Gift Cards for Teen Girls: 7 Ideas to Help the Puzzled Parent

Shopping For Teenagers is a Challenge, But Here Are Some Options to Make Your Teen Daughter Perk Up and Share a Rare Smile!

Raising a teenager is no easy endeavor – any parent can tell you that. From the tumultuous school days to the melodrama that perpetuates the various social cliques teens immerse themselves in, there’s always an abundance of activity occurring in the everyday life of the average teenager. 


But let’s dial it back a notch and focus on one demographic in particular: teen girls. 


If you were fortunate enough to have raised a bubbly little girl throughout the course of her youth, then you’ve probably heard countless tales of the dreaded teenager phase (or are on the brink of experiencing it for yourself). Whatever the case may be, try not to fret too much. Being a parent is no easy matter, but with the right tools, perseverance, and a little luck, you might just make it out with your limbs still intact. 


The popular societal assumption is that teen girls can be, well, rather difficult in comparison to teen boys. You likely fear that your once flawless little angel will transform into a demon of constant mood-swings, debauchery, and lawlessness. And while no earthly force can determine the future in any certain terms, it is neither fair to you nor your child to let these preconceived notions take control of the life you two share. 


Your power as a parent is insurmountable, so do what you can to make the most of your relationship with your teenage daughter. Show her how far your love goes with gifts that capture the essence of who she is instead of relying on the run-of-the-mill presents intended for anyone of the same gender. She is her own unique individual that deserves to be treated as such, and it is crucial that you help give her the means to express herself and support her along the way! Gift Card Granny is here to help with that.


In this article, you can expect to see the following ideas:

  • Gift cards for self-expression 

  • Gift cards for delicious food

  • Gift cards for all things fashion   

American Eagle

Capture Your Teenager’s Heart

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Let’s start off with a classic brand: American Eagle. 


Some may say it is overhyped fashion for a steep price tag, and since everyone is entitled to their own opinion there’s nothing wrong if you agree with that sentiment. But that doesn’t change the reality of this clothing retailer being immensely popular with the youths, even after nearly fifty years since it was founded in 1977. 


So, yeah, it’s still cool. No need to worry about being dubbed an out-of-touch parent for taking your daughter to American Eagle before the start of the new school year. And if you can shop smart, American Eagle isn’t going to drain your bank account dry either. With a variety of trendy jeans, loungewear, tops, and shoes to browse, your teen will certainly find fashionable items at a reasonable price point. 


Get an American Eagle gift card from Gift Card Granny and turn your teenager into a star! 

Panera Bread

For The Teens With Refined Tastes 

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Okay, I know I’m not fooling anyone here – Panera Bread can hardly be called the pinnacle of fine dining. But in regards to your average teenage girl? It might as well be a five star French restaurant. And no, I’m not exaggerating (that much). 


Though Panera Bread is technically a fast food chain, the dining experience in any of these cafes is brimming with subtle formality and family-friendly ambiance, transforming the typical fast food experience into one that excludes the repugnant smell of grease and replicates the beauty of coveted restaurants. 


Panera Bread was founded as The St. Louis Bread Company all the way back in 1987, but in 1997, a few years after its acquisition by the public company Au Bon Pain Co., Panera’s existing cafes underwent a transformation that eventually resulted in the Panera Bread we all know and love today. 1999 marks the year the Panera chain truly began to evolve into the fast casual dining experience that the franchise is renowned for. 


But why do teenage girls seem to love Panera so much? The answer likely lies within a menu that dedicates itself to tasteful options that is transparent about its commitment to clean ingredients, no artificial additives, and ethically sourced food. These factors have resulted in a diverse and flavorful menu composed of various selections to encourage even picky eaters to branch out and find new favorites. Some teen favorites at Panera include their delicious flatbreads, creamy macaroni and cheese, whimsical bread bowls, and bagels of every flavor you can imagine!


Get your teen a Panera Bread gift card from Gift Card Granny and embrace her maturing tastes!


Embrace Individuality With Fashion

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No teen girl wants to feel out of place while walking the long school halls with her friends, surrounded by other girls and boys who can all afford to flaunt the latest fashion trends while she’s stuck wearing out of place hand-me-downs that went out of style four decades ago. 


Times are tough and inflation is certainly nothing to take lightly, but as a parent you should do what you can to help your daughter find her place among her peers. There’s little more embarrassing than being the target of impromptu jokes and sneers because of what you wear, and while some things are out of your control as a parent, you can take some action in the fashion department. 


Rue21 captures the essence and style of what it means to be a youth. With a target demographic ranging from fifteen to twenty-five, this clothing retailer specializes in trend-setting and innovation, all while avoiding steep costs that you might encounter at similar retailers. While some fashion brands have recently tanked in terms of popularity where Gen Z is concerned, Rue21 experienced a massive growth of sales and increased customer satisfaction. How did they do this? I’m no sales expert, but their commitment to the young gaze might just be the answer to this perplexing question. 


Help ignite your daughter’s stylish spark with a gift card to Rue21!

MAC Cosmetics

It’s About More Than Being Beautiful


Many parents dread the day their daughter discovers makeup. For them, makeup marks an undeniable milestone of growth and maturity that parents do not want to associate with their precious angels. After all, admitting that is the first step of accepting that your baby is becoming their own independent person who will one day no longer need you to hold their hand and guide them through life.  


But time will march on regardless of your melancholy, and the best thing you can do as a parent is support your daughter’s growth and self-discovery. While you might have your personal reservations against the world of makeup, know that a little color on your teenage girl’s face is nothing to be concerned over. Self-expression is important, and makeup is a great way to do it. 


MAC carries celebrity-grade makeup available to the public, giving you direct access to beauty tools that have been used within the cinematic world for decades. With such quality products, any girl will be able to hone their skills and feel like a professional makeup artist.   

Pier 1 Imports

Get Your Life In Style

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Yes, appearances are important, and that even applies to the bedroom. No teen girl can feel like her authentic self while existing in a room that does not represent her tastes or personality at all. 


Don’t be the kind of parent who keeps their daughter trapped in the past by not allowing her environment to grow along with her. Let her express herself through choosing the kind of decor that will best fit into who she wants to be. Her style might not be what you would particularly want, but it’s good to give her the freedom.


Pier 1 Imports has a massive collection of decor and home furnishings to make the whole process easier on both you and your teenager. Choose from various imported goods such as rugs, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, and so much more than can fit in one sentence. 


Don’t wait to help build your teen girl the bedroom of her dreams with a gift card to Pier 1 Imports!


Made With You In Mind

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Kids and teenagers can be among the pickiest of eaters. Teen girls have it exceptionally rough when taunted by their classmates for reasons related to their bodies, which can result in an overall reluctance to eat, or even go so far as to develop into an eating disorder. 


As a parent, your daughter relies on you for comfort and support. If she ever comes to you to confess that someone insulted her appearance, you need to be there to offer reassurance and consolation. Don’t let the opinions of others get under her skin and cause lasting damage. She needs to know that eating is healthy and she should never be ashamed of it. In fact, it should be something to look forward to!


Chipotle, with its completely customizable options and a social media platform that appeals to teenagers, is a great way to encourage your daughter to enjoy the food she eats. Pick from a range of tasty ingredients and craft your own Mexican-style dish. Whether you want it as a burrito, taco, salad, or bowl is totally up to personal preference, giving you absolute freedom to make your favorite meal. 


Treat your daughter with a Chipotle gift card! 


It’s A Family Tradition

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Yet another birthday for your lovely daughter goes by and she’s suddenly forced to turn another year older, steadily growing before your very eyes into a teen who wants to be respected by the people around her. 


It’s tough to come to terms with the girl who was once your baby becoming a grown woman, but it is a transition that all parents must deal with at some point, whether they want to or not. So rather than fight it, embrace it! Take your daughter on a shopping spree and let her experiment with different ways to express her evolving identity, and make Macy’s one of your stops.


Since its foundation in 1858, Macy’s has been a staple throughout American households, bringing high-end products and stunning accessories to the general public. Traditions like the Macy’s Day Parade have become ingrained within our culture, speaking to the influence that Macy’s has established within our society. Grandma went to Macy’s, took mom with her, and now the torch can be passed onto the next generation with your growing teen. Nothing shows respect for your daughter’s maturity more than a chance to shop where the monarchs in her family did before.


Keep the Macy’s spark alive and buy a gift card today!


No one knows your child like you do, so be the guardian figure they need in life to succeed. 


Remember that no two teen girls are going to be the same – they are their own individuals, after all – so use your powers of divine parental judgment and make the choice that is going to best represent your daughter. 


It may seem like you’re losing a part of yourself, but the truth is that teens need room to grow and explore. The most supportive thing you can do as a parent is stand by her during these difficult years and show her that your love will always remain as a constant throughout her life. These gift card ideas offer a way to give your teenager the space she needs and the independence she craves while reminding her of how much you care.