Gift Cards for Work Colleagues

Whether you get along with them like friends or prefer to keep to yourself, your work colleagues are the ones who help you keep this machine running. Being able to depend on your coworkers to fulfill their job responsibilities can be a lot easier said than done, but the fact of the matter is having a little faith will go a long way, even if you do need to step in from time to time and ensure everything is operating as it should be. 

This is exactly why it pays off to have a good relationship with the folks you work with, no matter if you work alongside them or provide a supervisor role. Employees will perform better when provided with positive feedback, support from coworkers, and recognition from higher management for their accomplishments. While a wage is certainly important for an employee and can help inspire greater effort while on the clock, there are more ways to go above and beyond when it comes to showing appreciation for work colleagues. 

For instance, gift cards are a convenient and formal way to extend your gratitude to a professional colleague. A paycheck is expected, but a gift card is a wonderful little surprise that puts an extra dose of happiness in someone’s day. Whether it’s to recognize an accomplishment or simply because you care, you won’t go wrong with a gift card. 

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Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Work Colleagues with Gift Card Granny

It doesn’t cost much to make a positive impact in someone else’s life, and it can cost even less when you purchase your gift cards from Gift Card Granny. By saving you sweet cash through direct cash back, Gift Card Granny makes it more tempting than ever to give great gift cards to folks you know, including work colleagues. Shop a range of gift cards for things like department stores, health, beauty, electronics, entertainment, travel, restaurants, clothing, drug stores, and much more, all in the Gift Card Granny catalog!

Now then, let’s get on with the gift cards. 

1. Custom Visa 

A good company loves to reward dedicated workers

Buy a custom Visa gift card

For starters, if you are the manager of a group of employees, large or small, a great way to show that the company appreciates their efforts is with a custom Visa gift card depicting the company logo. Not only can Visa gift cards be used as payment at thousands of different retailers and online shops – they are extremely easy to personalize and make them uniquely yours. 

Gift Card Granny allows corporate orders for small businesses ordering fifty or less gift cards; all you need to do is set up a business account and wait for it to be approved. Once that’s complete, you can use the self-service portal to create and order custom Visa gift cards for your business. Choose your desired quantity, the value of your gift cards, and upload your own logo when you select a co-branded design.

Check out Gift Card Granny to learn more about ordering custom Visa gift cards for your business!

2. Apple

Accessible technology that works for everyone

Buy an Apple gift card

As one of the world’s leading tech companies, the Apple brand plays a major role in the lives of millions of people around the globe. From smartphones and computers to watches and tablets, Apple software and products are now commonplace among contemporary society, which means there’s a good chance many of your work colleagues are Apple users as well. If that’s the case for you, consider getting an Apple gift card. 

Any user of Apple technology will be delighted to receive an Apple gift card and help reduce the cost of their next purchase from this retailer. The cost of Apple products can be off-putting for some, but a gift card is just the thing to help afford the price. Shop for devices, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. 

Pick up an Apple gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back on your purchase!  

3. Staples

Stress less with office supplies from this dependable retailer 

Buy a Staples gift card

Office equipment doesn’t last forever, and it’s only a matter of time before you need to replace worn out products with new models. This can be something as simple as pens, pencils, and composition notebooks, or transcend onto more expensive equipment such as laptops and printers. 

No matter what you need to replace, a Staples gift card is certain to help along the way. Give your work colleagues the opportunity to purchase job supplies they desire from a retailer that carries it all – shredders, projectors, hard drives, scanners, label makers, tablets, office desks, and more. No matter what industry you work in, Staples has the potential to make a difference in your life. 

Snag a Staples gift card from Gift Card Granny for a chance to earn cash back!

4. Fogo de Chao

A fine dining experience you won’t be forgetting 

What better shows appreciation than lovingly cooked cuisine from a premium dining establishment? Make an impression on your work colleagues and show them how special they are with a Fogo de Chao gift card. 

This premium Brazilian steakhouse chain provides customers dining in an upscale environment and all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside. It’s a truly exquisite experience that lets you indulge yourself until you simply can’t eat anymore. The Fogo de Chao menu is inspired by Southern Brazil cooking traditions and features delectable items such as churrasco, feijoada, specialty salads with ingredients like kale, mango, and manchego, sweet cornmeal cake, and braised beef rib hash. 

It all sounds so delicious, doesn’t it? While Fogo de Chao gift cards are currently unavailable at Gift Card Granny, be sure to check back soon to see new additions to our catalog!

5. Red Lobster

Where seafood lovers can get their fill

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

Sometimes fancy restaurants are a little too fancy to eat your meal in peace, which is why casual dining establishments make for the perfect middleman for folks who want a little dose of luxury while enjoying a meal out. If this sounds like the right match for your work colleagues, then Red Lobster is one of the best places to be. 

Enjoy low light and atmospheric ambience while dining on a variety of delicious, ocean-inspired dishes, from tasty lobster bisque and Atlantic salmon to freshwater rainbow trout and jumbo coconut shrimp. That’s only a fraction of the Red Lobster menu; there’s plenty of appetizing choices for folks who aren’t fans of fish as well including maple-glazed chicken breasts, fresh salads, and creamy alfredo. 

If reading this is enough to make your mouth water, imagine what receiving a gift card feels like. Check out Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on a Red Lobster gift card today!

6. Fairmont 

A life well-traveled is a life well-lived 

Buy a Fairmont gift card

If you could give your dedicated work colleagues an all-expenses paid trip to the destination of their dreams and not have to worry about the price tag impacting your personal finances, wouldn’t you? It’s easy to imagine excess generosity in theory, but reality hardly ever plays out like our fantasies. Still, there’s no rule saying you can’t help alleviate some costs without breaking the bank.

A Fairmont gift card is just the thing to incentivize your work colleague to take that long overdue vacation they’ve been meaning to go on. This luxury hotel chain operates more than seventy locations around the world, making home feel closer than ever even if you are thousands of miles away. Fairmont hotels and resorts offer a range of services and activities such as golf, spas, on-site restaurants, and additional immersive experiences to help keep you occupied during your trip in paradise. 

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7. Total Wine and More

All of the cocktail creations you could ever dream of and more

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card

If you have work colleagues who appreciate a good bottle of wine when they see one, then you can always gift them a bottle yourself. Wine makes for quite the lavish gift, and folks who down a cup or two during dinner are bound to be grateful for your classy and thoughtful present. 

Total Wine and More offers a premium selection of alcohol to suit your individual tastes. Get access to over eight thousand wines, three thousand spirits, and twenty-five hundred different types of beer, all at the best possible prices. Browse fine and rare wines like Bordeaux, Champagne, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet, alongside rich red, white, sparkling, and sweet wine. You can also stock up on all your mixology essentials to make some impressive cocktails, including bar tools, bitters, syrups, mixers, and tonic water. 

Check out Gift Card Granny for a Total Wine and More gift card!

8. 1800Baskets

Open up your basket and discover delicious gourmet goodies 

Gift baskets offer a great way to show the people in your life that you are thankful for them being there. It’s normal to give gift baskets to family members, teachers, mentors, clients, and those with whom you share a professional relationship with since they are appropriate for nearly all occasions. This means giving a gift basket to your work colleagues is perfectly A-okay and could be just the thing to shed some positivity in the workplace. 

1800Baskets is a gourmet gift basket retailer providing quality assortments of curated products to fit any scenario, including gifts exchanged between professional work colleagues. You can select from themed baskets or filter by the type of products you want to see in your basket, such as chocolates and candies, dipped strawberries, cookies, cupcakes, fruit, caramel apples, and coffee and tea. And if you need a gift basket that’s vegan-friendly, sugar-free, or kosher, 1800Baskets has you covered there too. 

Give a GiftYa

If you’re thinking of sending egift cards to multiple work colleagues, save yourself some time and make life easy with GiftYa. This online retailer allows you to send digital gifts valid for tons of different stores to anyone you know in an instant. You can text or email the digital gift, as well as send reminders to folks who have yet to use their gifts. GiftYa gives you the option to schedule and send many gifts at once, and you can make the process even more simple by uploading your recipient’s CSVs. 

Check out GiftYa and see if it’s right for you!


Your work colleagues should feel appreciated for what they do, and nothing shows gratitude quite like a spontaneous gift card. Gift Card Granny has tons of great options to consider for all kinds of folks, so there’s no doubt you’ll find something in our catalog that meets your needs. And to think you can earn cash back without completing any unnecessary extra steps – how great is that?

Shop smart and save with Gift Card Granny!