Sand Your Worries Away: Find the Perfect Gift for a Woodworker

We all have a true craftsman or two in our lives — the people we can’t get out of the garage. One popular hobby for those that enjoy working with their hands is woodworking, a craft that is becoming less and less common as machinery continues to advance. Yet many people continue the tradition of making high-quality furniture and art from scratch, whether as a hobby or profession. These are the creative types that refuse to buy mass produced, cheaply made products — they take pride in their work and are always looking for ways to improve. With the help of Gift Card Granny, you can aid in a woodworker’s creative process.  Get cash back on gift cards to hundreds of retail stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart. Give the woodworkers in your life a helping hand by replacing old tools or enhancing their creative process.

Empire Levels
One of the most basic tools to assure superior craftsmanship.

Vendor: Home Depot 
Price: Between $10 and $75

Woodworkers can benefit from many tools — a level is one of the most basic. This tool is used to measure how parallel or perpendicular a surface is, which is important for the woodworkers that like to build their own furniture or take on larger projects. It’s a cheap, useful gift that will help assure your favorite woodworker’s projects turn out study and reliable. One company that makes various levels is Empire. It offers a selection of digital levels, LED levels, laser etched rafter squares and torpedo levels. The 48 in. UltraView LED Magnetic Box Level is a popular option among customers.

Portable Speaker
What better way to generate creativity than blasting music?

Vendor: WalMart
Price: Between $50 and $200

This is a beneficial gift for any of your family members or friends with hobbies. Some music can put anyone in the right mindset to crank out work, especially hands on work like woodworking. You can buy a decent portable speaker at just about any large department store. One popular brand JBL, has a variety of speakers to choose from like the waterproof Flip 5.

Work Lights
More creative people are night owls than you would think.

Vendor: Home Depot
Price: Between $30 and $130

Most people working during the day, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. While that’s the norm for most people in the United States, we all have that one night owl in our lives — often times, they are the creative types. It’s not uncommon for writers, painters and music producers to work from midnight until dawn if they’re feeling inspired to finish a project. Woodworking is no different; some people just do their best work at night. If you know a woodworker who’s up in the garage every night cranking out projects, a new light would probably aid in their productivity. Retailers like Home Depot offer a variety of high-quality work lights for a fair price. Check out the 1000-Watt Halogen Twin-Head Tripod Work Light, which is designed for versatility.

Claw Hammer
Woodworkers need a reliable, balanced claw hammer at their workbench.

Vendor: Home Depot
Price: $29.42

Perhaps one of the most basic tools in any toolkit, is a claw hammer. It's incredibly useful for anyone who works with wood. The claw hammer is great for woodworking because, unlike the waffle-head hammer, it doesn’t leave marks on wood after driving a nail. A nice, properly balanced 20 oz. claw hammer will make all the difference in woodwork. One popular option is the 20 oz. Straight-Claw Rip Hammer by Estwing. It’s great for light to medium-duty work, and comes with a grip that reduces up to 70% generated shock.

Wood Chisel
For the fine, intricate details.

Vendor: Lowe's 
Price: $22.98

Every detail matters — chisels are a necessary addition to any workbench to clean out saw cuts and joints. Many home improvement retailers carry a huge selection of chisels that are durable with high-performing cutting edges. One company that makes quality chisels for woodworking, at a great price, is Kobalt. This 3 Piece Side Strike Chisel Set is available at Lowe's.

Custom Brand Iron
To add a final touch to any woodworkers project.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: Starting at $7.99

Details in woodwork matter. There are a number of tools, in addition to chisels, that can help a woodworker add necessary touches to their work. Help a woodworker take pride in their work and let the world know it’s theirs with a custom brand iron. On Etsy, you can order a totally personalized, affordable brand iron that’s perfect for woodwork, steel and brass.

Saw Pizza Cutter
The most useful, practical, necessary tool … for when you’re eating at 1 a.m.

Vendor: eBay  
Price: Varies depending on seller

Woodworkers love a lot of things. Like, well… woodworking. But there are other things too, such as pizza. Because everyone loves pizza. The Fred Stainless Steel Saw Shaped Pizza Boss available on eBay is a fun, affordable nicknack for your favorite woodworker/pizza fanatic.

Any of these gift ideas would make a woodworker’s day. If you still haven’t found the right gift, don’t worry! You can always send them a gift card to a vareity of retailers right here on Gift Card Granny.