Best Gift Cards for a Wedding Shower: 7 Ideas that Capture the Magic

You can’t start building your new life with your other half without the required equipment, so get to shopping with 7 of our best gift cards perfect for any wedding shower

The months leading up to marrying the love of your life consist of some of the most unforgettable, lovely, and anxiety-inducing moments you’ve ever experienced, but despite the unceasing chaos and nonstop planning, the two of you are absolutely smitten. 

Now that the wedding or bridal shower is closer than ever, it’s normal to feel the telltale signs of trepidation and general anxiety toward the event as a whole. After all, it’s supposed to be a day to celebrate the incoming ceremony with family, friends, and others near and dear to your heart. And with so many great options present-wise, there’s no reason to let the stress go over your head. 

Gift cards are a wonderful way to offer support to couples who are celebrating their upcoming marriage. Though it’s an undoubtedly exciting time, there’s plenty of unknown factors and discoveries in store for newlyweds. A wedding shower presents a fantastic opportunity to tackle some of those fears by receiving support from loved ones through thoughtful gifts, and nothing says support like a gift card. 

Browse a variety of thoughtful gift cards perfect for a wedding shower with Gift Card Granny. Some categories we will explore include: 

  • Gift cards for furniture and home decor
  • Gift cards for divine eats and sweets
  • Gift cards for high fashion and apparel

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If you haven’t heard of Gift Card Granny before today, prepare yourself for a brief rundown. With a catalog composed of thousands of trendy and respectable brands, Gift Card Granny makes gift card shopping a simple, rewarding endeavor. Pick from a variety of national and local retailers across any array of different categories like dining, entertainment, health, and more. Every eligible purchase made through Gift Card Granny will earn you cash back in the process, helping you get the more you give. What’s not to love?

1. Von Maur

It’s Like a Shopping Trip in Heaven

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As the date of the wedding draws ever closer, feelings of excitement and anxiety become increasingly impossible to shake off. Even the happiest couples will find something to fret about in the days leading up to their marriage, holding onto the fear of potentially ruining their special day. 

Worrying is completely normal, but you can prepare for anything with confidence with a Von Maur gift card. An upscale department store chain operating across fifteen states, Von Maur locations offer class and sophistication to the otherwise ordinary shopping experience. The Von Maur catalog is rich with top name brands and luxurious finds for men, women, and children. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and any engaged couple deserves to look just as special as they feel with clothes that capture their passion. Look elegant and unique in the selection of designer apparel at Von Maur, ranging from dresses and jumpsuits to coats and intimates. Von Maur even has a variety of accessories to help liven up any outfit, including versatile handbags and authentic jewelry. 

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2. Godiva

Flavor That is Almost as Rich as Your Love

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Nothing is as sweet as the love between an engaged couple eager to be wed, but chocolate comes in as a close second. That’s why chocolate never makes for a bad or inappropriate gift no matter the occasion, and that certainly proves the treat to be a perfectly tasteful present for a wedding shower. 

When you do your shopping at Godiva, you’re guaranteed heavenly bliss with every delectable bite. With nearly one-hundred years in the chocolate making business, Godiva is a brand that is regarded as the most popular luxury Belgian chocolate brand throughout the world. It isn’t for no good reason, either – Godiva chocolates are crafted with love and dedication, the exact things the foundation of a good marriage are built upon. 

Chocolate, like most relationships, has its unexpected qualities. Similar to biting into a presumably soft center and getting surprised with a mouthful of nuts and nougat, relationships aren’t always as they appear on the surface. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, and if you roll with life’s unexpected moments you’ll be much happier overall. Luckily, you’ll always get exactly what you asked for when you order from Godiva. 

3. Eden Luxe Bridal

Vintage Charm Worthy of a Princess

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Eden Luxe Bridal

One thing that engaged people tend to learn fast is the audacity of wedding prices, and that doesn’t even begin to encompass the avalanche of additional costs accrued for things like extravagant decor, glamorous accessories, and special services such as an open bar. 

In a dream world, we’d all have that benefactor friend or family member who pays for the whole ceremony out of the kindness of their heart and resources in their bank account, but that’s a scene for the movies. Truth be told, any display of generosity is worth appreciating, especially when they’re helping fund your next purchase at Eden Luxe Bridal. 

Renowned for couture bridal adornments and old world luxuries reminiscent of royal prominence, Eden Luxe Bridal designs elegant, bespoke pieces for clientele who want to truly embody regality and feel like the princesses they are on their wedding days. And there’s certainly no shame in that. 

Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Eden Luxe Bridal at this time, but that shouldn’t stop you from attaining your dream wedding! Check back soon to see which beautiful retailers join our catalog next.  

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4. Anthropologie 

Affluent Styles for Powerful Women

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Any bride-to-be knows and appreciates the value of a good outfit. While the main focus is always on the wedding gown and coordination of the bridesmaids’ stunning dresses, life isn’t an infinite wedding ceremony that demands white frills and bejeweled tiaras. That doesn’t mean you can’t look your best for even the mundane affairs, though. With a few purchases from Anthropologie, you’ll never have to worry about coordinating the perfect outfit from your mismatched wardrobe again. 

Anthropologie is an American clothing retailer that has been in business since 1992. They gained notoriety for their unique approach to women’s clothing, utilizing designs and styles that attract strong, independent women who want their outfits to be every bit as bold as they are. The Anthropologie catalog is versatile, nontypical, and appeals to a demographic that wants to use their creativity to inspire others. Shop a range of flamboyant patterns and sleek styles that will rejuvenate any lifeless closet and leave you feeling like a whole new woman. 

While the apparel is front and center, Anthropologie stores have a lot more to offer than clothing. After you find your next killer outfit or two, be sure to check out the mountain of accessories and beauty products lining the shelves of over two-hundred locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Scarves, tights, necklaces, skincare, fragrances – the list goes on, and we haven’t even touched on the furniture and home goods section. 

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5. Ballard Designs 

Start Decorating Like A Pro In No Time

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A lovely couple deserves a lovely home. Sure, you could go the normal, lackluster route and surprise them with a nifty appliance or pristine throw blanket that will inevitably get tossed into the back of a closet and never be heard from again, or you could skip the unnecessary trivialities and go with a gift card to Ballard Designs. 

Anyone can let their inner decorator run free with the abundance of stylish home furnishings and decor available at your local Ballard Designs location. Founded in 1983, Ballard Designs now operates as an omnichannel retail company and holds a strong grip over their customer base with stunning furniture pieces and home accessories. Their catalog of fabric patterns can be used to design custom upholstery for indoor and outdoor creations, too. 

Ballard Designs circulates more than forty-five million on an annual basis. They have a broad range of quality products for the home including dining tables, area rugs, nightstands, and extravagant wall mirrors. The furniture at Ballard Designs is high-end, inspired, and has a notable European influence to it, transforming any household into the epitome of elegance and historical class. 

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6. Yankee Candle

The Fragrance of Everlasting Love

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If love could be captured in a scent, would it be akin to fresh roses and sugar water? Or do you feel that romance is best represented through a bouquet of fresh fruits, brimming with the sweet aroma of apples, plums, and pink peaches? 

However you answer the question, never be afraid to shower yourself in a scent that reminds you of all you find wonderful in the world. There’s no better place to shop for the fragrances you love than at Yankee Candle, and there’s many more to be discovered once you get there. 

Wander among shelves lined with colorful jars of wax and get lost in scents that sweep you to entire new worlds. With hundreds of iconic fragrances to experience, you’ll be certain to find old favorites while you sniff out new aromas that are every bit as enticing. Choose from traditional candles, tea lights, room sprays, car vent clips, and so much more at Yankee Candle. 

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7. The Capital Grille

A Dinner Made For Sweethearts

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There’s nothing in this world that could hope to compare with the whimsical beauty of marriage, and your wedding ceremony should go down as one of the absolute best days of your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to live every moment like it's straight out of a fairytale, though. A romantic dinner spent with your significant other at the Capital Grille can help make sure the enchantment never dies. 

The Capital Grille was founded in 1990 and currently operates sixty-two restaurant locations in twenty-five states. An upscale American dining chain, the Capital Grille primarily functions as a steakhouse, though their menu is packed with much more than juicy cuts. Start off simple with their classic lunch menu, filled with hearty soups, fresh greens, and delicious sandwiches made of only the best ingredients. 

If you’re truly looking to experience all that the Capital Grille has to offer, be sure to come in the evening and give their dinnertime menu a try. Pricey yet filling, the meat selections at the Capital Grille are unparalleled in terms of quality. From lamb chops and filet mignon to ribeye and lobster tails, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering cuisine to get lost in. And to finish off a dreamy night, try any of their house-made dessert options like cheesecake with fresh berries and toasted creme brulee. 

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See any gift cards that appeal to you? There’s so many great options to choose from, so go with your heart and surprise the happy couple with a gift that speaks volumes!