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Tips and tricks

  1. Take advantage of free shipping. Sunglass Hut knows you work hard for your money, which is why they always offer free two day shipping on their items.
  2. Free 30 day returns. If you need to make a return, sometimes it can be inconvenient to take a trip to the mall or package up your glasses for shipment. Not to worry, Sunglass Hut gives you 30 days to get your return in.
  3. Join Sun Perks. Subscribe to the Sunglass Hut newsletter and get instant access to discounts and deals, not to mention early access to all the latest trends.

Answers to your questions about Sunglass Hut gift cards

Sunglass Hut is your number one destination for the best sunglasses at the best prices. Their stock of designer glasses can’t be beat! So if you’re looking to give the gift of some cool shades, a Sunglass Hut gift card is the perfect option. You can purchase Sunglass Hut gift cards at any store location-- typically inside your local mall. Just ask the sales clerk to purchase a plastic gift card, let them know the amount, and that’s it! You’re ready to give someone the gift of style.

Sunglass Hut gift cards are also available for purchase online at Keep in mind these are plastic gift cards, which will then be shipped out to your recipient. Furthermore, find great deals on Sunglass Hut gift cards, right here on Gift Card Granny.

Can I use my Sunglass Hut gift cards online?

Yes! You can use your Sunglass Hut gift cards on any of the fabulous sunglasses in store or online. When it’s time to check out, simply enter in your gift card number and PIN. If the purchase price of your shades exceeds the gift card value, just enter in your credit card or debit card number to cover the balance.

Where else can I use my Sunglass Hut gift card?

In addition to redeeming your Sunglass Hut gift card online, and in store, you can also use your card at Sunglass Hut Outlet locations in the United States. Keep in mind that you are not able to redeem your gift card at a Sunglass Hut location inside of a Macy’s store. If you have any additional questions about where you can/cannot redeem your card, it’s best to call your local store.

Where can I buy Sunglass Hut gift cards?

You can purchase Sunglass Hut gift cards either in store or online. The shipping on gift cards is always free when you choose the two day delivery option.

Where do I check my Sunglass Hut’s gift card’s balance?

Sometimes you just can’t remember how much you might have left on your Sunglass Hut gift card. In that case, it’s super easy to check the remaining balance! Simply visit or check it right here on Gift Card Granny!

Do Sunglass Hut cards expire?

Receiving a Sunglass Hut gift card is always an exciting experience, because now you can be sure you’re going to pick up a pair of great shades! It’s also good to know that your Sunglass Hut gift card will never expire, so you have plenty of time to find the perfect pair for your next vacation, or just lounging around.

What if my Sunglass Hut gift card doesn’t work?

It’s frustrating when gift cards don’t work. If this happens to your Sunglass Hut gift card, not to worry! Simply call 1-888-860-7966 and you’ll be connected to the Sunglass Hut customer service department. They’ll help you get your gift card working in no time.

Are Sunglass Hut gift cards good at any other store?

Sunglass Hut gift cards are only redeemable at Sunglass Hut locations,, and Sunglass Hut Outlet stores in the United States at this time.

What happens if my Sunglass Hut gift card is lost or stolen?

If you tragically either lose your Sunglass Hut gift card or it happens to be stolen it will not be replaced. Make sure you treat your Sunglass Hut gift card like cash and keep a close eye on it until you have a chance to redeem it.

Are Sunglass Hut gift cards reloadable?

Sorry, Sunglass Hut gift cards are not reloadable, but you can always purchase more!

About Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut started in 1971 when optometrist Stephen Ziff set up the first store in Miami’s Dadeland Mall. By 1986, Sunglass Hut had expanded to over 100 stores in the Miami area. Sunglass Hut was built to be the premier sunglass destination for all the most sought after brands, and has always managed to keep pace with trends and styles through the years. They carry everything from top of the line designer glasses, to premier performance sport glasses, and everything in between.

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