Beer Lover Gift Guide

Some people like wine, some prefer cocktails, but others prefer the unique taste and wide variety of taste that only beer can offer. We call these people beer lovers, and they are very serious about their passion-- which is exploring the ever expanding world of beer choices and flavors. The craft beer movement over the past two decades has ushered in a wave of new beer enthusiasts, who are eager and willing to push the boundaries of what constitutes a proper beer. It is thanks to them that we have so many choices available now, much more so than when beer was limited to a couple of national chains. Beer lovers are a fun group of people who really enjoy tasting new beers while relaxing with friends. Some even dabble into making their own!

We’ve put together this list to help you find the perfect gift for any beer lover that you may know-- you’ll be sure to find one that pleases them.

Schott Zwiesel Beer Glasses
A great set of beer glasses fit for a pilsner, ale, or stout!

Vendor: Sur la Table 
Price: $9.95 - $59.70

Every beer lover knows there are particular glasses for many popular types of beers. The design of the glass is said to enhance the flavor and the aroma of the beer, thereby contributing to the overall quality of the taste. These glasses are designed to be used for many different types of beer-- from ales, stouts, hefeweizens, and porters. They are guaranteed to not only look great, but offer a superior tasting beer. These beer glasses are specifically formulated to resist chips and scratches, ensuring that these glasses will be around for a long time.

GrowlerWerks Silver 64 oz. Beer Growler
The best way to ensure that your beer is as fresh as possible.

Vendor: Bloomingdale's 
Price: $159.00

Every beer lover knows that if you want to preserve the taste of fresh beer on draft, you have to ensure that it is sealed and remains consistent at the proper temperature. This growler does that and more! It’s not your growler, as this one is stainless steel and pressurized to ensure that the draft beer will remain just as it would if it was left in the original keg. This allows beer lovers to take their favorite beers home with them, to enjoy at their leisure. What a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys draft beer!

The Beer Lover’s Cookbook
Because what beer lover doesn’t want to also cook with beer?

Vendor: Barnes and Noble 
Price: $14.39

Not all beer lovers share the same passion for cooking, but all of them can appreciate learning to cook a few new recipes with their favorite lager or pilsner. This book offers all kinds of recipes that are easy enough for a beginner, but also offer the experienced foodie something new to try. From beer batter infused shrimp to beer bread, any beer lover will appreciate their favorite brew on a whole new level.

Cheers and Beers Tasting Kit
Everything you need for your own beer tasting event!

Vendor: Target 
Price: $21.50

Why not create a beer tasting event of your own at your next party? This fun kit comes with all you need-- except the beer! There are scorekeeping cards, a beer themed banner, and a beer tasting board. Pub crawl bingo is also included to try after you’ve finished all the beer samples. Forget going out the bar to sample some beers, why not choose your own and set up your own beer sampling instead? It’s a great way to try new beers, and get others’ opinions on which ones they like best.

Beer Making Kits
Brew and bottle your own beer at home!

Vendor: William Sonoma 
Price: $47.95

What beer lover doesn’t want to have the freedom to create and enjoy their own beer? This kit allows them to do just that! You can choose to make an Everyday IPA, an IPA, or a pale ale. The kit comes complete with all the ingredients you need to create beer that is just to your taste. The entire process takes about 30 days, and at the end of that, you’ll have around one gallon of beer that you made right in your own kitchen. Feel free to bottle and label your brew afterward as well!

Cathy’s Concepts Craft Beer 6 pack Cooler
Carry your favorite beers anywhere in style.

Vendor: Amazon 
Price: $38.45

When heading to a picnic, party, or BBQ, every beer lover wants to ensure that the beers they bring stay nice and chilled. This cooler is the perfect fit for a six pack of any beers, and will ensure that each bottle arrives well chilled and ready for sipping. This cooler is the perfect size for any party and is easily transported via its handy and adjustable strap-- you can even get it monogrammed it you want as well.

Good Beer, Great Friends Wall Art
Everyone knows that a true beer lover celebrates with great friends.

Vendor: Kohl’s 
Price: $49.99-$89.99

Whether or not the beer lover on your gift list has a bar in their basement for enjoying their beer, or they prefer to do so in the kitchen or living room, this wall art would be a welcome addition! Its vintage design allows for it to compliment any decor and really encompasses what beer lovers like most about enjoying beer-- doing so with great friends! With a couple of sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be one that fits in the home of a beer lover you know.

Personalized Viking Beer Horn and Stand
Every beer lover needs their very own beer horn.

Vendor: Macy’s 
Price: $99.00

Every beer lover has their favorite mug or glass that they choose to enjoy their beers out of. But hardly anyone has a glass quite like this! An homage to the viking horns of antiquity, this glass holds a full 16oz. of any type of beer. Since it may be hard to rest the bottom on a flat surface, it also comes with its own stand made of pine wood. This is a truly a unique piece that any beer lover would enjoy adding to their beer mug collection. It can be monogrammed as well to make it even more personalized!

After Five Beer World Beer Cap Map
They can fill in the cap spots with their favorite beers.

Vendor: Home Depot 
Price: $26.99

Craft beer lovers enjoy trying all kinds of beers, and depending on the season, may prefer one beer over another. This enjoyable beer sign allows them to pick and choose their favorites as the year goes on. The beer cap holes are refillable so they are ready to change as much as tastes can!

Whether the beer lovers you know just like trying new beers, creating their own, or doing both-- you’re sure to find a gift they’ll love on this list. If you're not sure what the beer lover already has, you can always send them a gift card to many of the vendors listed in this guide (and hundreds of others) on Gift Card Granny.