Giddy-up! Gift Ideas For Any Horseback Rider

Whether you ride Western or English, compete or just ride for fun, most horse lovers would agree that the best way to explore the world is from atop a horse. The companionship and technique involved has made horseback riding into a popular hobby, and whether you’d like to participate or not, you surely know a horse lover that could use some love. The gifts listed below are a great way to show how much you appreciate your favorite horse lover, and you’ll be supporting their coolest hobby in the process.

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How To Draw Horses by Eva Dutton
Two Hobbies In One

Vendor: Joann 
Price: $10.99

If anyone can appreciate the beautiful form of a horse, it’s your horse lover. Encourage them to dig into their creative side and explore their love for horses in a new way with this simplified guide to drawing horses. With 28 horsey poses, all using easy-to-follow shapes and basic art principles, this book can serve as an introduction into the wide, wonderful world of art for your horse lover — if they’re not already a part of it.

Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover
Layer Up For Cold-Weather Rides

Vendor: Patagonia
Price: $149

Your horse lover is not always going to experience perfect riding conditions, but sometimes they’ll just have to bundle up and bear it if they want to get a ride in. Even if they’re not riding, they’ll still have duties in a drafty barn — mucking out stalls, feeding, brushing, and so on. The Quilt Snap-T Pullover can keep your horse lover toasty warm even on the coldest days, and its Y-joint sleeves allow them all the mobility they’ll need to finish up their equine duties. It comes in 10 earthy, understated colors, as well as having versions specifically fitted for both men and women (sorry men, you get less colors — only 8).

Oakley Frogskins Lite Sunglasses
Perfect For Riding Into The Sunset

Vendor: Sunglass Hut 
Price: $116.00

It’s hard to beat the classic Oakley sunglasses as a gift. In addition to helping your horse lover look stylish while they ride, you’re also encouraging them to protect their eyes from the sun. Although they may not look like much, they’re also super sturdy and fitted to cling to your rider’s face even as their horse decides to jump over that log.

Horseshoe Ringholder
For More Subtle Horse Lovers

Vendor: The Grommet
Price: $19

This gift is perfect if you know a horse lover who’s developed the risky habit of taking off their ring. This little horseshoe ringholder is a cute reminder of barn life, and it fits right in next to the sink or on a bedside table. It’s handcrafted from lead- and cadmium-free American pewter which is guaranteed not to tarnish, so your horse lover can really do with it as they please.

Hi Horse Shirt
A Fun Graphic Tee That Any Horse Lover Will Enjoy

Vendor: Threadless
Price: $18-28

You want this shirt, I want this shirt, everyone wants this shirt, so it would be reasonable to assume that your horse lover wants this shirt, too — even if they don’t know it quite yet. This whimsical design was originally drawn by Joel Robinson and while the horse may not exactly be anatomically accurate — I’m pretty sure horses don’t have human hands? — it sure is cute. 

Casetify Horse In Bloom iPhone Case
A Pretty Accessory

Vendor: Anthropologie
Price: $36

Our phones go everywhere with us, so the case that you put on your phone can say a lot about you. The Horse In Bloom Case says “I really like horses,” which is exactly the message that your horse lover probably wants to convey. With sizes for iPhone 6 all the way up to the newest iPhone XS, this case can beautify almost any phone.

Horse Wall Art
A Modern Expression of Their Favorte Animal

Vendor: Wayfair
Price: $64.99

This contemporary artwork features two horses painted in bold colors. With UV protective coating and fade-resistant ink, it will adorn their wall for years to come.

Whether you go for the beautiful or the practical, your horse lover will surely appreciate your support of their hobby. After all, it takes passion and dedication to keep up with these beautiful animals, both of which are admirable qualities that deserve to be celebrated with a gift like the ones above.