Gift Cards for Police Officers

National Police Week comes around once a year during the month of May, and it presents a fantastic opportunity to take some time out of your busy schedule and spread positivity to any police officers you know. Whether it be a friend, family member, or a total stranger, it’s important to acknowledge the roles that police officers play in society by keeping communities safe and secure. 

There’s nothing stopping you from expressing your gratitude towards officers during anytime of the year, but National Police Week exists to formally appreciate the thousands of men and women who dedicate their lives to civil service. Its existence reminds folks to go out of their way to give thanks to police officers when they may otherwise never even think about it. Life can be so hectic sometimes that it is easy to overlook the little things, such as thanking someone who provides essential services to the public. 

A gift card is a great way to show your appreciation to any police officers you may know. Gift cards are both convenient and formal, which make them appropriate gifts for almost any scenario, from close friendships to professional interactions. If you are looking to give a gift to a police officer who you do not know personally, a gift card is probably going to end up being your best option since it will allow your recipient to choose what they want, sparing you the stress of deciding for yourself. 

There’s dozens of amazing options for gift cards available at Gift Card Granny. Let’s talk about all the possible gift cards choices perfect for expressing your gratitude for any police officers you know, such as:

  • Gift cards for food and dining
  • Gift cards for sports and outdoor recreation 
  • Gift cards for entertainment and leisure

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1. McAlister’s Deli

The best sandwich shop in town

Buy a McAlister’s Deli gift card

No cop should work on an empty stomach, and while there’s tons of convenient and fast dining options around, there’s no replacing a delicious meal from McAlister’s Deli. This sandwich shop chain is a great spot to hit up whether you’re on the clock or enjoying a day off, and with so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone on the menu. 

McAlister’s Deli currently has over five hundred locations in twenty-nine different states, so it’s definitely worth checking out if there’s one near you. They serve a range of scrumptious sandwiches including ham and cheese melts, reubens, grilled chicken clubs, black angus clubs, and spicy turkey melts. And if you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, McAlister’s Deli has fresh salads, baked potatoes, soups, and plenty of great sides. Pair any meal with their famous sweet tea for a match made in heaven. 

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2. Outback Steakhouse 

Fill up on your favorite dishes from down under 

Buy an Outback Steakhouse gift card

You certainly cannot go wrong with an Outback Steakhouse gift card. Any cop would appreciate a nice evening out with loved ones, dining on delicious steak and enjoying the casual atmosphere that this Australian-themed restaurant provides. 

Outback Steakhouse boasts an impressive menu packed with savory delights that will be on your mind long after your meal is finished. Get juicy steaks, fried shrimp, deep fried onions, filet mignon, lobster, grilled chicken, spicy meatloaf, and tons of sides including mashed potatoes, soups, and fresh salads. Outback Steakhouse also provides an affordable cocktail menu with creations that pair perfectly with any cuisine. 

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3. Mountain Hardware

Only the best gear for serious outdoor athletes

Buy a Mountain Hardware gift card

Staying in good shape is crucial for cops, which is why many of them participate in an array of athletic activities. Mountain Hardware manufactures athletic equipment and apparel that meets the high performance needs of many outdoor sports, including mountaineering, hiking, camping, and snowsports.

Mountain Hardware has an impressive catalog of products designed to offer technical support while looking stylish. Men and women have an assortment of fashionable choices for various types of weather, from insulated vests and fleece hoodies to pull-on shorts and long sleeve crew neck tees. Mountain Hardware also offers tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags for below freezing temperatures. 

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4. Bass Pro Shops

Get the best outdoors equipment for less

Buy a Bass Pro Shops gift card

When it comes to hobbies, do you know any police officers who prefer to spend their downtime enjoying everything that nature has to offer? Few things live up to the unfiltered beauty and peace of the great outdoors, which is why a Bass Pro Shops gift card is a great gift for folks who participate in outdoor recreational activities. 

Bass Pro Shops offers a diverse catalog of equipment and gear suited for a variety of outdoor activities. This retailer carries an array of quality products for hunting, fishing, boating, boating, shooting, camping, and other outdoor recreational fun. Bass Pro Shops also sells a range of apparel suited for the outdoors, including water-resistant jackets and footwear. 

Whether you’re in need of a tent, a reel, or a crossbow, Bass Pro Shops has plenty of paraphernalia for all of your outdoor needs. Snag a Bass Pro Shops gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back in no time!

5. Callaway Golf

Shop premier golf gear at this beloved retailer

Buy a Callaway Golf gift card


Golf may not be for everyone, but those who enjoy the pastime aren’t afraid to show off their passion for the sport. If you know any police officers who love spending their off days swinging clubs on carefully maintained turfgrass, then there’s a good chance a Callaway Golf gift card will be well received. 

Whether you are  serious about your golf game or simply like to let off stress with a couple of strokes, Callaway Golf has all the equipment you need to enjoy your game. Browse a variety of options for golf gear including headwear, golf bags, gloves, footwear, apparel, rangefinders, and many more accessories. Callaway Golf also offers a range of high-quality clubs and golf balls, as well as complete golf sets to put some style into your game. 

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6. PlayStation

Never run out of new video games to try

Buy a PlayStation gift card

Cops can’t be expected to work all the time. After all, everyone needs time to rest and recharge after a long day of work, and for many that involves sitting back and letting out steam with a fun and engaging video game. If you know any police officers who like to game on a PlayStation console, then a gift card for their go-to brand is always a smart choice.

The PlayStation store can be accessed through any modern PlayStation device, connecting users with an expansive catalog of games from various generations of consoles. New and old gamers alike can browse thousands of video game titles, get news of upcoming releases, and save big time on bundles of digital purchases. Whether you crave action and adventure or prefer puzzle games, there’s always something new to find on the PlayStation Store. 

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Help officers save big on discount hotel rooms

Buy a gift card

Everyone needs a break from the same old routine, even your neighborhood police officers. It can be a week-long vacation or a quick overnight trip in a nearby city – there’s no wrong choice, and a gift card for will come in handy for any getaway plans you make. gives you access to thousands of hotel rooms around the world. Whether your destination is domestic or you plan for international travel, has plenty of rooms to suit your needs. Simply enter your destination and the dates you plan on being there and browse dozens of options on hotel rooms for wherever you need to be. compares rates between various hotels in the area of your choice, helping you narrow down a room that fits neatly into your budget. 

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8. Dave & Buster’s 

Where you can play by your own rules

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Having a career as a police officer is no walk in the park. There will be stretches of time where spending time together as a family is practically impossible, which makes it all the more important to make the most of the free time you do have by enjoying each other’s company and making memories that will last for years to come. 

Dave & Buster’s offers the perfect family-friendly setting for energetic children and adults alike. This modern arcade is equipped with some of the greatest gaming machines to come out in recent times. In addition to games, Dave & Buster’s provides a full-service bar with access to multiple TVs airing live sporting events. It’s a great feature for the adults present who want to kick back and watch their favorite teams while sipping on a draft beer or cocktail. 

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Send a Digital Gift with GiftYa

A great, innovative new way to send virtual gift cards to folks you know is possible with GiftYa. With just a simple text message, you can give a thoughtful gift to any police officers you know. It’s a fantastic option when you aren’t sure which retailer your recipient would be interested in, since they can effortlessly swap out your choice for one that better suits them. Sending a GiftYa can be as formal or as personal as you would like, which makes the service great for sending gifts to pretty much anyone you know, whether it be a close friend or professional acquaintance. 

If you know any cops who love the convenience of digital gifts, you shouldn’t hesitate on checking out all that GiftYa has to offer!


Now that you have plenty of great gift card ideas, the thought of giving a gift to any police officers you may know is much less anxiety-inducing. Remember, try not to overthink your gift – it says a lot that you went out of your way to give a hard working police officer just to show your appreciation for all that they do. A gift card is always a great present for folks you aren’t used to shopping for, which makes them perfect for your neighborhood police officers. 

Have fun shopping and saving with Gift Card Granny!