8 Gift Cards for Readers of All Ages

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a reader? Books are a classic, but depending on the reader, it may not be the right time. If you’ve been listening to them ramble, they may have dropped a hint that their stack of books waiting to be read goes from floor to ceiling in their favorite reading room. If that’s the case, a new book, while appreciated, won’t be at the top of their reading list. If books are out of the picture, where do you go next for gift-giving ideas?  

Look no further than the gift card to rule them all: gift cards. While gift cards are sometimes thought of as impersonal and less-than-perfect gifts they open up so many doors that your friend can pick on their own. Their gift card can turn into anything, from a simple pair of books when the time comes to a bag of premium coffee or money for their next vacation. 

Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top eight gift card ideas for readers, including: 

  • Gift cards for books
  • Gift cards for food and drink
  • Gift cards for accessories

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Barnes and Noble

A home for books, games, and much more!

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Buy Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

We would be remiss not to mention Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is an excellent choice for a gift card. They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. There is a certain pleasure in walking around the store without a specific destination, just looking at covers and titles as they catch your eye. Readers will all jump with joy at the prospect of being able to take a walk through one of their favorite stores, gift card in hand. 

There is a danger in giving a gift card that isn’t used right away. Gift cards that sit untouched for months have a much higher chance of being lost or forgotten, a fate that you want to avoid at all costs. Rest assured: this card will never be lost. They will wait patiently for the next time in which they have a book to purchase and purchase it they shall. 

Alongside its collection of books, Barnes and Noble have expanded its repertoire to sell a lot of games, tv and movie-related merchandise, and toys suitable for boys of all ages. Even the most assiduous reader can be up to their neck in unread books, and a Barnes and Noble gift card can cover them too! Not every kid has a reason to go into libraries or bookstores anymore, and getting them a gift card is the perfect incentive to step foot into a Barnes and Noble and see what it is all about. 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

A perfect blend of coffee delivered right to their door

Buy a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card

Buy Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Cards

Coffee and tea are widely consumed by all manner of people, and readers are no exception. Drinking one, or multiple, cups of coffee each day is a habit shared by many, and if your book-toting friend is one of those people then a gift card to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is an excellent gift! It allows them to order a coffee brew that is extraordinary, giving them a taste of a luxurious cup (or cups!) of coffee while their supply lasts.

As we prepare for the colder months, the delivery of coffee or tea might be just what the reader ordered. Spending a fall weekend with a good book in hand sitting in a chair by the window and brewing a pot of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee or tea is a picturesque moment. You could gift them that moment with a gift card to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 

Buy a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card

3. Harry and David

A gift card for readers who love snacks

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Buy Harry & David Gift Cards

In a similar vein is a gift card to Harry and David. Their store is filled with delicious food and dessert items, perfect for someone settling in to read. These treats can brighten up any day and are a fantastic companion for readers when they take time to relax. A box of chocolates, baked goods, fruits, gourmet food, and much more await your friend if you choose this gift card for them.  

Receiving a Harry and David gift card opens the door to many distinct and delicious items. If they are feeling a desire for something sweet or something salty — Harry and David has them covered.  

Buy a Harry and David gift card today

4. Yankee Candle

Add a spectacular scent to their latest reading journey

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card 

Buy Yankee Candle Gift Cards

When you’re reading, you want to create the perfect space in which you can relax.

Adding a candle to the day’s reading is the cherry on top. The subtle scents of a favorite candle set the tone for a period of maximum relaxation with a good book. A gift card to Yankee Candle is a spectacular choice for readers because then they get to choose what candle they want for their reading nook.  

Between their famous scented candles, wax melts, room sprays, diffusers, and more, it’s easy to pick out the perfect scent for a day of reading and relaxing. Your favorite bookworm will love picking out candles that fit the vibe of their latest read. It is impossible to overestimate the number of scents available at Yankee Candle. 

Whether they go in-store to shop or look online, half of the fun comes from checking out all the possible flavors! Now with different kinds of candles in all shapes and sizes, the experience of shopping for their candle is a gift unto itself. 

Order a Yankee Candle gift card

5. Storiarts

Unique shopping opportunities for readers


Storiarts takes reading to the next level. Taking the most remembered passages from literary classics, they transform it into everyday household objects like blankets, pillows, and scarves! Yes, this means your Shakespeare-loving friend can read all their favorite quotes in their yearly re-read while lounging on a pillow on which their favorite passage is printed. 

If your book-loving friend hasn’t heard of Storiarts, a gift card is doubly good for them. It opens the door for them to peruse all of their titles to find the books they love and check out what novelty decor, clothing, and accessories they can get — quotes included. 

Depending on the size of your gift, you can always get a few people together and pitch in on a gift card. Some of the items on Storiarts are over the classic gift card amount of $25, and it would be cool to get your favorite reader a gift card large enough for them to pick out an item for free on Storiarts!

Storiarts isn’t one of the thousands of retailers currently available on Gift Card Granny, but they could be soon. Be sure to check back for the latest additions to the Gift Card Granny catalog!

6. Airbnb

A gift card toward their next vacation

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Buy AirBnb Gift Cards

Is your friend a traveler? A traveling reader, perhaps? Is there a city they’ve always talked about but never gone to? An Airbnb gift card might be perfect for them! Airbnbs are popping up all over this country and are available all around the world. These vacation homes are varied, from small studio places just about big enough to set down your bags and sleep to luxurious and extravagant homes that can fit half a dozen people. 

Airbnbs are becoming an excellent alternative to hotels when it comes to vacationing. They offer a wide variety of locales and experiences, and your gift card can help them pay for that next weekend away.

Buy an Airbnb gift card

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Free coffee and donuts? Yes, please

Pick up a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card

Buy Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards

A gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts is a superb gift for readers everywhere. Ingesting caffeine whilst reading is a classic combination, and a gift card to Dunkin’ lets them get a few special drinks to take with them whenever they go out reading. This is a low-risk high reward gift card in that you can be sure they will enjoy every order on your card at Dunkin’. There are so many coffee drinks and specialty donuts nowadays that a handful of free orders are always appreciated. 

Pick up a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card

8. Audible

An auditory expedition into the unknown


A good book is a perfect companion for a forest hike.  

Now, this is a bit of a contentious option, as some readers are steadfastly against the idea of listening to a book. They want their books to smell like the printing press from which they came, and stay away from all other forms of consuming their literature. If, however, this reader dabbles in audiobooks from time to time then Audible could be a great choice for a gift card! A few audiobooks are perfect for their morning commute or as companions as they go on long and contemplative walks through the areas in which they live. 

Audible isn’t one of the thousands of retailers currently available on Gift Card Granny, but they could be soon. Be sure to check back for the latest additions to the Gift Card Granny catalog! 

Stack of Books 

The right gift card will allow your reading friend to get one step closer to the perfect day.

Those are our reader gift card ideas. Readers are a diverse bunch, and we hope that there are enough options on this list for you to be confident that you will deliver the perfect gift card into their hands for this occasion. Still uncertain? You can always ask! You can ask their closest friends and family for possible insights into any items that they’ve hinted at in the recent past. Armed with that knowledge, you can return to this list and find the perfect gift card! 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!