestie is their favorite concealer or that perfect shade of blush! A Sephora gift card is perfect if your mom is a lover of makeup but you aren’t sure what products to get her or what she might like. 


Besides, what better way to treat your mom than to give her the gift of being able to pick out her own products to help her feel as beautiful as you see her? Aside from buying products at Sephora, your mom can use her gift card to get a makeover or a consultation on what products would be great for her! 


If you’re looking to get your mom a Sephora gift card and you want to save with some cash back, pick up a Sephora gift card on Gift Card Granny! 


2. Olive Garden 

Give mom the night off from cooking dinner and treat her to a delicious meal out! 


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Did someone say endless salad and breadsticks? Olive Garden is the perfect place if your mom is a fan of Italian-inspired cuisine! Your mom works hard all day and then comes home and is a master chef for her family. What better way to spoil your mom than to treat her to a nice dinner out? Olive Garden is a great place to grab dinner that’s not too fancy that mom will feel pressured to dress up, but it’s fancy enough to make your mom feel treasured! 


We’ve yet to meet a momma who doesn’t love a good breadstick, but if your mom is the exception then don’t worry! Olive garden has plenty of menu options to choose from that your mom will have no trouble finding something she’ll love! Olive Garden also offers a selection of vegetarian and gluten free options as well! 


Check out Gift Card Granny and start saving when you buy an Olive Garden gift card today! 


3. Walmart

Walmart has something that every mom will love!


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Walmart is one of those stores that has EVERYTHING. So why can’t it have the perfect gift for mom? With so many things to choose from, Walmart is a great gift card option because they’re sure to have something your mom will love! From groceries to pool accessories, Walmart has something for any mom to enjoy! Whether your mom is an electronic guru, an avid gardener, or is suddenly into camping, Walmart has something for her! 


If your mom doesn’t see something she likes in store, Walmart gift cards are a great gift because your mom can use it on their online store as well! So not only can mom shop around the store and grab what she wants, she also has the option to find some cool gadgets online as well! 


Start saving with cashback on GCG and buy a Walmart gift card today! 


4. Cold Stone Creamery 

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Cold Stone Creamery is a great place for moms with a sweet tooth! 


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Cold Stone Creamery is a great gift card option for moms with a certified sweet tooth! With options of a banana split, a traditional cone, milkshakes, or even sorbet options, Cold Stone Creamery has something that will suit any mom’s tastes! Oh, and let’s not forget the handmade waffle cones and bowls! Take mom out for a treat with a Cold Stone Creamery gift card! 


Is your mom not that into ice cream cones? Cold Stone Creamery offers cakes and shakes that your mom can enjoy with her gift card too! Have a fun day out bonding with mom over a sweet treat, or let mom use her gift card for when she’s feeling like she needs a pick-me-up after a hard day at work!


Give mom the gift of ice cream while saving money yourself! Go to Gift Card Granny and pick up a Cold Stone Creamery gift card


5. Disney Store 

Bring the magic of Disney to mom with a Disney Store gift card from GCG! 


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Calling all Disney moms! Is your mom a Disney mom, a lover of princess movies, or just loves going to Disney parks? Well, then you can’t go wrong with a Disney Store gift card! A Disney Store gift card is the perfect way to give your mom a taste of Disney without having to splurge on a trip to one of Disney’s famous parks! A Disney Store gift card is a great option to let your mom pick out something magical for herself!


Another great part about giving mom a Disney Store gift card is that she can use it to buy herself something new for her next trip to one of the parks (new ears anyone?). Or, she can use it to help tide her over and keep her Disney fix filled until her next visit! 


Give mom the gift of Disney magic when you buy a Disney Store gift card on Gift Card Granny! 


6. QVC 

Let mom pick from thousands of options with a QVC gift card! 


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QVC is one of those online sites that seems to have anything and everything. Be honest, we’ve all fallen victim to a late night infomercial advertising a hand mixer (or something crazy that we definitely don’t need and buy anyway). Moms are no different, and more times than not QVC is the place to go for home decor options at an affordable price! Besides, who can really resist when they make it look so great on TV?


A QVC gift card is great for any mom who is hard to shop for. From fashion items to home items and everything in between, QVC has so many options for moms to pick from. A QVC gift card is great too because QVC offers easy pay on almost all their items, so your mom can get more bang for her buck too! 


Pick up a QVC gift card on Gift Card Granny today and save money with cashback to keep for yourself! 


7. Dunkin’ 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card for mom, because what mom doesn’t sometimes have to run on coffee? 



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Dunkin’ is the perfect gift card option for the mom who runs on coffee and just needs a little pick-me-up throughout the day! Known for having amazing coffee and tasty pastry treats (and let’s not forget their breakfast options-yum!), Dunkin’ has something on their menu for any coffee connoisseur out there! Remind mom how much you appreciate her everytime she uses her gift card to grab her morning coffee! 


Is your mom not a huge coffee drinker? No worries! Not only does Dunkin’ have a wide selection of coffee options, but they also offer a wide variety of refreshers to help get mom’s day started on the right foot! 


Help mom stay energized throughout her day when you buy a Dunkin’ gift card from GCG! 


8. Macy’s 

Treat mom to anything she wants with a Macy’s gift card! 


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With the long awaited arrival of Spring (finally!), comes the need to refresh your wardrobe. Macy’s is the perfect store to help mom stock up on all her Springtime fashion favorites. Gift mom the gift of a new Spring bag, some beautiful pastel pieces to add to her wardrobe, or even some new sandals to help ring in the season. Macy’s also has tons of perfume options to choose from to help your mom pick out a new Spring scent!


If your mom’s not into (or just doesn't need to) revamping her closet, Macy’s has so much more to offer than just clothing pieces! With a large houseware and furniture section, Macy’s has everything your mom might need to give her home a makeover! A Macy’s gift card is also easy to use on Macy’s site online if your mom doesn’t find anything in store! 


Help your mom treat herself to something nice this Spring! Buy a Macy’s gift card from GCG and earn cashback for yourself today! 


9. Uber Eats 

Order lunch in with an Uber Eats gift card! 


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Uber Eats is a great gift card selection for the busy mom! Let your mom know you’re thinking of her with an Uber Eats gift card so you can treat her to lunch when she doesn't have time to go out and get something at work! With so many food options on their site, Uber Eats is a great way for mom to order food in without only having the option of fast food! 


Not only does Uber Eats deliver food to mom wherever she is, but Uber Eats also has a variety of stores on their site for mom to order from. This is a great gift idea for any busy mom who might not have time to run to the store and can instead use her gift card to have groceries delivered to her! 


Make mom's life a little easier and buy an Uber Eats gift card to help bring lunch or groceries to her! 


10. Personalized Visa 

Let mom use her gift card for anything with a Visa gift card! 


Use a Visa gift card anywhere! 


When all else fails and if you can’t think of where your mom might like a gift card to, then get her a Visa gift card! Visa gift cards are the perfect option for a mom who has everything, or for a mom you just can’t decide what to get her! Visas can be used almost anywhere, both in person and online, just like a credit card. This way mom can pick out what she wants wherever she wants! 


On Gift Card Granny’s site, you can even personalize your Visa gift card. So make mom’s gift extra special with a photo of you both on her new Visa gift card! This way, she’ll think of you everytime she goes to use it and will be reminded how much you appreciate her! 


Build a personalized Visa gift card on Gift Card Granny today and make your mom feel extra special! 


Moms do so much for us, it’s time to give back!

This may be the end of the article of gift card ideas for moms, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop here! Wanting to look for more gift card ideas, or didn’t see one that you thought fit your mom’s personality? Check out Gift Card Granny for thousands of gift card options that make the perfect gifts! Gift Card Granny has plenty of gift card options that aren’t listed here, so click here to have a look at some of GCG’s other retailers and earn cashback as you shop!