The 10 Gift Cards to Give Your Professor That They’ll Actually Want

Need a gift idea to get your professor this year? Well, we’ve got you covered with these 10 gift card ideas any professor will love to get as a gift! 

If you’re in college then chances are you have a favorite professor. This professor can be an expert in your chosen field, a professor you had one time for your core class, or even just one that you’ve grown close with but might not even have for class. Regardless, everyone has a favorite professor at one point in their college career. And for good reason! Professors are the ones who get us excited about learning. Professors have the power to take a subject we might not have originally thought we’d like and turn it into a passion we didn’t know we could have. 

Or, they have the power to make your chosen major really come alive in class and remind you exactly why you chose this major in the first place. If you have a good professor that you love, the chances are that you will love the class they teach. And being able to love learning something new is a big deal, and deserves to be celebrated. 

So what do you do for the professor who you love? Maybe you’re looking for a gift to give them just for the sake of saying thank you, you’re in need of a birthday or Christmas gift idea, you’re graduating and want to give the influential professor in your life a gift to remember you and to say thanks, or you are just simply in the need for a gift idea for your favorite professor. Luckily for you, we’ve got the gift ideas to go along with all of those scenarios and then some! 

Gift cards are the perfect gift idea for anyone, especially professors. With a gift card your professor can use it now or use it later to get something they really love. Plus, they'll think of you whenever they use it so that’s a plus as well! We’ve even taken the liberty of breaking down our selected gift card ideas into categories to make it easier to shop for the professor you love.  

Here is a quick list of all of the gift cards we are going to be including in our article below. We’ve even categorized them to make your reading experience even that much easier! So check out these 10 gift cards to give your professor, and feel free to read through the article or skip ahead to a gift card that catches your eye. 

Gift Card Ideas for the Fun and Goofy Professor 

  • Walmart gift card
  • Chili’s Bar and Grill gift card
  • Pandora Jewelry gift card

Gift Card Ideas for the Professor Who Always Seems to be All Business and No Play 

  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore gift card 
  • The Cheesecake Factory gift card 
  • Hilton Hotels gift card

Gift Card Ideas That Are Perfect for Any Type of Professor 

  • Visa gift card
  • Office Depot gift card
  • UberEats gift card

Where and How to Order Your Gift Cards 

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Gift Card Ideas for the Fun and Goofy Professor 

1. Walmart 

A gift card to give that goofy professor the freedom to choose their own unique gift 

Buy a Walmart gift card

Buy Walmart Gift Cards 

A Walmart gift card is a great gift card idea to give that professor who is always fun and a little bit goofy in class. Walmart has just about anything you could be looking for, from food and produce, to outdoor adventure supplies, to unique electronic devices to make life a little more exciting. If your professor is a little quirky (in the best way, of course), then a Walmart gift card is a great idea because Walmart has something for everyone to love and they are sure to find something as fun as they are. 

Grab a Walmart gift card on Gift Card Granny’s website today and save money with cash back on your purchase. 

2. Chili’s Bar and Grill 

Treat your favorite professor to a night out of drinks and good food 

Buy a Chili’s gift card

Buy Chili's Gift Cards 

A Chili’s Bar and Grill gift card might seem like a weird gift card idea for a professor, but getting someone a gift card to a restaurant is always a great gift idea. But don’t just give them a gift card to any restaurant. Instead, get them a Chili’s Bar and Grill gift card so they can relax with delicious food and fun drinks. 

Head on over to Gift Card Granny’s site now and buy a Chili’s Bar and Grill gift card to treat your fun professor to a just as fun night out.

3. Pandora Jewelry 

Why not give your professor a jewelry gift that is just as much fun as they are?

Buy a Pandora gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online 

If you want to treat your favorite professor to something unique and pretty, then a Pandora Jewelry gift card is the way to go. Pandora Jewelry is known for their charm bracelets and themed jewelry pieces. So what better way to treat your quirky professor to a nice piece of jewelry than to one they can pick out herself that will match their personality best? 

Get a Pandora Jewelry gift card so your professor can choose a jewelry style that is just as unique as they are. 

Gift Card Ideas for the Professor Who Always Seems to be All Business and No Play 

1. Barnes and Noble Bookstore 

A gift card to let them choose a book that fits their personality and reading preferences

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Buy Barnes & Noble Gift Cards 

If your favorite professor is one that is all business and gets right to the point (everyone loves a hard worker), then a Barnes and Noble Bookstore might just be the perfect gift idea. With a Barnes and Noble gift card your professor can either unwind with a good book and finally relax at home, or they can use the gift card to help fund their research for their next big project. 

Buy a Barnes and Noble Bookstore gift card on Gift Card Granny for the serious professor and save money with cash back at the same time. 

2. The Cheesecake Factory 

The perfect gift card to treat your professor to a fancy dinner out 

Buy a Cheesecake Factory gift card

Buy The Cheesecake Factory Gift Cards 

The Cheesecake Factory is a nice restaurant that has tasty food and even more delicious cheesecake and dessert options! If your favorite professor is a hard worker, then what better gift to give them than a relaxing night out at a fancier restaurant? The Cheesecake Factory has a large menu, so even the pickiest of eaters is sure to find something they love here! 

Treat your professor to a much deserved night out to dinner and get a Cheesecake Factory gift card from Gift Card Granny today. 

3. Hilton Hotels 

A gift card to give your hardworking professor a much needed getaway to relax 

Buy a Hilton Hotels gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online

If you want to treat your professor to a relaxing weekend or night away, then a Hilton Hotels gift card is the perfect option! Or, if you know your professor is going on a trip soon either for vacation or for a conference, then helping out with hotel costs is a considerate and thoughtful gift idea. 

Go to Gift Card Granny’s website today and snag a Hilton Hotels gift card before they sell out! 

Gift Card Ideas That Are Perfect for Any Type of Professor 

1. Visa Gift Card 

A gift card that is as versatile as any great professor is 

Buy a Visa gift card

 Buy Visa Gift Cards

When shopping for anyone, you really can’t ever go wrong with a Visa gift card. Visa gift cards can be used almost anywhere that a Visa credit card can be used, making them one of the most versatile gift cards out there. So if you don’t know what to get your favorite professor or you’re unsure what their favorite place to eat or shop is, then a Visa gift card is a foolproof way to ensure they’ll love their gift. 

Buy a Visa gift card for any professor so they can use it anywhere they would like to! 

2. Dunkin’ Donuts 

A gift card to help with those long nights and early mornings 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

Buy Dunkin' Gift Cards

It’s no secret that professors work hard. And sometimes working hard means a lot of early mornings and a lot of late nights. So when your professor needs a little extra fuel to either start or get through their day, a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card can help do just that! With a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, regardless if they enjoy coffee or tea better, you can help make your professor’s day a little better! 

Grab a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card from Gift Card Granny today and fuel your professor for their next big lecture or early morning. 

3. Office Depot 

A gift card to help supply your professor with all the office essentials they might need this year

Buy an Office Depot gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online

Professors, like any other teaching or office based job, will need office supplies for each school year. And chances are if you go to a small university, they don’t supply these things for the staff. This is where an Office Depot gift card can come in handy. Your professor is sure to appreciate an Office Depot gift card because they can get the supplies they really want or might need. With an Office Depot gift card they can pick out their own supplies! 

Help your professor get all of the supplies they might need and get an Office Depot gift card from Gift Card Granny. 

4. UberEats 

Because sometimes professors might not have time to run out and grab lunch 

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Buy Uber Eats Gift Cards 

UberEats is another great gift card idea for anyone on your list, but it makes an especially great gift card idea for professors. Professors might not always be able to go out for lunch, don’t want to leave campus, or they might just be tired of eating in the school’s cafeteria every day. With an UberEats gift card they can have their favorite restaurants delivered right to them! Your professor can also use their UberEats gift card to have groceries or other supplies delivered as well! 

Use Gift Card Granny to pick up an Uber Eats gift card and save money with cash back on your gift card purchase. 

If you have a favorite professor who makes you love learning and love going to class, then why not celebrate them with a gift? And what better gift to give them than a gift card that you can be sure they will love and actually use. 

With a gift card you can give your professor a gift that they will love, and will make them feel appreciated for all that they do. Use this list as a starting point to give you some ideas! If you don’t see one on this list that you think would fit your favorite professor, then go to Gift Card Granny and search through the thousands of other gift cards available to find one you think your professor will love! But don’t wait too long before deciding to shop on the Gift Card Granny site, because these deals tend to go fast and will sell out quickly!