Our Top Gift Cards for New Babies

If you know a couple who have just brought a new baby into the world, chances are they’ve got their hands full! Whether it’s round-the-clock feeding times, changing diapers, or trying to catch up on a minute of sleep, new parents have a busy schedule. Put that on top of all their other commitments like work and family, and they probably don’t have much time to think about their own needs.

This is an exciting time for them but also a stressful one as they learn new routines that center around caring for their new baby. While they will eventually settle into a regimen that works for them, in the meantime they may need a little extra assistance. That’s when it’s great to have friends and family to fall back on for help. There’s always something a family member or friend could do to pitch in and help the new parents adjust to life with a young baby.

One of the best ways you can show your love and support to new parents is to help out with a gift card. That’s right, giving them a gift card allows them to make a choice and decide what they need at the moment. Whether it’s another pack of diapers, a new onesie set, or some toys, giving them the opportunity to choose makes all the difference in the world to them. 

We thought we’d put together a list of the top 10 gift cards new parents would love to receive from a family member or friend. In this list, we’re going to cover the following:

  • Gift cards for baby products
  • Gift cards for clothing
  • Gift cards for food 

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Another popular gift-giving site is GiftYa, which also offers customizable eGift cards! GiftYa lets you add custom photos or videos to all your gifts in the form of a virtual gift wrapper. A GiftYa can be sent by text or email, so the gift is always delivered within minutes. You can also schedule the gift to be sent on a specific date, such as a birthday or holiday. 

Let’s jump into some of our favorite gift cards for new babies!

1. Prepaid Visa Gift Card

Endless doors are opened to the recipients of a Visa gift card

Buy a Visa gift card

A prepaid Visa gift card is an excellent gift for a baby because it lets their parents take it and use it however they want. This card is especially good if you are entirely uncertain about which avenue to take. Do they need clothing or toys? Food or diapers? With a Visa gift card, they’ve got it all! These gift cards are a safe bet to ensure that they put the gift card towards something immediately and nullify the risk that it sits around for months and months until they forget about it. 

One of the big dangers of giving gift cards to babies is that their parents will forget about or misplace the card, whether it is virtual or a plastic one. There are a tremendous amount of gift cards out in the world that have never had the chance to get used because they weren’t able to be used right away. A Visa gift card takes that risk and removes it completely! 

Buy a Visa gift card

2. Amazon

Home to just about every item imaginable — an Amazon gift card is always a welcome sight

Buy an Amazon gift card

This is a no-brainer. An Amazon gift card for new babies is always a safe choice because there’s always something they need to be delivered. Going with an Amazon gift card is a little less personal than some of the other cards on this list, but there’s nothing wrong with that. An Amazon gift card is doubly nice for parents because they can choose to get something small for their baby or put the card towards a larger purchase. This might give them the incentive to splurge on a new item for their baby that they’ve been looking at for months! 

Gift cards from Amazon are something you can be absolutely certain will go towards something that your friend wants in their life. Unfortunately, you can’t get an Amazon gift card on Gift Card Granny quite yet, but you can snag one on GiftYa.

3. Target 

There are baby supplies aplenty at this nationwide superstore 

A Target gift card fulfills a similar niche as an Amazon one with the added ability to shop in-store. If you know that the parents like to shop, this could be a great gift card for their new baby. It is an opportunity for them to take a little trip and walk through the store looking for a cute outfit for their baby, a new toy, or anything that’s on their mind! 

Gift cards like Target and Amazon gift cards are amazing for babies because there are so many items that they need constantly, like diapers, baby food, clothes, and much more. A gift card that parents can spend on one of these consumable staples is always a welcome sight as it lets them get a bit of a break in their monthly budgeting.  

Gift Card Granny does not offer Target gift cards at this time, but check back soon! We are always adding more retailers

4. Kohl’s

New parents always welcome gift cards to this helpful store

Buy a Kohl’s gift card

Kohl’s is one of the most popular stores for a reason, you can literally find almost anything that you need there! New parents would be so grateful to get a thoughtful gift card like this because they can use it to pick up all the new baby items they’ll require. 

There are also plenty of items that new parents could use to indulge in a little self-care as well. There are a lot of clothes and other products to make a great day, and parents can step into a local Kohl’s to find discounts on well-loved brands, as well as exclusive items from high-end designers who only distribute to Kohl’s stores. Many celebrities and famous names, such as Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears, have sold branded clothing and exclusive products through Kohl’s name. 

Buy a Kohl’s gift card

5. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Every baby coming into the world needs a stuffed animal to grow up with, so get them one here!

Buy a Build-a-Bear gift card

A stuffed animal is essential for any new baby, and getting stuffed animals for a newborn is many people’s go-to gift. If you know a mother who would love to get a stuffed animal of her choosing for her newborn, then we think you should get her a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card for her new baby!

Build-A-Bear Workshop has been a go-to spot for kids of all ages to get a stuffed bear, dog, cat, or any animal of their choosing to have their own furry friend. You can even get Star Wars, Marvel, or other Disney characters and more if you want to ensure a kid has all of their parent's interests ready to go.

Buy a Build-a-Bear gift card

6. Barnes & Noble

You will always need baby books as a new mother, so make sure to get the new and latest ones out!

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

There are so many different kinds of books out there that are perfect for babies, toddlers, and other children as a baby grows up. If you are wondering what kind of baby books to get for the new mother’s baby shower that you are going to, you should consider a Barnes & Noble gift card right away!

Barnes & Noble is one of the best places to go to if you have a gift card there because they have so many amazing children’s books there that are perfect for a child of any age. Whether a mom is looking for baby books, books for toddlers, children, or even chapter books for when their child is learning how to read, we think that a Barnes & Noble gift card will definitely be a great gift to give.

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

7. Walmart

A gift card to an excellent superstore

Buy a Walmart gift card

Walmart is a fantastic gift card for a new baby. This superstore has everything that expecting parents may need, and a supply of gift cards to Walmart is excellent for emergency runs to the store whenever baby supplies run low. Gift cards to stores like Walmart are a fantastic gift for new babies. Along with the gift card, you can add some products you know they will need, like a pack of diapers, some items for baby-proofing, or some easy meals for the parents. 

Buy a Walmart gift card

8. Uber Eats

Get your food delivered right to your door with Uber Eats

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Although it’s a great idea to ensure the new parents you know are able to cook meals at home, you could also give the gift of easy food delivery with Uber Eats. Sometimes, it’s just easier to order out, and when that time comes, you can be prepared with a gift card for Uber Eats. There are all kinds of restaurants available to deliver, from Italian, Asian, Mexican, and pub food. The new parents in your life are sure to find a place that just hits the spot.

Ordering from Uber Eats is super easy, and when they’re in a time crunch, new parents will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift card. With a service like Uber Eats, you have to pay a premium for the convenient service. These extra fees can dissuade even the most tired parents from ordering out. That’s where your gift card comes in! This card will cover the fees and part of the meal, making it a perfect option for new parents. 

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

9. Home Depot

A gift card for baby-proofing projects

Buy a Home Depot gift card

When a baby comes into the house, new parents inevitably have some baby-proofing to do. Babies can get themselves into lots of trouble if they find loose items lying around the house. That’s where a Home Depot gift card comes in! With a Home Depot gift card, new parents can purchase the supplies needed to make little adjustments around the home to keep the little one safe. 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

10. Uber

A gift card for quick excursions

Buy an Uber gift card

There are times when new parents need to get somewhere fast. If you know parents who use ride-sharing services like Uber with regularity, then a gift card is a perfect way to support them. 

Buy an Uber gift card

Help out parents with a gift card for new babies!

While you won’t be able to take all the stress away from new parents, you can certainly help lighten their load with a timely gift card. Pick up any of these options, and you’re sure to make a difference in their daily lives!