The Best Gift Cards for People in Seattle, Washington

If you’ve ever been to Seattle, WA, you know what a unique place it is. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and the high amounts of rainfall in the Seattle area lead to its nickname, the Emerald City. While we’re not sure if the Wizard of Oz is also there, we can say that the city certainly does sparkle.


Seattle is in a great location, and is known for having some amazing views, great food, and friendly people. One additional thing you might think of when we’re talking about Seattle, is its love of coffee. After all, Starbucks was founded there, and the coffee culture has only grown since then and has permeated into a lot of aspects of the city.


If you know someone who lives in Seattle, or is planning to take a trip there, you may be wondering if there are any specific Seattle-centric gift options you can look into. Well, you’re in luck because we have 10 gift cards that would be perfect for anyone living in or visiting Seattle, Washington.


Our gift card suggestions include:


  • Gift cards for restaurants
  • Gift cards for shopping
  • Gift cards to help explore the city


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Peet’s Coffee

This is a great way for someone in Seattle to get their coffee fix!


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If you’re looking for a gift to give to someone in Seattle, look no further than a gift card to Peet’s Coffee! This is a fantastic shop that specializes in something those from Seattle love, and that’s a great cup of coffee. With a gift card, they can choose to sign up for their monthly subscription service that will send a curated blend of coffee to their door on whatever schedule they’re comfortable with. Or, they can choose to pick up the coffee they need right now, and choose from signature blends or small batch options.


Whichever way they decide to go, Peet’s is sure to have a coffee roast they’re going to love. Those from Seattle know their coffee, so make sure you give them a gift that allows them to choose their own. Head over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card to Peet’s Coffee today

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Enjoy some delicious food at this popular Seattle restaurant


Seattle is home to some amazing restaurants. Because it’s located near Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean, you can expect there to be lots of options when it comes to seafood. If you want to send a friend or family member in Seattle a treat, make sure to pick up a gift card to The Walrus and the Carpenter. Named after the poem in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass,” the Walrus and the Carpenter is an oyster bar that people flock to each time they’re in the neighborhood. 


When you’re this close to the ocean, you want to take advantage of the oyster selection, and at this place, you can’t go wrong ordering a dozen or two. In addition to their famous oysters, you can also get small plates like scallops, clams, steak tartare, cheese, and even sweets like roasted dates or pudding. Show a Seattleite you care and treat them to a great meal at this local restaurant.


Gift Card Granny has many restaurant options, but we don’t yet offer the Walrus and the Carpenter. Be sure to check back often!  

Caribou Coffee

We all know how much Seattle likes coffee, so this gift card would be perfect


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If someone you know in Seattle just can’t get enough coffee, why not send them a gift card to Caribou Coffee? This place is sure to please even the pickiest coffee drinker with their variety of hot and cold options. Whether their drink of choice is black coffee, espresso, cafe Americano, lattes, mochiatas, or cappuccinos, they’re sure to enjoy whatever they order at this popular coffee shop. If they’d prefer a cold option, they can always go with iced coffee or a cold brew.


In addition to coffee drinks, Caribou is also home to some great egg, bacon, and sausage sandwiches and some delicious fresh-made bagels. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can be sure to satisfy your cravings here!


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Capital Grille

Treat someone in Seattle to a great steak dinner at the Capital Grille


Sometimes it’s nice to just get out of the house and enjoy a steak dinner. What better way to treat a Seattleite to this than with a gift card to the Capital Grille? This place has so many options when it comes to steaks, and they’re open for both lunch and dinner. You can choose to get soup, salad, or appetizers like fried calamari to start. Then it’s time to move onto the entrees, and make the decision on which steak or seafood option sounds best! Whether that’s a NY strip steak, ribeye, filet mignon, oysters, tuna, or even lamb, there is something on the menu for everyone to enjoy here.



Get a fashionable gift card for someone you know in Seattle to enjoy


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Although Seattle is far from New York City, one of the most popular stores is still the classic Bloomingdale’s. After all, Seattle is a well-dressed city! This store is home to some of the latest trends in the fashion industry and you can pick up almost anything you might need. Whether that’s a new dress, shoes, tops, pants, jewelry, handbags, and even items for the home like towels, sheets, and decor. 


You can also pick up items for the home such as furniture, glassware, barware, as well as appliances for the kitchen like mixers, blenders, and toasters. No matter what they need, you can be sure to find it either in store or online at Bloomingdale’s. Earn yourself cash back when you pick up a gift card for someone in Seattle at Gift Card Granny!

Columbia Sportswear

Explore the great Pacific Northwest with the right gear!



When you live so close to the great outdoors, it goes without saying that you’ll want to spend some time exploring them. That’s exactly what a lot of people in Seattle like to do, but you’ll need the right kind of gear first. Why not pick up a gift card to Columbia Sportswear then? Seattle is close to the mountains, which means there are all kinds of opportunities to hike. Columbia Sportswear has all kinds of shoes, boots, pants, jackets, hats, and other accessories that make hiking in any kind of weather a breeze.


If they’re into skiing, fishing, biking, or rock climbing, they also have all the popular styles for those sports too. If a Seattleite you know isn’t super into any sports, Columbia Sportswear also offers all kinds of comfortable athleisure items as well, so this gift card works for anyone!


Why not give the gift of a great time in the outdoors with a gift card to Columbia Sportswear from Gift Card Granny?


Make sure your friend or family in Seattle has something cozy for long rainy days


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We all know the weather in Seattle can be a little unpredictable at times, and it does get a good amount of rainfall each year. If you know someone living there that needs something extra comfortable when they’re lounging at home, consider choosing a Soma gift card. Soma is a women’s apparel store that specializes in intimates, loungewear, dresses, activewear, and sleepwear. Where else can you get both a cozy pajama set and great sweatshirt to match?


Comfortable but warm clothing is essential when it’s blustery and cold outside. Don’t forget about their extensive robes and slippers collection that will ensure you’re not only warm, but look great as well!


Check out Gift Card Granny for a Soma gift card and start earning yourself cash back! 



This department store has everything someone who lives in Seattle could need


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Nordstrom is a Seattle original, and was founded in the city all the way back in 1901. It was built on the notion of providing superior products to customers, and offering the best service possible. While the items in the store may have changed over the years, their commitment to quality items and great customer service hasn’t. Whether your friend or family member in Seattle needs a new outfit, a dress for a special occasion, shoes, sunglasses, or a bathing suit for a vacation trip, Nordstorm has them covered. 


You can shop all the latest trends here, or shop the sale rack and get some great discounts! Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not yet offer gift cards to Nordstrom. However, make sure you check back, it could be the next one we add!


Get out and explore Seattle with a Groupon gift card!


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Does a Seattleite you know want an excuse to be a tourist in their own city? Then you need to get them a gift card to Groupon so they can explore all that Seattle has to offer! Groupon has all kinds of offers and deals that are sure to please anyone looking for something fun to do. Whether it’s going on a tour of the city, visiting a new museum, or checking out a sporting event, you can get deals on all kinds of things happening in Seattle with a Groupon gift card. 


Earn cash back when you purchase a Groupon gift card at Gift Card Granny

If someone you know is visiting Seattle, help them find the best hotel


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If you or someone you know has an upcoming trip to Seattle, Washington what better way to pay for a hotel room than with a gift card? Don’t pay full price for a hotel when you can browse all kinds of deals available on their website. All you need are the dates you’ll be in Seattle, and see what kind of hotels pop up that meet your budget. It’s that easy! Then you can reserve your room online for a great price.


Traveling is expensive, so if you know someone going to visit Seattle, this can really help them have a great time. Get a gift card at Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on purchases!


There’s our top 10 gift cards for someone in Seattle, Washington. We hope you found one (or a few) options to purchase at Gift Card Granny so you can start getting cash back for yourself!