Our Top 6 Gift Cards for Staff

A gift card lets you show your appreciation for your co-workers and that goes a very long way. 

Gift cards are a spectacular gift for any occasion. They come from just about any company and can be spent at the receiver’s discretion. It can be risky getting a gift when you aren’t sure if the receiver will like it or not. Item gifts have the potential to be a spectacular event that they love and the potential to be a complete flop. Gift cards don’t have that same risk! 

Gift Card Granny offers eGift Cards for thousands of retailers, and we offer them at a discount! They can be shipped to your door or created online, taking the stress out of going from store to store looking for the gift card that you’re looking for.

Gift Card Granny is an excellent site where you can shop for all of your gift cards. Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top 6 gift card ideas for staff, including: 

  • Gift cards for travel
  • Gift cards for food
  • Gift cards for clothes

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Airbnb

A gift card toward their next vacation

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Does the recipient of this card travel? Is there a city they’ve always talked about but never gone to? An Airbnb gift card might be perfect for your staff member! Airbnbs are popping up all over this country and are available all around the world. These vacation homes are varied, from small studio places just about big enough to set down some bags and sleep, to luxurious and extravagant homes that can fit half a dozen people.

Vacation is always on the mind of those who work in the office. The chance to get away from work for a bit, enjoy someplace new and see some sights while having a few days all to themselves. Vacations are amazing, but they are not cheap. They take up precious vacation days, and between travel, lodging, and other expenses, the cost alone could be enough to dissuade your co-worker. That’s what’s so great about an Airbnb gift card for your staff! The gift card does not give them a strict timeline, so if they are saving for a vacation next year this works just as well as if they are preparing for a vacation in a few months. A gift card toward their lodging can go a long way. 

Airbnbs are becoming an excellent alternative to hotels when it comes to vacationing. They offer a wide variety of locales and experiences, and your gift card can help them pay for that next weekend away. If you are interested in earning cash back on your next gift card purchase, buy an Airbnb gift card today!

Buy an Airbnb gift card

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

A gift card for frequent Dunkin’ drinkers

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

A Dunkin’ Donuts gift card is an excellent way to show appreciation for your staff on their birthday or at any time of the year. Dunkin’ Donuts is, naturally, known for its coffee, making this gift card perfect for coffee lovers. If they aren’t into coffee, Dunkin’ has plenty of other options like donuts, breakfast sandwiches, hot cocoa (just in time for winter!), and much more for your co-worker to enjoy some quick and delicious items from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Keep your eyes open as you plan this gift card for your staff. There might be some people in your office that love making coffee at home, and if that’s the case, check out the next item on this list!  

From coffee to pastries, Dunkin’ Donuts lets him get a variety of sweet treats when the mood strikes them. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card today.

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

3. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

A perfect blend of coffee delivered right to their door

Buy a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gift card

Coffee and tea are widely consumed by people in all manner of professions, staff workers are no exception. Drinking one, or multiple, cups of coffee each day is a habit shared by many, and if your staff is one of those people then a gift card to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is an excellent gift! It allows them to order a coffee brew that is extraordinary, giving them a taste of a luxurious cup (or cups!) of coffee while their supply lasts. Consumable gifts are an excellent choice for staff, especially ones that they consume regularly! Getting them a gift card for a specific item can backfire if they really have no interest in it.

A cup of joe in the morning (or at night) can make or break anyone’s day. Gift the gift of cafe-quality grounds with a gift card to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gift card today.

Buy a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gift card

4. Macy’s

A gift card perfect for seasonal shopping

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s opens the door for your friend to get a new, fashionable outfit for the winter. Everyone needs awesome outfits to wear out on winter walks, cozy nights in, dinners, and dates! Macy’s has a great selection of clothes in a wide variety of styles and they have a pretty substantial bath and body section as well. Macy’s is a great place to shop around, especially if you don’t have any specific item in mind. 

Walking into a store with a gift card in your pocket is a powerful feeling. When you get a coworker a gift card to a store like Macy’s, they can go into Macy’s looking for that new outfit that’s been on their mind for the past month or two. Office staff can always use a new outfit for work or leisure, and Macy’s has them covered! 

A Macy’s gift card opens up a lot of options for your nurse friends to pick out the items they want. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Macy’s gift card today.

Buy a Macy’s gift card

5. Lunch Gift Cards

A celebratory meal never tasted so good

There are so many amazing lunch options around the United States and a gift card might direct them to a new place! 

Oh, food. Food is one of the greatest gifts. Getting a staff co-worker a gift card to a local spot that they love is a fantastic way to show your appreciation. A gift card is a great gift for lunch because there are no strings attached. They can choose which day to celebrate, whom to celebrate with, and even decide the meal they want to eat while they are out. Lunch is common because it’s in the middle of the workday, but a gift card opens the opportunity for them to wait until the weekend for brunch or dinner as well. 

As with most of these gift cards, we recommend asking around and doing some research before purchasing them. It is common for gift-givers to buy the gift card that they like the best when they don’t know the recipient too well. That can work, but you want to make sure you don’t get a vegetarian card for the local steakhouse, for instance! To be extra careful, you can talk to one of their better friends at the office to go in on a gift card together. Their friend can provide you with the scoop on their favorite place.

The destination of your gift card will depend on where you are located. Something nice but close by is a great way to go. You can also check out the many food-related gift cards on Gift Card Granny to see if you can earn some cash back on your purchase! It’s a win-win.

6. Hulu

Give the gift of binge-able shows with this gift card

Get a Hulu gift card 

After a long day in the office, throwing on a TV show and lazing on the couch is a fantastic way to recuperate and relax. With so many streaming services out there, it is unlikely that your co-worker has subscriptions to them all. Whether or not they currently have a Hulu subscription, a Hulu gift card is a great gift for your co-worker. 

Watching a ton of television is, of course, not the best way to spend time after work, but sometimes it is the perfect way to spend a few hours. This gift, especially if you aren’t super confident about their likes, is a great gift card. 

Hulu is one of the thousands of retailers you can find on Gift Card Granny. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Hulu gift card today.

Get a Hulu gift card 

Getting to know your co-workers can be a really fun and rewarding endeavor! A gift card to celebrate something special is a great place to start

Those are our staff gift card ideas. What do you think they will appreciate the most? If you aren’t certain, you can always chat with other members of your staff to see what everyone will like the most. Alongside that, you can always pick one that keeps a lot of options open on their end in order to maximize the chances that they will get something awesome with your gift card. That little bit of insight can lead you down the path to the perfect gift card, especially now that you are equipped with this list of excellent possibilities. As long as your friend is going to be nearby the service or the store that you get for them, we think that they will love the gift card and, well, might appreciate getting a bit of money instead of another item to add to their home. 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. They allow the recipient to go out and try something new and it opens the line of communication for you to get to know your staff better if you so choose. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!