How Many Gift Cards Can You Use on Amazon?

Anyone who participates in online shopping in this day and age (and that includes a massive amount of people) is likely well acquainted with the e-commerce behemoth that is Amazon. As the largest online retailer and an innovative technology provider, Amazon has built up quite an impressive reputation over the decades since it was founded in the 90s. Beginning as an online bookstore providing customers with easy access to the titles they want, Amazon was originally meant to compete with local booksellers and other prominent book retailers. As it now stands, Amazon resembles nothing of its humble origins – it has evolved into so much more than the company that it once was, and has subsequently shaped the way we as consumers approach online shopping. 

When it comes to searching for a versatile online platform that sells everything from clothing and accessories to electronics, home decor, and even items for your pantry, you really won’t find much better than Amazon. There are plenty of online marketplaces packed with vendors offering unique and interesting products, but none are as all-encompassing as Amazon seems to be. Amazon caters to basically anyone and everyone, from kids to adults, from seasoned working professionals to folks in the early stages of their careers. So whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a teacher, a fun-loving teenager, or the manager of a small team of employees, you can bet on Amazon to have an extensive selection of products tailored for your exact needs. 

With so much to offer and so many shoppers to please, it only makes sense that gift cards for Amazon are equally as compelling as the platform itself. And the good news is: they are! 

Amazon gift cards make for a fantastic gift and shopping asset that can truly elevate your buying experience. They possess great shopping benefits, can assist folks in budgeting and keeping tabs on their spending habits, and are overall a much more secure way to go about making online purchases. There’s quite a lot to praise Amazon gift cards for, and even more to be learned about the mechanics behind Amazon gift cards, which is why we are taking the time to provide you with essential information concerning these nifty shopping tools. 

Some of the questions that will be addressed over the course of this article include the following:

  • How do Amazon gift cards work?
  • What are the various uses of Amazon gift cards?
  • How many gift cards can you use on Amazon at a time? 

Ready to get your answers? Continue reading the rest of this article and stay well-informed so you can make the most of your shopping experience on Amazon.

How Amazon Gift Cards Work

Amazon gift cards are not much different from most other retail gift cards. You can use an Amazon gift card to pay for all or a fraction of the cost of your transaction, depending on the value of the gift card itself. The value stored on the Amazon gift card can be applied toward purchases on both the Amazon website and the app, but not at other retailers that are unaffiliated with Amazon. There are many uses for an Amazon gift card, making it an extremely adaptable payment method that includes a variety of options such as buying products, streaming online content like music and shows, downloading books, or gifting to others. 

Using an Amazon gift card is relatively simple. First, make sure to add the products you wish to purchase to your online shopping cart and then proceed to the payment page. Once you are there, you will see a field where you can input the gift card code. After the gift card code is validated, the amount on the card will be applied toward the total cost of your purchase. If the cost of the purchase exceeds the amount of funds on your Amazon gift card, you will need to provide an alternate payment method to cover the remaining balance that you owe. 

You can also use an Amazon gift card to make partial payments, which enables shoppers to save the remaining gift card balance for future purchases. Amazon gift cards may also be combined with other gift cards, discounts, and exclusive offers to rack in even more savings. Once you understand the range of abilities associated with an Amazon gift card, you can empower yourself as a consumer and take full control of your shopping experience. 

Uses of Amazon gift cards

  • Online shopping
  • Digital content
  • Subscription services
  • Gift giving 
  • Charitable donations
  • Corporate rewards and incentives 

These are just several examples of the various uses possible with Amazon gift cards. Whether they are for personal use or to be gifted to another, using gift cards on Amazon is a fantastic way to elevate any shopping experience. 

Using a gift card on Amazon opens up a whole world of purchasing possibilities. You can use your gift card to essentially buy anything you want, from electronics to apparel and accessories. 

Can You Use Multiple Gift Cards on Amazon?

Haven’t gotten around to using your various reward cards and now they are beginning to pile up? While that’s not exactly a bad dilemma to have, we know that you’re probably itching to get rid of some of them. The good news is, you absolutely have the ability to use multiple Amazon gift cards to pay for a transaction on Amazon. 

There are a few ways to go about using gift cards on Amazon, but if you wish to use multiple gift cards then the best way to do that to make the shopping process easy on yourself is to 

Apply your gift card balance as a payment method

This is a direct way to apply your gift card funds to the total cost of your Amazon transaction. 

  1. Once on Amazon’s website, navigate to your shopping cart and select ‘Add a gift card or promotion code.’
  2. Enter the card number of the gift card that you wish to use and ensure that it is accurate. 
  3. After entering your gift card codes, click ‘Apply’ to add it to your order. Once finished, you will be returned to your shopping cart page where you may continue to buy items from Amazon with your new gift card. 

Combine multiple gift cards into one balance

Rather than waiting to use your gift card balance at checkout, you can add gift cards directly to your Amazon account and combine them into one balance that is super easy to use. 

  1. Log onto your Amazon account and navigate to the ‘Gift Cards’ section.
  2. Click on ‘Redeem a gift card’ and enter each individual gift card code. 
  3. Once all of the codes are added, the balance will be consolidated into one account, making it extremely easy to keep track of. 

As far as it seems to be on Amazon, there is no limit on the amount of gift cards an individual can choose to add to their account. That means if you have one gift card or twenty, you can utilize all of those funds to purchase the items or services you want from Amazon.                    

Adding Amazon gift card funds to your account to redeem on your purchases provides an excellent way to use leftover funds. You also have the option to add more than just Amazon gift card codes to your account. Other gift cards, such as Visa gift cards and Mastercard gift cards, may be applied to your Amazon purchases and/or directly to your account. This can be incredibly useful when you intend to use the funds of multiple gift cards alongside another payment method like a credit or debit card. Amazon states that users have the ability to split payments between accepted credit or debit cards and Amazon gift cards, but you cannot split payments among multiple cards. 

Tips and Tricks for Using Gift Cards on Amazon

You can maximize the value of your gift cards by implementing smart shopping tools that will help you to save on the everyday essentials you need. Even though you’re already saving on your purchase by using a gift card to begin with, that shouldn’t prevent you from gaining even more savings. Let’s talk about the various tips and tricks you should consider the next time you shop on Amazon. 

Combine gift cards with promotions

Amazon regularly offers a slew of deals to entice shoppers of all types, and it is in your best interest to seek out these offers in order to maximize your potential savings. Try to keep an eye out for special deals or discounts on specific products, categories, or during festive seasons when sales are the most prominent. Combining your gift card value with promotions allows you to get the most value of your Amazon gift cards. 

Purchase discounted gift cards

If you can find gift cards on sale for less than the amount of their total value, then you’re already going to come out on top. Look for trusted sellers or reputable gift card exchange platforms to locate gift cards at a lower value than their face value, regardless of their denominations. Taking this approach enables you to stretch your budget and increase your purchasing power, which makes your shopping experience on Amazon cost-effective and rewarding. 

Monitor the expiration date 

Some gift cards expire or begin to collect inactivity fees after a prolonged period of time. Amazon gift cards typically do not expire, but it is in your best interest to monitor the status of your gift cards to ensure that you use them in a timely manner. Some promotional or special-use gift cards may occasionally expire or have certain restrictions. As long as you pay attention to the terms and conditions associated with your gift card, you can make sure that you do not miss out on using the full value of your gift card. 

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It’s easy to use gift cards on Amazon to purchase what you need. Amazon gift cards can be used to pay for all kinds of products, streaming services, digital content, and much more. With this incredibly versatile gift card, shoppers always have access to exactly what they want, day or night.