Thank Remote Employees with 7 Thoughtful Gift Card Ideas

You may never see them in the office, but that doesn’t mean the work they do isn’t deserving of recognition; reward their efforts with 7 of our spectacular gift card ideas!

A lot has changed over the past few years, and some of those changes have resulted in vast improvements to the way in which we as a society approach work. Jobs that offer remote positions have increased tremendously in such a short time, but the popularity surrounding remote work doesn’t make it hard to understand why.

If you’re someone who employs remote workers, you’re likely already aware of the benefits associated with working from home. Employees are more productive, have an easier time managing work-life balance, and are generally more happy with their jobs when they can perform remote work. 

What’s good for employees is good for business, so keep employee morale up with a little something extra to show that you care. Gift cards are a marvelous way to express gratitude without going to any extraordinary lengths, and they are super convenient for remote workers who live out of town. One digital code later and your gift is instantly delivered to the recipient of your choice. 

Let’s explore the many options offered through Gift Card Granny that are certain to be appreciated by remote employees, which includes:

  • Gift cards for furniture and apparel
  • Gift cards for food and treats
  • Gift cards for everyday use

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Remote Employees with Gift Card Granny

There’s no incentive to be a generous person, but when it comes to shopping for gift cards you might as well get your money’s worth. Gift Card Granny makes gift card shopping an easy and rewarding experience packed with unlimited cash back potential. Browse a massive catalog of gift card options for local and national brands, from the niche to the well-known. 

Gift cards are great for remote employees and can be sent anywhere in a matter of minutes, so you never have to worry about distance. Choose your favorites, load them with any amount you desire, and get cash back on all of your purchases with ease!

1. Custom Visa Card

Always Guaranteed to Please

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Visa gift cards are a tried and true gift option for remote employess, in-person employees, and pretty much everyone else on your list! That's why they're up first.

Some decisions are best left to those receiving the gift, especially when you might not know their personal interests and hobbies that well. Employing a large team of workers you rarely, if ever, get to see in person isn’t inherently negative, but it does make gift shopping a whole new level of difficult. Luckily, a gift card that can be used pretty much anywhere in the world is never a bad idea. 

Since Visa gift cards are accepted at thousands of online and brick and mortar stores, you can rest assured that your employee will get something they love with your gift. Plus with Gift Card Granny, you can customize your remote employee gift with your company's logo and a personal message in just a couple of clicks.

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2. Dooney and Bourke

Classic Style Meets A Rich Heritage 

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If you’re really looking to make an impression on your remote employees, then you might as well go for a gift that is as luxurious as it is thoughtful. Designer brands, albeit expensive, are a fantastic way to show that you don’t mess around when it comes to giving the best gifts out there. Before you completely dismiss the idea due to budget limits and obscene prices, let’s talk about the brilliance of affordable upscale brands that are appropriate for your wallet. 

Dooney and Bourke is a high-end retailer of fashionable handbags and accessories. On the surface they might seem no different than other comparable luxury brands, but once you take a look at their typical price tag it’s like a ray of light shining down through a dismal overcast sky. A majority of products from Dooney and Bourke are priced quite fairly and are not gouged to obscene proportions. We’re still talking a few hundred dollars for a sizable handbag, but this is largely more affordable than more famous luxury brands that force you to shell out a few thousand for something of similar quality. 

There’s a lot of wiggle room in the Dooney and Bourke catalog, too. Many luxury goods aren’t accessible to people with lower incomes due to ostracizing prices, but Dooney and Bourke provides a range of quality items of varying cost. You don’t need to drop half a grand on a handbag when you can opt for one that’s a fraction of that price and still receive a marvelous product. Dooney and Bourke also offers a reasonable selection of footwear, wallets, cosmetic cases, and watches to be the perfect compliment to any bag. 

Spoil your employees and save money in the process with a Dooney and Bourke gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

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3. Vineyard Vines

A Piece of Joy in Every Stitch 

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Since remote employees have the advantage of working from home, there are likely only a handful of times you get to see them in person (if any at all). You may see their faces in weekly video meetings, but those never last for more than an hour or two. Still, when you do see them, their attire is the epitome of professionalism. Good clothes don’t come cheap, though, and you can help them add even more variety to their closet with a gift card to Vineyard Vines. 

Founded in 1998 in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Vineyard Vines has steadily grown into one of the most iconic fashion retailers of New England origin. There are over one hundred locations operating throughout the United States, primarily along the East Coast. Their retail outlets specialize in marketing a range of fashionable, high-end attire including hats, belts, shirts, footwear, ties, and accessories for men, women, and children. 

Though more expensive than your average clothing retailer, Vineyard Vines sells a variety of quality products that aren’t too extreme with the price tag. Plus, their products won’t fall apart a year later, which actually helps you save money on frivolous clothing purchases. A polo or button-down might seem overpriced, but it will keep you company for many years to come. 

Give the gift of trendy, colorful clothing that will last with a gift card for Vineyard Vines from Gift Card Granny! 

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4. Ethan Allen

New Furniture That Won’t Fall Apart on You

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Having remote workers makes for a great work environment. By allowing your employees to do most or all of their work from the comfort of their own homes, you give them unparalleled flexibility that does wonders for their job efficiency. And if you want to inspire them to do even better, why not help give their living space an upgrade? 

Ethan Allen offers a unique catalog of home furnishings and tasteful decor to sift through. With plenty of high-quality furniture pieces available in a broad range of styles, there’s an appropriate pick for everyone. From classic fabric loveseats and elegant dressers to luxurious woven rugs and tasteful artwork, Ethan Allen has an impressive collection of furniture and household paraphernalia with designs that please the eye. And if you truly cannot find something to your liking, customization is a specialty offered by Ethan Allen for upholstery, furniture, and window treatments. 

Founded back in 1932, Ethan Allen has been in the furniture manufacturing business for nearly one hundred years. During that time, they have developed, evolved, stood by their core values, and have thrived for it. They are committed to local craftsmanship that isn’t sourced overseas and never fail to deliver quality to their customer base. 

Take a load of the cost of new furniture with an Ethan Allen gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back for being an incredible employer!

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5. Sugarwish

Some Wishes Really Do Come True

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When it comes to spreading joy, there’s nothing like a sweet treat to do the trick. However, sending a food-related gift is always a gamble when you aren’t sure what your recipient likes. Eliminate the risk entirely with a gifting service that takes the choice out of your hands and gives control to the one receiving it, sparing you the anxiety of wondering if you made the right pick. 

Sugarwish is an online e-commerce business that was designed to do exactly that. They specialize in a range of delicious consumable goods including candy, cookies, popcorn, nuts, trail mix, and even treats for dogs. The snacks are only the beginning, though. Sugarwish offers a prime selection of drinks for individuals who take their beverage quality seriously. From full-bodied coffees and organic teas to premium red and white wines, there’s a flavorful concoction for everyone.

Sending a gift with Sugarwish is as easy as pie. All you need to do is pick an appropriately sized gift box that includes your desired category of treats, wait for your recipient to choose their favorite snacks, and viola – your gift is delivered with care. 

While you can’t find Sugarwish on Gift Card Granny at this moment, you’re bound to discover loads of other retailers that are just as sweet!

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6. Office Depot

Build the Home Office of Your Dreams

Not all gifts have to be extravagant and set you back a few hundred dollars. In fact, sometimes practicality is much more appreciated than scoring brownie points by buying costly gifts that aren’t very useful in everyday life. As someone who employs a team of remote workers, you want to do your best to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed at their job. Help out by adding essential items to their home office with a trip to Office Depot, courtesy of you. 

While Office Depot certainly doesn’t sound like the most thoughtful gift out there, rest assured that there’s plenty to love about. Remote workers depend on utilizing their own resources to accomplish tasks related to their jobs, and even if they get to write off some of those expenses at the end of the year, that doesn’t mean the costs don’t add up pretty fast. A gift card to Office Depot can relieve some of the financial burden associated with job-related expenses, though. 

From office furniture and composition books to home printers and electronic equipment, Office Depot has an expansive catalog of top-notch supplies consisting of office, school, and other fundamental products to make getting work done a breeze. They even offer technological and printing services to their customer base, and everything under their roof is affordable and budget-friendly. 

Don’t let your employees go bankrupt by being efficient workers with a gift card to Office Depot from Gift Card Granny! 

7. DoorDash

Get the Meals You Love Without Ever Leaving Home

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Food is always a great gift to fall back on when you aren’t sure what to get someone. It’s even better when you don’t have to make any of the decisions yourself, which is why a gift card for a restaurant or food service is never a poor choice. Since you know your employees are getting the brunt of their work done from the comfort of their own homes, why not opt for an edible gift they can indulge in without ever leaving the house?

DoorDash is a fantastic online food service and delivery platform that has been satisfying customers since its initial launch back in 2013. Accessible via their online website and convenient app, DoorDash eliminates basically any hassle associated with food delivery by operating as a functional middleman between consumers and their favorite restaurants. And with a team of caring drivers devoted to efficiency and customer satisfaction, there’s no downside to placing an order with DoorDash.

If those points aren’t convincing enough, remember that ordering through DoorDash directly supports local restaurants in your area. Browse your favorite community staples from your home and order the cuisine that you crave all at once. Italian, Asian fusion, Latin American, or southern comfort – you name it, and DoorDash will hook you up with it. 

Support local businesses and fill the stomachs of your remote employees with a DoorDash gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

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Giving thoughtful gifts to your employees doesn’t take a lot of effort, even when they all primarily work from home. Gift cards are an excellent way to reward hard work without overexerting yourself in the process, so browse the Gift Card Granny catalog with confidence and never worry about giving an unappreciated gift again!