Gifts for Grandma That’ll Remind Her How Much You Care

Grandmothers are pillars of our family, providing wisdom, love, and probably food. Take the time express both love and gratitude and surprise your grandma with a great gift!

Another thing to consider is grabbing a discount gift card before you shop for grandma. It's one of the best ways to save yourself some money while still being able to make the purchase you want. Plus, grandma will be proud of your smart shopping strategy.

Here’s a list of gift ideas that’ll warm your grandma’s heart.

Willow Tree Angel
Give Her the Angel She’s Always Been to You

Vendor: Hallmark 
Price: $29.99

These angels are cast from original hand-carvings by Missouri-based artist Susan Lordi. There are a variety of angels to choose from, each representing a different sign of affection, communicated by positioning or holding an object.

DIY Terrarium Kit
A Pretty, Teeny Plant Display for Your Green-Thumbed Granny

Vendor: Amazon 
Price: $24.99

This gift is perfect for grandmas who love to garden but can no longer manage the hard labor. Or, put it together yourself to liven up her assisted living space. A kit like this provides everything needed for the finished fairy-garden product (a glass planter, soil, pea gravel, moss) — except the plant itself, leaving you or your grandmother to pick the specific succulent itself. You can also look for kits that include the plant, real or fake, depending on how much maintenance you’re looking for (though, living succulents are famously easy to take care of!)

Plush Bathrobe
A warm mug of tea + a soft bathrobe = your grandmother’s perfect morning!

Vendor: Bed Bath & Beyond 
Price: $49.99

If your grandma can’t make it to the spa, you might as well bring the spa to her with this amazingly soft bathrobe! With its satin trim, deep side pockets, and ring-spun cotton material , this robe is the epitome of luxury. Plus, it’s machine washable for convenient care!

A Personalized Family Tree
A Sweet Gift with an Equally Sweet Aesthetic

Vender: Etsy
Price: Varies

You can find a personalized family tree with hearts, pictures, leaves, and more that feature your family members’ names or photos. Etsy offers a variety of options from various sellers. You can arrange the tree to denote relationships both blood and marriage. All you have to do is provide the names.

A Breathtaking Centerpeice
She’ll Love Showing It Off

Vender: Crate and Barrel 
Price: $79.95

Handmade in Italy with Murano glass, this Fossili bowl is truly a work of art. Its glossy finish and lustrous coloring catch light the same way they’ll catch eyes. This is an elegant gift she won’t stop getting compliments for—and, in turn, she won’t be able to stop bragging about the grandchild who gave it to her.

Personalized Frame
Worth Way More Than a Thousand Words

Vender: Shutterfly
Price: $26.99 - $32.99

A meaningful photograph always makes for a sweet gift, but when you combine it with Shutterfly’s custom “We Love You” frame, you double the emphasis of your message. This frame is made from glossy hardboard and features a printed design along with your custom message. She can either hang it on her wall or use its easel back to prop it up on a tabletop or desk. Either way, she’ll love being able to look at your smiling face and heartwarming words!

Devonshire House Candle Holder
This Indoor Glass Lantern Was Modeled After Historic English Architecture

Vender: Overstock 
Price: $39.96

At first glance, this gift may fool you—but it’s not an architectural replica, it’s a candle holder! The English county of Devonshire is responsible for the inspiration behind this beautiful house-shaped indoor lantern. Complemented by its metal frame, the glass exterior is sure to sparkle with the light of the candle.

In short, your grandma deserves everything good in the world, and while you may not be able to give her that, you can buy her a special gift to remind her she’s an important part of your life.

These were our gift ideas for grandmas, but we want to hear yours too! Comment below what you bought your grandma this year (and don’t forget to mention how much she loved it!).